King (Konig) Family Genealogy
From 1525 to Early 1900's
Eleven Generations

First Generation

Hans Konig - Born ABT. 1525
Married: Catharina (Konig) Born ABT. 1525

Second Generation

Jost Konig - Born 1556
Married: Margaretha Riecker - Born ABT. 1750

Third Generation

Johannes Konig
Born ABT. 1615 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Father: Jost Konig
Mother: Margaretha Rieker
Married: Barbara Pfah, Born ABT. 1625

Fourth Generation

Ezechiel Konig
Born 1658 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Died 1707 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Married: Maria Elizabeth Jost - Born ABT. 1670

Fifth Generation

Johan Adam Konig
Born: ABT. 1694 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Died: 1766 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Occupation: Wine Grower
Married: In 1720 - Maria Magdalena Keyser - Born ABT, 1692

Sixth Generation

    Matthias Koenig
    Born 13 May 1724 in Grossgartach, Wuerttemberg, Germany
    Died july 1810 in Mount Pleasant Tw, Westmoreland Co.
    Buried: St. Michael's Brick Church Cemetery
    Married: Eva/Anna Christena Hirtzel - Born 28 Jan 1739 in Northampton Co, PA
    Corporal, 7th Co., Northampton Co Militia under Captain George Nolf
    Eight Children:
      1. Maria Magdalena King - B. 21 March 1754
      2. John Jonathan Kind - B. 1757
      3. Susanna KIng - B. 1759
      4. Eva Christene King - B. 1761
      5. George Adam King - B. 11 Feb 1765
      6. Rachel King - B. ABT 1767
      7. Johannes King - B. 1770
      8. George David King - B. 1776

      On 7 October, 1751, the ship "JANET", William Cunningham, Captain, arrived at Philadelphia from Rotterdam, last from Cowes. There were on board this vessel two hundred and twenty passengers of whom three bore the family name of KONIG (King). Their names were Abraham, Jacob and Mattheus. These pioneers, being of German origin, conversed in the German language and their descendants continued to use their German name KONIG for several generations. Gradually, they assumed the Anglicized form "KING". It is impossible to state definitely what relationship existed between these 3 persons, but the following facts may indicate a solution to the problem.

      Abraham Konig did not sign his name to the Oath of Allegiance and Abjuration at the port of entry as required by the provincial government, as did Jacob and Matteus. His name wa inscribed by the clerk and no trace has been found of him leaving the ship.

      Jacob Konig was unmarried on arrival at Philadelphia, it being recorded in the baptismal record of Maria Magdaline, daughter of Mattheus Konig, in 1754, that he was single. He was likely a lad when he left his native country.

      The records of the birth and baptisms of the first born of both Jacob and Mattheus Konig, namely Mattias, son of Jacob, born 1756, and Marie, daughter of Mattheus Konig, born 1754, indicate that Jacob and Mattheus were married about the same time and that there was no great difference in their ages. Jacob and Mattheus bought and lived on adjoining farms, they were sponsors on several occasions at the baptism of each other's children, and Jacob named his first born after his brother Mattheus.

      The possibilities are that an entire family set sail for the new world; that the wife died on the long journey leaving the husband and the two sons to enter the new world alone; that the father, Abraham, also was taken sick, was too weak to sign the Declaration of Allegiance, died soon after leaving the vessel, and therefore no trace of him has been found; that the two boys, Jacob and Hattheus, left to care for themselves in a strange land, secured adjoining famrs and raised their families in the same neighborhood.

      Seventh Generation

      George Adam King b: 11 FEB 1765 d: 9 APR 1843
      Buried: Bush Farm Graveyard, Burrell Twp
      Married: Maria Catherine George b: 25 OCT 1768 d: ABT. 1830
      Four Children:

        1. Abraham King b: 1785
        2. Isaac King b: 21 OCT 1786 d: 20 MAY 1872
        Married: Sarah Davis b: 11 MAR 1792 d: 9 APR 1859
        1. Abraham King - B. 1785
        2. Isaac KIng - B. 1786 - D. 1872 3. John Jacob King B. 1788
        4. Johannes King B. 27 MAR 1790 d: 1848
        5. Christianna King - B. 1792
        6. John Heimrich King - B. 1794
        7. Thomas King - B. 1796
        8. Solomon King - B. 1796

