Ralston Rupert was born Sept. 11, 1842 in Armstrong County and died in South Bend March 13, 1925, and was buried in South Bend Cemetery Married Elizabeth Buckley in South Bend. Elizabeth Buckley was born 22 March 1832 in Armstrong Co. and died 3 March 1913, buried in South Bend Cemetery.

    1. Harriet J. "Hallie" Rupert (1868 - 1952)

Ralston was living with his parents in Kittanning Twp. during the 1850 census and in Kiskiminetas Twp. in 1860. In 1870, he and his wife were living two houses down from his parents in South Bend Twp., and Ralston was farming for a living. Also living with them at this time were Harry M. Buckley, age two, and Margaret Rupert, age three.

During the 1860 census, Ralston, then 19, was also listed living with his uncle Solomon Rupert in South Bend Twp. In 1880 and 1900, he and his wife were still living in South Bend Twp and his occupation was still farming. In 1910, they were in Young Twp,, Indiana Co., where they rented a farm. Grandchildren Clara and Frank Silvis were living with them in 1910.

In 1920, Ralston, then a widower, was living with his daughter, Harriet, and her family (total of nine people) in South Bend Twp. At age 78, he was still shown as a farm laborer. One of the documents filed in his petition for a Civil War pension stated that his occupation at time of enlistment was shoemaker.

Ralston enlisted in the Civil War on 3 aug. 1864, in Company C, $th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry, under Captain N.I. Horrell. He was discharged 15 May 1865 at Arlington Mills, VA. According to his military recores, he was a shoemaker by trade.

He was of "..fair complexion, 5 feet 6 inches tall." His pension application was witnessed by V. L. Linsinbigler and Finley, both of Elderton. He served a total of nine months and was a Private when discharged. Ralston filed for a Civil War vet's invalid pension in 1890, and in 1896, it was finally approved at $6 per month, for rheumatism. Over the course of the six years before it was approved, he supplied numerous affidavits which the Pension Office kept requesting.

Dr. R. M. Mateer, of Elderton, stated on 16 June 1893: "Have this day examined Ralston Rupert and find derangement of liver that has produced enlargement of the organ. Also has slight afffected the kidneys and bladder in retaining the urine. There is also some difficulty about the heart that casuse palpitation and shortness of breath."

In 1894, Ralston filed an affidavit stating: "...he is now unable to earn a support by reason of a weak back and also by a stiff nee or injerd nee by the kicked of a mule while in the sevis and deseas of kidneys and general disability."

Apparently the Pension Department asked for verification or witnesses to th mule kicking incident, as Ralston filed another affidavit with the following: "It is impossible for me to give evidence of comrade as to injury to right kneee from reason that the comrade Jeremiah George was present at the time of said injury was incurred is dead. And I know of no other comrade that could furnish the evidence."

Ralston was a member of the Reformed Church in South Bend, PA. At the time of his death he was living with daughter Hallie Silvis. Herm Rupert recalls members of the Ralston family telling him how they "...used to drive turkeys or cattle or pigs from the area to Harisburg, PA. They used drovers and dogs to herd the animals."

Dept. of Interior
Bureau of Pensions
Washington, DC

Sirs: Just a line to inform you that Ralston Rupert died Friday evening, March 13 at 8:15.

Harvey H. Hanna,
Postmaster, South Bend, PA

Elizabeth (Buckley) Rupert's mother is listed in the census as being foreign-born. In 1900, their son-in-law, Reuben A. Silvis and wife along with their five children were also living with Ralston and Elizabeth. Elizabeth and her husband were living in Young Twp., Indiana Co., during the 1910 census. Also living with them then were grandchildren Clara and Frank Silvis. Elizabeth and Ralston were married by the Rev. Frederick Wise of the South Bend Reformed Church.

Obituaries of Ralston and Hallie Rupert