Greetings in November
Written by Pastor Herman Ridley ~ November, 2000

              November is a month that calls for deep reflection.
              Particularly so this year as we hold a national election.
              It's time to pick that special guy.
              Select him, elect him. Then let him try!

              Who will it be? Just wait and see. Who'll be standing in the White House Door? Will it be Bush? Or will it be Gore?

              Reflection! Looking toward the past. Sometimes when we look we feel aghast! The future is our hope, you know. Sometimes 'tis best to forget the past and let it go!

              There are two things we dare not cast aside. Our faith and hope can turn the tide. The world's despair and sinful ways, Must be replaced with better days!

              Yes, November holds that special day. Give thanks! God's mercy still holds sway. God leads tlle way for pilgrims, still. He leads those who seek to know and do His Will.

              Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. I Thee. 5: 18.