First Generation

Peter Rupert, Sr. was born about 1724 in Germany. He died August 11, 1810 in Armstrong Co, Pa. He married Katherine (maiden name unkown) who was also born in Germany. Katherine died after 1813.

    1. John Peter Rupert, Jr. ("German" Pete) (1750 - 1824)
    2. Catherine ("GErman Catherine) (about 1754 - 1845)

Peter Rupert, Sr. came to American via Rotterdam, arriving December 3, 1740 in Philadelphia. He settled in Northampton, County where he became a shoemaker.

Second Generation

JOHN PETER RUPERT, JR. ("German" Pete)
John Peter Rupert, Jr. was born 7 Jan. 1750 in Heidelberg Twp., Northampton County. He was christened March 30, 1755 in Tohican Church, Northampton County. He died Nov. 1, 1824 in Plumcreek Twp., Armstrong County and was buried in Rupert Cemetery, South Bend Township. He married "Swiss" Elizabeth Barbara Rupert, daughter of George Karl and Christina Margaretha Rupert. "Swiss" Elizabeth was born in Heidelburg Twp. and died prior to 1824 in Plumcreek Township.

    1. Catherine Rupert (- 1845)
    2. Charles Rupert (1777-1849)
    3. John Johnnes ("Big" John) Rupert (1778-1844)
    4. John Peter "Weaver" Rupert (1779 - 1858)
    5. George Rupert, Sr. (1782 - 1858)
    6. Henrich Henry Rupert (1783 - 1844)
    7. Frederick Rupert (1784 - 1842)
    8. Ann Elizabeth (1786 - 1851)
    9. Susannah Rupert ( 1791 - 1824)
    10. Mary Magdalena Rupert (1794 - 1824)
    11. Jacob Rupert (1795 - 1861)
    12. Sara Rupert (1799 -)

John Peter Rupert, Jr. was commonly referred to as "German" Peter to distinguish him from his brother-in-law, "Swiss" Peter Rupert.

A letter written by Jacob Alexander Rupert in 1930 to J. Milton Rupert, contains the following:
"Two pioneer families of Ruperts emigrated from Northampton Co., PA to our section of country about 1790. Peter Rupert (German for distinction) on the present farm of Alex Scott, formerly Samuel Scott farm, and Peter Rupert (Swiss for distinction)settled where Levi G. Smeltzer now resides. The parents of these two Peter Ruperts emigrated from Europe in 1740 from Amsterdam, Holland. It appears one Peter Rupert family came from Switzerland and the other from Germany, but both families came at the same time.

It is not known whether they were any relation to each other. German Peter Rupert II and Swiss Peter Rupert II just exchanged sisters when they were joined in wedlock. Your's and my great-grandfather (German Peter Rupert) owned five hundred acres of land when he died, and he gave his son George (your grandfather) the farm on which your father lived and you were born. The Samuel Scott Farm, George McCormick farm, Christy farm, and your father's farm belonged to the same tract."

Third Generation

George Rupert, Sr. was born in 1782 in Heidelberg Twp., Northampton County. He died Jan. 23, 1858 in Plumcreek Twp and was buried in the South Bend Cemetery. In 1803, he married Elizabeth Susanna Smith, daughter of Michael and Sarah Wegle. Elizabeth was born Oct. 19, 1785 in Westmoreland County, and died Sept 2, 1873 in Girty, South Bend Township.

    1. Sarah Rupert (1804 - 1843)
    2. Damiel Rupert (1805 - 1879)
    3. Barbara Rupert (1807 - 1894)
    4. Philip "Red" Rupert ( 1809 - 1886)
    5. George "of George" Rupert (1810 - 1886)
    6. Adam Rupert (1816- 1892)
    7. Esther Rupert (1818 - 1856)
    8. Maria Rupert (1818- 1891)
    9. John ("Long" John) Rupert (1822- 1898)
    10. Joseph Rupert (1822 - 1890)
    11. Henry Rupert (1824 - 1887)
    12. Martha (1825 - 1893)
    13. Solomon Rupert (1827 - 1902)
    14. Caroline Rupert (1830 1901)
    15. Elizabeth Rupert (1850 - unknown)

The tax journal kept by Peter Rupert for Kittanning Twp., Armstrong Co., for the year 1808 indicates George paid three cents tax that year. George and his family lived in Plumcreek Twp. during the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses and he farmed for a living. In 1850, they lived in the same township and at that time owned real estate valued at $876. In a letter written Aug. 8, 1957, Addison Nevin Rupert wrote: "Peter's son George and family lived in a log house just out of Girty (East) on South Bend road and was buried in the White Church Graveyard."

