William Newton Rupert was born in 1876 in South Bend Township. He died in Indian Haven Home, Indiana, PA on Feb. 10, 1981, and is buried in Soth Bend Cemetery. On October 21, 1898, he married Alice Flora Fink, daughter of Noah and Catherine Ann (Silvis) Fink, in Indiana, PA. Alice was born on August 7, 1877 in South Bend, Armstrong Co. and died in Clarksville, PA on January 5, 1970.
Eight Children:
    1. Bertha Elizabeth Rupert (1890-)
    2. Catherine Blanche Rupert. Born Oct. 1900 in Avonmore. Married Kenneth George in Apollo, PA
    3. Mabel Florence Rupert (1902-1984)
    4. Raymoned Clark Rupert (1902-1985)
    5. Stella Anetta Rupert (1906-1990)
    6. Margaret Alma (1912-)
    7. Dorothy Irene Rupert. Born June 8, 1916 in Avonmore.
    8. Mildred Alleen (1918-1989)

Newton was living with his parents in South Bend Twp during the 1880 census. In 1900, he and his wife were living in Allegheny Co., where he worked as a laborer in a mill. They rented their home on Woods Run Ave. and had two boarders, Reuben H. Fink and Emerson Fink. Possible related to Alice Fink? Byt eh time of the 1910 and 1920 censuses they had moved to Avonmore in Westmoreland Co. wher Newt worked in the foundry, first as a laborer, then as a carpenter. They owned their own home on the south side of indiana Avenue. Newt was a car instpector (railroad) living in South Bend, PA, when he married. He was a member of the Evangelical Luthern Church in Avonmore. On his 100th birthday, his daughter Stella said, "He still has a marvelous memory. We ask him about things we've forgotten, and he remembers."

Newt worked as a carpenter for the Smith Lumber Company for many years. Several people remember his love for hunting. Newt's wife Alice was living in South Bend Twp when she applied for a wedding license. She was a member of the Avonmore Hebron Lutheran Church.