Ancestors of David Lloyd Rupert & Family

First Generation

PETER RUPERT, SR. b: ABT. 1724 in Germany - probably the Palatinate
Married Katherine (Rubbert), b: ABT. 1724 in Germany
Son: John Peter Rupert, Jr.

    Second Generation

    JOHN PETER RUPERT, JR. ("German Pete")
    Born Jan. 7, 1750 in Heidelberg Twp, Northampton Co. Died Nov. 1, 1824 in Plumcreek Twp. Buried in Rupert Cemetery, South Bend Twp.
    He married "Swiss" Elizabeth Barbara Rupert, daughter of Christina Margaretha Rupert. "Swiss" Elizabeth was born in Heildelberg Twp. and died prior to 1824 in Plumcreek Twp. Twelve children:

    1. Catherine (-1845)
    2. Charles Karl (1777-1849)
    3. John Johnnes ("Big John") (1778-1844)
    4. John Peter "Weaver" (1779-1858)
    5. George, Sr. (1782-1858)
    6. Henrich Henry (1783-1844)
    7. Frederick (1783-1842)
    8. Ann Elizabeth (1786-1851)
    9. Susannah (1791-(1824)
    10. Mary Magdelena (1794-1824)
    11. Jacob (1795-1861) 12. Sara (1799-)

    John Peter Rupert, Jr. was commonly referred to as "German" Peter to distinguish him from his brother-in-law "Swiss" Peter Rupert.

    A letter written by Jacob Alexander Rupert in 1930 to J. Milton Rupert, contains the following:
    "Two pioneer families of Ruperts emigrated from Northampton Co., PA to our section of country about 1790. Peter Rupert (German for distinction) on the present farm of Alex Scott, formerly Samuel Scott farm, and Peter Rupert (Swiss for distinction)settled where Levi G. Smeltzer now resides. The parents of these two Peter Ruperts emigrated from Europe in 1740 from Amsterdam, Holland. It appears one Peter Rupert family came from Switzerland and the other from Germany, but both families came at the same time.

    It is not known whether they were related to each other. German Peter Rupert II and Swiss Peter Rupert II just exchanged sisters when they were joined in wedlock. Your's and my great-grandfather (German Peter Rupert) owned five hundred acres of land when he died, and he gave his son George (your grandfather) the farm on which your father lived and you were born. The Samuel Scott Farm, George McCormick farm, Christy farm, and your father's farm belonged to the original tract."

    Third Generation

    Born Oct. 19, 1795 in Plumcreek Twp. and christened in Greensburg Lutheran Church.He died Feb. 12 , 1861, Armstrong County.
    Jacob is buried in the Rupert Cemetery, South Bend Twp.
    He married, after 1815, Magdaline Rupert, daughter of "Swiss" Peter Rupert and "German" Catherine Rupert. She was born May 9, 1801 in Armstrong Co. and died there on Aug. 21, 1873. They had ten children:

    1. Michael (1818-1860)
    2. Solomon (1820 - )
    3. Catherine (1822-1860)
    4. Christina (1823-1913)
    5. Elizabeth (1825-1914)
    6. Frederick (1827-1895)
    7. Magdelena (1829-1863)
    8. Samuel (1834-1913)
    9. James (1841-1927)
    L0. Lydia Ann (1850 - )

    Jacob Rupert's log home was on Stoney Point Road in South Bend Twp, just below the Stony Point School, which in 1998 is in in use as a home. Son Samuel Rupert inherited the home.

    Fourth Generation

    Born Sept. 3, 1818 in Plumcreek Twp.
    Died in Armstrong Co. before Dec. 21,1860.
    Buried in Rupert Cemetery.
    Married Maria Rupert, daughter of Philip "Red" Rupert and Sara Ann Row.
    Maria was born in Armstrong Co. and died before 1860. They had one child:

    Elias Rupert (1840-1894)

    Maria and Michael were living in Plumcreek Twp. during the 1840 census. MIchael and his wife and son Elias were living in Plumcreek Twp. during the 1840 census.

