Written by Pastor Herman Ridley ~ Feb. 19, 1999

              Watch out for March, it's on it's way.
              It'll be in disguise; but it really can't stay.
              If it looks like a lamb, get ready to freeze.
              'Cause that old March lion can stir up quite a breeze.
              Watch out for March and those sunny days.

              'Cause they can change quickly in so many, many ways. See the clouds go rolling by...did you ever see such a dark gloomy sky? The snow is drifting up quite high; come on old March, go flying by.

              Watch out for the uncertainty of March...again. It's like life, it can offer us happiness, joy or pain. But just like March our lives go on. We know that after the darkness is a beautiful dawn. Watch out for the march of men of evil schemes. Brought on by men of vain elusive dreams.

              Get rid of Jesus is what they said. What can he do once he is dead? Watch out as they march him to the cross. Barabbas is free, cause Pilate is boss. Pilate washed his hands, but not his heart.

              Don't judge him harshly, we shared our part. Watch now they're marching to the tomb. Those are somber women, full of gloom! Words of gladness reach their ears. The tomb is empty, he's not here.

              He has risen as he said. He's not here among the dead. Watch how you march from here on out. Don't live a life that's filled with doubt. Get up and march in Jesus' name. 'Cause if you don't march then you're to blame.