The Month of May
Written by Pastor Herman Ridley ~ April 15, 1999

              What a wonderful month is May.
              It.comes quickly, then it slips away.
              It's time for getting ready, so they say.
              Soon we'll be greeting  longer, warmer, summer days.

              The month of May offers many things. Such lovely flowers it always brings. The fragrance of those flowers is sweet. May is a month that’s really neat!

              What about the offering. that we make? Do we give or do we only take? May gives and gives again ‘tis true. Now that it's May, what can we do?

              We can plant some flowers along the way. Let others enjoy them as they pass each day. Their beauty might cheer up another. They might bring some joy to a stranger, a sister or a brother.

              The grass grows greener in the month of May. Get your mower going, ‘cause you don’t want hay. Think who takes the seedling in His hand. He is the one who makes them grow and bloom across the land.

              Get ready in this month of May. Become a blessing every day. There are those who need your prayers this May. Don't forget to pray for them each day.

              ‘Twill soon be gone this month of May. Buy up the opportunities it brings your way. Then when it’s but a memory in your mind. You’ll thank God that you prayed, and were good and kind.