    Fifth Generation

    Born March 6, 1840 in Armstrong County.
    Died 5 November 1894 in Girty, South Bend Township
    Buried in Mt. Union Lutheran Cemetery, Plumcreek Township
    On May 16, 1866, Elias married Jemima Rupert in Elderton, Plumcreek Twp.
    Jemima was born Sept. 27, 1845 in Plumcreek Twp and died Aug. 10, 1932
    Two Children:
    Anna Maria "Annie" Rupert (1867-1952)
    Harvey David Rupert (1869-1936)

    Elias was living with his parents in Plumcreek Twp. druing the 1840 census. His parents apparently died rather young and during the 1860 census he was living with his grandparents, Jacob and Magdalena in Plumcreek Twp. Elias enrolled in the Union Army Aug. 14, 1862 to serve three years during the Civil War. He held the rank of Private in Capt. McKean's Company, 139th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry.

    Elias and Jemima were married by Robert M. Gibson, Justice of the Peace, Elderton. Occupation shown as a coal miner and farmer. On june 3, 1872, Elias, along with George McCormick and Peter George, purchased a lot on Watterson Street in Elderton from S. L. Cover. On June 5, 1876, he bought property in Plumcreek Twp. from B.F. Kinnard.

    Sixth Generation

    Birth: June 10 1869
    Father: Solomon Rupert b: 26 MAR 1826 in Girty, Plumcreek Twp
    Mother: Catherine Reefer b: 26 FEB 1844
    Died in Indiana Hospital on July 30 , 1936 and was buried in Mt. Union Lutheran Church Cemetery, Plumcreek Township. On March 23, 1893 he married Mary Louisa Fiscus, daughter of Jackson and Nancy (Schall) Fiscus, South Bend. Mary Louisa was born Jan. 28, 1874 in Cochrans Mills, Burrell Township, and died in Girty on July 22, 1963.

    Harvey was a member of Mr. Union Lutheran Church. His occupation was given a farmer, but he also had a blacksmith shop. Harvey and Louisa were married by "Squire" Jim Rupert. Harvey and his wife were second-cousins. He was a farmer in South Bend when he married Mary Louisa. Children:

      Emmett E. Rupert (1896 - 1928)

      Lucetta Cleo (1898-1962)

      Delilah Ethel (1902-)

      David Lloyd Rupert (1894 - 1977)

    Seventh Generation

    David Lloyd was born March 6, 1894 in Girty, South Bend Township. He died in Indiana Memorial Hospital, Indiana, Pa July 4, 1977 He was buried in Mr. Union Lutheran Church Cemetery, Plumcreek Township. On Dec. 26, 1921, he married Anna Mary Rupert, daughter of David Edgar and Della Irene (Claypool) Rupert in Elderton, Pa. Anna Mary was born Nov. 21, 1897 in Girty and died in Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, Kittanning, Pa on Dec. 25, 1985.

    David Lloyd's parents were:
    Father: Harvey D. Rupert
    Mother: Mary Louise Fiscus

    LLoyd was a member of the Mr. Union Lutheran Church in Plumcreek Township, and lived in Girty all his life. He retired from People's Natural Gas Company in 1959. He was a member of the Elderton American Legion, the Elderton District Firemen, the Elderton Senior Citizens, and Odd Fellows Lodge No. 1076. He and his wife operated a gift and antique shop from their home in Girty. Lloyd served in the U.S. Army during WW I. In 1920 Mary Louisa was teaching public school in the Girty area. She was also an author, having written several books of poetry.
    Seven Children:

      Eighth Generation

      1. Herman Rupert (1922-)
      2. Franklin David Rupert (1924-1964)
      3. Paul A. Rupert (1926-)
      4. Earl Mitchell Rupert (1928-)
      5. Donald Clair Rupert (1930-)
      6. Elsie Louise Rupert (1932-1967)
      7. Stanley Roy Rupert (1934-)