Frantz Genealogy
South Bend and Adjacent Townships
Birth: ABT. 1596 in Diedendorf, Alsace
Death: 23 NOV 1671 in Diedendorf, Alsace
Marriage 1 Claudia (Frantz) b: ABT. 1620
Birth: ABT. 1646 in Schalbach, Alsace .
Death: in Schalbach, Alsace .
Note: .
    Peter Frantz, Jr., b: Abt 1683 in Schalbach,Moselle, France.
    Adam FRANTZ b: in Schalbach,Lorraine,France.
    Johann Jacob FRANTZ.
    Johannes FRANTZ.
    Susan FRANTZ.
    Abraham Frantz b: 11 Feb 1678 in Schalbach,Moselle,France.
    Johannes Paules FRANTZ b: 16 Sep 1685 in Schalbach,Moselle,France.

    Father: Johann Jacob Frantz b: ABT. 1596 in Diedendorf, Alsace .
    Mother: Claudia (Frantz) b: ABT. 1620.
    Marriage 1 Jeanne Hirsch b: ABT. 1664 in Schalbach, Alsace.

Birth: ABT. 1683 in Schalbach, Alsace
Death: BEF. 1746 in Schalbach, Alsace
Peter Frantz and Anna Maria Hahn had at least 9 children:

Hans Peter Frantz, bap. 3 Feb. 1707 in Diedendorf, Alsace, died before 1727

Susanna Barbara Frantz, bap. 5 Oct. 1708 in Diedendorf, Alsace. According to the notary documents of Diedendorf, Alsace, a Susanna Frantz from Schalbach (father not mentioned) married Christian Ackeneller from Schalbach. Maybe it is the same person.

Hans (Johan) Heinrich Frantz bap. 19 Apr. 1716 in Wintersbourg, Lorraine, m. 21 July 1742 in Rauweiler Susanna Balliet (25 Aug. 1722 - 6 Apr. 1746), daughter of Stephan Balliet from Schalbach. After his wife's death, he emigrated to Pennsylvania. He arrived in Philadelphia 20 Oct. 1747 with two brothers Johann Peter and Abraham

Hans Jacob Frantz, bap. 19 Apr. 1718 in Wintersbourg, Lorraine, died before 1722

Hans Nicolaus Frantz, bap 25 Feb. 1720 in Wintersbourg, Lorraine, d. 20 Oct. 1769, m. 25 May 1750 in Rauweiler, Alsace, Alma Maria Steuer (20 Mar. 1728 - 28 Nov. 1791), daughter of Johannes Steuer from Rauweiler.

Johann Jacob Frantz, bap. in 1722 in Wintersbourg, Lorraine. Emigrated to Pennsylvania on board the Robert and Alice and arrived in Philadelphia 11 Sept. 1738 with Paulus Balliet, son of Stephan Balliet from Schalbach.

Anna Maria Frantz, bap. 6 Jan. 1724 in Rauweiler, Alsace. On 13 Oct. 1742 an Anna Maria Frantz from Schalbach (father not mentioned) married in Rauweiler Joseph Gerber from Schalbach. Maybe it's the same person.

Johann Peter, bap 11 Oct. 1727 in Rauweiler, Alsace, m. 2 Apr. 1747 Eva Elisabeth Martzloff from Schalbach. He emigrated to Pennsylvania. He arrived in Philadelphia 20 Oct. 1747 with two brothers Heinrich and Abraham Frantz

Birth: 29 SEP 1729 in Schalbach, Vinstingen, Alsace
Death: BEF. JUN 1779 in Greensburg, Westmoreland Co, PA
Burial: Hannastown, Westmoreland Co
Note: Birth recorded in the Reformed Church, Diedendorf, Alsace. He migrated to America, reaching Philadelphia on 20 Oct 1747 with brothers. Abraham settled in Northampton Co. when he arrived in PA. He had several land warrants near his brothers in what was called North of the Forks of the Delaware, right above the Lehigh Water Gap in Carbon Co. It is what is now Lower Towamencing Twp. and possibly Lehigh Twp., which is still Northampton. After he married, his brother-in-law went to Westmoreland Co. He came back and took Abraham and others of his family there to settle.

He moved west about 1772 and then joined the German Regiment in the Revolutionary War. He was in all of the major battles and spent at least one winter at Valley Forge, where his name is supposed to be on a monument.