Various papers in George's estate spell his last name as: Ruppert, Rupard, Rupert, Reupard and Rubbert. George, along with his ten brothers and sisters, shared in his dad's estate, getting a share of the 475 acres that was inherited by the eleven children. In addition Geoge had received the farm on which he lived, from his dad earlier.

George's wife, Elizabeth, inherited the real estate and personal property when George passed away, "...except what will be required of personal property to discharge all just claims against me whih shall be appraised and sold to pay the same." At the sale, she bought back one bay mare for the appraisal price of $125. In 1860 Elizabeth was living with her son Solomon in Plumcreek Twp. Apparently the home belonged to Elizabeth as the property valuation of $1,600 was alongside her name while he was shown as head of the household. Elizabeth could not write.

Fourth Generation

Joseph Rupert was born in 1882 at Girty, PA and died 11 Sept 1890 at South Bend, South Bend Township. He is buried in Mt. Union Lutheran Church Cemetery, Plumcreek Township. About 1846 he married (1) Catherine Rowe, daughter of John and Esther (Allshouse) Rowe. Chaterine was born in 1828 and died in 1891

    1. Wilson Rupert (1847 - 1911)
    2. Alexander Rupert (1848 - 1915)
    3. Reuben Rupert (1852 - 1906)
    4. Hexekiah Rpert (1854 - 1929)
    5. Mary Rupert (1857 - 1866)
    6. Lucetta Rupert (1864 - 1954) 7. Emma Rupert (1866 - 1946)
    8. Louisa Jane "Jennie" Rupert (1867 - 1912

    Joseph and Catharine were living in the Whitesburg area of Plum Creek Twp. during the 1850 and 1860 censuses. They possibly were divorced just prior to 1870. Catharine died in 1891.

    Joseph married (2) on March 1, 1870 Catharine Bush, daughter of Abraham and Barbara Bush in Kittanning Twp. Catharine was born Nov. 25, 1935. She died in 1921.

      1. George Rupert (1871 - 1876) 2. Barbara Elizabeth Rupert (1873 - 1876)
      3. William Murray Rupert (1874 - 1928)
      4. Lewis E. Rupert )1877 - 1941)
      5. Daniel Marrison Rupert (1878 - 1941)

    Joseph and his second wife Catharine were listed in the 1870 and 1880 census records. During this time the family was living in the Whitesburg area of Plumcreek Twp., and his occupation was shown as a farmer. Real estate valuation was $1,000 in 1860 and $1,300 in 1870. He also went by the name Josiah. Joseph is included with those written about in the History of Indiana County, Her People Past and Present. "Joseph Rupert, son of George Rupert, was born at South Bend, PA and there became the owner of sixty acres of land, which he brought to a high state of cultivation. He was a member of the Reformed Church in South Bend, and politically was a staunch Democrat."

    Fifth Generation

    Reuben Rupert was born 8 March 1852 in Pennsylvania and died in Shelocta, PA 24 Dec. 1906. He was buried in the South Bend Cemetery in South Bend Township. About 1882, he married Susanna Jane "Anna" Davis, born 1854 in Armstrong Co. Sussana died at Shelocta on 1 July 1916. Children:

      1. Ira Clyde Rupert was born in October, 1881. Date of death not known.
      2. Lloyd E. Rupert - Born April, 1883, Died March 14, 1931. Buried in South Bend Cemetery.
      3. Jennie Lulu Rupert (1884 - 1950)
      4. Thomas Smith Rupert - Born April 4 1886 - Died July 1, 1950
      5. Joseph Rupert - Born Nov. 1888 - Date of death unknown
      6. Harvey Lester Rupert - Born 8 April 1891 - Died 22 June 1970
      7. James Elder Rupert - Birth date unknown - Died after 1950
      8. Nellie Mae Rupert - Born 1901 - Died after 1950

    Reuben Rupert was living with his parents in Whitesburg during the 1870 and 1880 censuses. He attended school, worked on a farm, then was a coal miner. In 1900, he and his wife and family were living in Armstrong Twp., Indiana, Co. They were renting their home, and no occupation was listed. According to Jerry Ryan's notes, Reuben "...lived on the Armstrong Co. line." The newspaper note on his death indicated he died at ome, and "...had been ill for over a year from various diseases." In a 1991 interview, grandson H. Lisle Rupert recalled: "I don't remember seeing my grandparents on my dad's side, but I barely remember they lived in a log cabin, and I remember that they had apple and pear trees. They lived between West Lebanon and South Bend, in the country. It's all stripped for coal, there's nothing there now."

