Where Has the Summer Gone?

      The writer of Proverbs calls our attention to the little ant and uses it as an example.
      The tiny insect is wise enough and industrious enough to use the opportunities of summer to prepare
      for winter. See Proverbs 6:6-8 and Proverbs 30:24-28.

          Another Summer has slipped away. Summer filled with fun and play. The days go fast--the years fly by. We look around and wonder why.

          We wonder why life goes so fast. We wish good things would always last. Children lay down their favorite toys. To be all grown up and look for adult joys.

          The adventurous child goes on its way. "Looking for a life of their own, " they say. Another summer's passed. They're on their way!

          It's an adult world which they have found. Here problems of all kinds abound. Now! Ask your Father, ask your Mother. Let them share with you their wisdom, there's enough to go around!

          Summer after summer and soon you'll be. You 'II be the person filled with wisdom in the family tree. Then once again you will raise the question. "Where's the summer gone?"

          Peace and Grace Herman Ridley , Pastor