This is to Randy and Brenda
Written by Pastor Herman Ridley ~ August 10, 1999

              This is to Randy and Brenda,.
              Who live on the hill.
              When they look at each other, it gives them a thrill.
              He calls her "his Sweets", at least some of the time.
              Anything else he may call her won't fit in this ryhme.

              They travel together, work hours long and late. That doesn't really matter, they think they are having a date! He met her in Johnstown, flood city I'm told. She captured his heart and she goes for the gold!

              They've stuck with each other, through thick and through thin. If you'd ask them about it, they'd do it again. It really doesn't matter if some things go wrong, They still have each other, so they travel along.

              It's down the road of life together, In fair or stormy weather, Just a couple of love birds on the fly. They can't figure out why time goes so quickly by. The answer is simple; time really runs. 'Tis said time goes quickly when you're having fun.

              Keep loving and giving; it's better that way. When you encounter a problem, pray it out of your way. As down the road of life you travel, keep an eye upon the sky. The Lord, who brought you together, is coming in his glory by and by.

              So here's to your future, as you travel hand in hand, May your love and faith endure until you reach the promised land! If at times the road seems rocky and it's hard to understand, You may need to ask forgiveness and go on as you've planned.

              "Rome wasn't built in a day," they say, So keep building your lives day by day. Let romance rekindle when embers burn low. Hold on to each other and let your love flow.

              Now love's like a river, and you're both in the boat, So just keep on rowing and you'll stay afloat. So here's to Randy and Brenda, a couple so grand. Just hang in there together as the good Lord has planned!