        Eighth Generation

          Thomas King
          Birth: 1796 in Westmoreland Co, Pa. Death: 24 MAR 1841 in Burrell Township Burial: South Bend Cemetery Note: Baptized in the German Reformed Congregation, Greensburg?, Rev. J.W. Weber Father: George Adam King b: 11 FEB 1765 in Nazareth Twp, Northampton Co, PA Mother: Maria Catherine George b: 25 OCT 1768 in Nazareth Twp, Northampton Co, PA Marriage 1 Catharine Fisher b: 1801
          10 Children:
            1. Elizabeth King b: 1820
            2. Sarah King b: 1821
            3. Louisa A. King b: 6 NOV 1823
            4. William George King b: 22 JAN 1826 in Burrell Township
            5. Silas King b: 16 MAY 1828 in South Bend
            6. Daniel King b: 1830 in South Bend Twp
            7. Leon King b: 1833 in Armstrong or Indiana Co, PA
            8. Mary Ann King b: 1836
            9. Joseph King b: 1838
            10. Hiram King b: 17 JUL 1839 in Cochran Mills, Armstrong Co

            Ninth Generation

            Silas King
            Birth: 16 MAY 1828 in South Bend
            Death: 1903 in South Bend
            Silas King and his wife were born in Pennsylvania, and both died on the family homestead in South Bend township, Armstrong county, the former in 1903 and the latter in 1911. They had six children, Aaron H. being the eldest of the family. He has two sisters, Mrs. John Findley, of Leechburg, Pa.; and Mrs. W. E. Trier, of South Bend. One brother, William, died in 1911. The father, Silas King, owned the farm of 100 acres on which he lived for many years in South Bend township. In politics he was a Democrat. He and his wife were members of the Reformed Church. (Beers History Project)

            Reminiscences of J.N. Wherry: (Father) got a new road surveyed which started at the locust grove on his farm and ran down to Sam George's run. Silas King was very angry over this, as it caused him to build some extra fences, satisfied to the change.
            Father: Thomas King b: 1796 in Westmoreland Co, Pa.
            Mother: Catharine Fisher b: 1801
            Marriage 1 Rebecca George b: ABT. 1829
            1. Aaron H. King
            2. William G. King

            Tenth Generation

              William G. King
              Birth: 22 JAN 1826 in Burrell Township
              Death: 30 MAR 1902
              Burial: St. Michael's Brick Church Cemetery
              Living next door is James Wherry, age 62 and Sarah. On the other side is same Catherine King with a grand daughter or niece named Laura, age 7 - possible namesake for our Laura Silvis.

              Father: Thomas King b: 1796 in Westmoreland Co, Pa.
              Mother: Catharine Fisher b: 1801
              Marriage 1 Elizabeth Frantz b: 1827 in Armstrong Co
              Married: 12 APR 1850
              8 Children:

                1. Martha King b: 1850
                2. Susan King b: 1857
                3. Louisa King b: 1859
                4. William G. King , Jr. b: 5 DEC 1868 in Probably Armstrong County
                5. John W. Nevin King
                6. Sarah King
                7. Thomas King
                8. Abraham King b: 1883

                Eleventh Generation

                  William G. King , Jr.
                  Birth: 5 DEC 1868 in Probably Armstrong County
                  Death: 7 OCT 1925 in New Kensington, PA
                  Occupation: Funeral home owner
                  Note: 1900 Census, South Bend, farmer. Living in his home was brother John N., 28; nephew Zachariah Smith, 23; cousin Aaron Smith, 46
                  1910 Census, South Bend, General Store merchant. Must be the general store where Harvey Hanna was clerk in 1910.
                  Obit: William G. King, aged about 57 years, a former resident of South Bend, died suddenly in the New Kensington hospital on Wednesday, as the result of a collapse, following an operation performed several weeks ago. Mr. King had been engaged in the undertaking business in Apollo for abut 12 years and was highly esteemed in that section of Armstrong county.

                  He was born and reared at South Bend and resided there until 13 years ago, when he located in Apollo. He was twice married and is survived by his second wife, Mrs. Laura Silvis King, and
                  these children by his first wife: Mrs. Mable Woods, of Pittsburgh; Mrs. Pauline Hannah, of Apollo; Mrs. Blanche Miller, of Allison; Robert King, of Apollo, who was associated in business with his father, and Leroy King, of Wesleyan College. (Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Bonnie Schultz.

                  Father: William George King b: 22 JAN 1826 in Burrell Township
                  Mother: Elizabeth Frantz b: 1827 in Armstrong Co
                  Marriage 1 Etta M. (King) b: 1870

                    1. Mable P. King b: 1891
                    2. Nellie E. King b: 1893 in South Bend, PA
                    3. Ruth L. King b: 1894 in South Bend, PA
                    4. Paulina G. King b: 1896
                    5. Blanche G. King b: 1899 in South Bend, PA
                    6. Robert W. King b: 1902
                    7. Nevin S. King b: 1904 in South Bend, PA
                    8. Blondie King b: 1912 in South Bend, PA
                    9. N. Lee Roy King b: 1917

                  Marriage 2: Laura Mae Silvis b: 4 MAY 1873 in South Bend Township
                  Married: 2 OCT 1919