Walter Myers Remembered
By Lori Lynn Brown
"Pappy's Granddaughter"

    Thats my Pappy, you must understand,
    For I am living on his land.
    A vegetarian and the best farmer around,
    His Bread n Butter corn was the talk of the town.
    He wasnt out to impress anyone,
    But awards for his pumpkins, he surely won,
    Caring for his crops, he truly enjoyed,
    Just ask any of the workers he employed.
    The scent of the chicken manure would fill our noses,
    Then it was soon time for the irrigation hoses.
    When the growing season was over,
    And he made all his dough, off to Florida with Grandma hed go.
    Mom, Dad, Bryan and I were soon on our way,
    To see Grandma and Pappy in Florida on Chirstmas Day.
    For years now, hed ask the Creator when the last day would be,
    He said life isnt worth living after age ninety-three.
    Hes had a productive life as you can see on his face,
    Now Pappy and Grandma are together again, but in a higher place.