    On April 16, 1897, Reuben filed supporting evidence for his cousin, Ralston Rupert, in Ralston's claim for a Civil War pension. Susanna and her husband were living in Armstrong Twp. during the 1900 census. She had borne six children with all still living. In 1910, Susanna was a widow, and she and five of her children were living with her eldest son, Ira Clyde, in a rented home in Plumcreek Twp., south of the Indiana Pike. About a year prior to her death, Susanna (Anna) sold a piece of property containing two lots and a home to John W. Evans: "...two adjoinng lots og ground situate in the Borough of Shelocta, County of Indiana, and State of Pennsylvania, bounded on the South by the Indiana and Kittanning turnpike, on the West by a lot of Hannah J. McCracken heirs, on the North by Sugar Street or alley, ...having theron erected a two-story frame dwelling house and storeroom combined frame stable and other out-buildings."

    Sixth Generation

    Harvey Lester Rupert was born on April 8, 1891 in Shelocta, PA. He died in the Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA on 22 June 1970. He was buried in The South Bend Cemetery. On 22 June 1921, he married Mary Beulah Sloan, daughter of Clark and Minnie Bell (Cessna) Sloan, in Elderton, PA. Mary was born 23 March 1901 in Gastown, Plum Creek Twp., and died in the Indiana Hospital on 21 Feb. 1992.

      1. Horace Lisle Rupert (1922 -)
      2. Bernice Ilone Rupert (1924 -)
      3. Faye Eleanor Rupert (1926 -)
      4. Theodore Rupert (1930 -)
      5. Maxime Rupert (3/1/1936 - )
      6. Betty Geraldine Rupert (9/30/1939 -)

    Seventh Generation

    Theodore Rupert was born 2 Jan. 1930 in Armstrong Twp., Indiana Co. On 16 June 1951 he married Twila Mae Van Horn, Daughter of Harry Bennett and Irene B. (Simpson) Van Horn, in Marion Center, Indiana Co. Twila was born 18 Aug. 1930 in Georgeville, South Mahoning Co.

      1. Larry Arnold Rupert (1952 - )

      2. Beverly Jean Rupert. Born 10 Dec. 1953 in Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA. On 29 April 1972, she married (1) Keith Edward Welteroth, son of Edward and Virginia (Maldet) Welteroth in South Bend Twp. Keith was born 3 Dec. 1949. On April 1991, Beverly Jean married (2) Jon Mark Gascoine, in St. Jacob's Church, South Bend Twp. Beverly lives near Indiana, PA. Keith was living in Shelocta, PA, when he married Beverly Jean.

      3. Patricia Ann Rupert. Born 20 June 1955 in Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA. On 4 Jan. 1975, she married Burnell Leon Jewart, Jr., in South Bend Twp. Burnell was born 4 aug. 1952. He was a laborer in Sagamore, PA when he was married. He is a son of Leo and Isabell (Scarry) Jewart, Sr.

      4. Kathy Lynn Rupert was born 24 Nov. 1957 in Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA.On 16 July 1977, she married Jeffrey David Curry, in South Bend Twp. Jeffrey was born 24 May 1955. Kathy lives in Elderton, PA. She and her husband own and manage the Country Manor Rest Home on the west side of Elderton. Jeffrey is a son of Richard James and Gloria J. (Ferri) Curry.

      5. Connie Elaine Rupertwas born 18 Nov. 1959 in Indiana Hospital, Indiana, PA. On 27 Sept. 1986, she married Joseph Anthony Bunyak in Clymer, Cherryhill Twp., Indiana County. Joseph was born 11 March 1959. Connie and her family were living in Indiana, PA in 1991. Joseph is a son of Joseph E. and Mary Elizabeth (Hochman) Bunyak.

      6. Jeffrey Alan Rupert was born 12 Feb. 1968 in Indiana Co. He served in the Navy.

      7. Lisa Kaye Rupert was born 1 April 1970 in Indiana Co.

    Theodore Rupert was a truck driver living in Armstrong Twp, Indiana Co., PA when he married. Twila was living in South Mahoning Twp. when she married. When her brother, John, passed away, she was living in Indiana, PA. When her mother passed away, she was living in the Shelocta, Pa area.