REVOLUTIONARY WAR - regiment was commanded by LT. COL. LEWIS WELTNER, March 1778, PA. Taken from the Pa. Arc. S5 - Vol 5 pg 785 and S6 Vol 3 pg 797 - 803. Also in CAPT. PHILIP GRAYBILL'S CO.

There are conflicting accounts about Abraham being killed by Indians, but I think it is true. There are estate administration papers applied for on June 4, 1779, as well as an inventory. It appears he was killed in an early raid, and then his widow was killed in the major raid at Hannastown in 1782. He was still enlisted in the military at the time of his death, and it appears he was home on leave.

The surviving children were Jacob Frantz of Hempfield, Emma married Peter Huber, Mary married John Keener, Daniel Frantz (not his son )mmarried Catherine, Sarah married George Keener, and Isaac Frantz. It was decided that the plantation should not be divided and Jacob took the plantation and paid the others for their shares. Catherine, the mother, was deceased by then.

I believe the following historical account is about this Frantz family: The murder of the Francis family was one of the most inhuman and barbarous incidents in border warfare. The family resided two miles or more east of Brush Creek. There had been no special alarm on account of Indians for some months, and their usual vigilance was somewhat relaxed. On the day of the murder they did not have their cabin barricaded, and a party of Indians therefore very easily gained access. Two of the family were killed at once, and the remaining members were taken prisoners. One was a young girl who lived to return to the settlement, where she was married and had left descendants in Hempfield township. Her brothers and sisters were divided among several tribes represented among the captors.

Those who were killed were scalped and their bodies were found near the ruins of the cabin the day following. They were buried in the garden a custom then prevalent among the pioneers, and which lasted till regular cemeteries or graveyards, as they were called, were established.
(History of Westmoreland County, Volume I, Pennsylvania by John N Boucher. New York)

Father: Peter Frantz b: ABT. 1683 in Schalbach, Alsace
Mother: Maria Anna Hahn b: 1686 in Fleisheim, Alsace
Marriage 1 Catherine Williams b: 1743 in Northampton Co, PA

    1. John Jacob Frantz SR. b: 6 JUL 1763 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    2. Naomi Barbara Anna "Emma" Frantz b: 11 OCT 1764 in Northampton Co, Pa<
    3. Abraham Frantz b: 1765 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    4. Annie Marie Frantz b: 1771 in Northampton Co, PA
    5. Elizabeth Frantz b: 17 APR 1769 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    6. Mary Sarah Frantz b: 1771
    7. Catherine Frantz b: 1775 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    8. Isaac Frantz b: 25 OCT 1778 in Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co

    Birth: 6 JUL 1763 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    Death: 18 APR 1832 in Plum Creek, Armstrong Co
    Burial: St. Jacob's Cemetery, South Bend
    His will is in WILL BOOK 1, PAGE 130- ARMSTRONG CO. PA. Came to South Bend, Armstrong Co. in 1813. Owned a mill and much land; settlement was called FRANTZ MILLS. He built a stone house in 1797, and is still standing on the grounds of Greensburg Country Club; it's still lived in and is in excellent condition. He was 69 years old when died. In 1817 Jacob Frantz of Westmoreland County came to this vicinity and bought the land and grist mill of Charles Campbell. In 1822 Jacob Frantz, Sr. donated two acres of ground to the Reformed and Lutherans for church and burial purposes, to which was later added one-half acre by purchase from the Hart heirs. Before the Frantz land was legally conveyed, the donor died, but John Frantz, Jr. carried out the wishes of his father and executed the deed.

    Kittanning Gazzette: WED 25 April, 1832, Died, At his residence in Plum Creek Twp on the 19th Mr. Jacob Frantz age abt 69 years

    Father: Abraham Frantz b: 29 SEP 1729 in Schalbach, Vinstingen, Alsace
    Mother: Catherine Williams b: 1743 in Northampton Co, PA
    Marriage 1 Elizabeth Otterman b: 15 APR 1766 in Berks Co, PA
    Married: JUN 1786

