Donna's Gonna
For Donna Boring ~ Clarion Assn Licensed Minister
Written by Pastor Herman Ridley ~ Date Unknown

              Poor old Herm was in a fix.
              Some one else must do his trix.
              Who in the world will it be ?
              Why Donna Boring, it is she.

              She came flying with her Ed, They made good time it was said. Misfortune came their way Two road problems in one day.

              The first problem was a tire They've had many folks inquire. How did you fix it? What did you do? Well they put a donut on the wheel; That was the only thing to do.

              Bad luck struck twice that day As Ed and Donna sped upon their way. An object came flying by, Into their windshield it did fly.

              It smashed the thing into a shred. There's no telling what Ed said. But with his gentle, kindlier way-- Patience, patience! He let patience rule that day.

              Donna said in the beginning, If we can go and stop these folks from sinning It will be worth it all to me--- Just to see the devil turn and flee!

              Thank you Donna! Thank you Ed! For the good things you've done and said. If again Herm gets in a fix, He'll hope Ed and Donna will do his trix.