      1. Elizabeth Frantz b: 15 APR 1788 in Westmoreland Co
      2. Abraham Frantz b: 20 JUL 1789 in Westmoreland Co
      3. John (Johannes) Frantz , Sr. b: 1 FEB 1791 in Westmoreland Co, PA
      4. Franzina "Fanny" Frantz b: 4 JUL 1793 in Westmoreland Co, PA
      5. Esther Frantz b: 4 APR 1795 in Westmoreland Co
      6. b: 20 APR 1797 in Westmoreland Co
      7. Sarah Frantz b: 24 DEC 1798 in Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co
      8. Maria Frantz b: 20 JUL 1800 in Westmoreland Co
      9. Hannah Frantz b: 13 MAR 1802 in Westmoreland Co
      10. Ludwig Frantz b: 19 MAR 1804 in Westmoreland Co
      11. Lewis France b: ABT. 1806 in Westmoreland Co
      12. Samuel Frantz b: 25 JUN 1808 in Westmoreland Co, PA

    Birth: 20 JUL 1789 in Westmoreland Co
    Death: 31 JUL 1861 in Plum Creek
    Burial: South Bend Cemetery

    Death: BET. 2 JUL - 2 AUG 1851 in Plumcreek Twp., Armstrong Co., PA (per recorded willl mentioned under daughter Hannah) - but not according to grave marker. Check for a separate Abraham.

    1850 Census, Plumcreek, Abraham Sr. 60; Susannah 55; Rachel 20; Susannah 18; Sarah 14; Abraham Jr. 10; Henry Allshouse Jr. 38; Samuel George 28

    Father: John Jacob Frantz b: 6 JUL 1763 in Lehigh Twp, Northampton Co, PA
    Mother: Elizabeth Otterman b: 15 APR 1766 in Berks Co, PA
    Marriage 1 Susanna Davis b: 16 JAN 1791

      1. Mary Frantz b: 1815
      2. Hannah Frantz b: 1818 in Plumcreek Twp
      3. Franzina "Fanny" Frantz b: 1821
      4. Samuel Frantz b: 12 APR 1825
      5. Elizabeth Frantz b: 1827 in Armstrong Co
      6. Rachel Frantz b: 28 OCT 1828
      7. Susannah Frantz b: 1832
      8. Sarah Frantz b: ABT. 1836
      9. Abraham Frantz , Jr. b: 1839
      10. Rosanna Frantz

    Birth: 1815 in Plumcreek Twp
    Death: AFT. 1900 in South Bend
    Note: Grandaughter Laura Silvis is living next door with aunt Fanny Frantz King

    Father: Abraham Frantz b: 20 JUL 1789 in Westmoreland Co
    Mother: Susanna Davis b: 16 JAN 1791
    Married George Rupert, Jr. b: BET. 1810 - 1813 in Plumcreek

    Married: 11 JUN 1837 in Plumcreek

      1. Fanny Rupert b: 1840
      2. Susan Rupert b: 1842
      3. Ralston Rupert b: 11 NOV 1842 in South Bend
      4. Francis M. Rupert b: 1844
      5. Malena Rupert b: 1844 in Armstrong Co, PA
      6. Senestta Rupert b: 1848
      7. Hetty Rupert b: 1850
      8. Robert Rupert b: 1852
      9. Savilla Rupert b: 1853 10. Henry Rupert b: 1854
      11. Mary Rupert b: 1856
      12. Robert Rupert b: 1856 13. Catherine Rupert b: 1858
      14. William Rupert b: 1858
      15. Anna Bella Rupert b: 1861

    Father: George Rupert, Jr. b: BET. 1810 - 1813 in Plumcreek
    Mother: Hannah Frantz b: 1818 in Plumcreek Twp

    Marriage 1 ~ Michael K. Silvis b: 5 DEC 1846 in Armstrong Twp, Westmoreland Count
    1. Laura Mae Silvis b: 4 MAY 1873 in South Bend Township

    Marriage 2 ~ Mr. Hanna
    1. Harvey H. Hanna b: JUL 1871
    2. Alvah Hanna b: ABT. 1882

    Marriage 3 ~ Mr. Wherry
    1. Charles O. Wherry b: MAY 1876

    Marriage 4 ~ Josiah George b: 1833 in South Bend
    Married: 23 APR 1895 Malena Rupert
    Birth: 1844 in Armstrong Co, PA
    Death: June 1922 in South Bend Twp
    Burial: South Bend Cemetery

    1860 Census, Kiski Township, with paternal family, named Malindia.
    1870 Census, South Bend , with paternal family, named Malena.
    1880 Census, South Bend, age 36, with mother Hannah, named Melena.
    1910 Census, South Bend, age 64, with Josiah George, 76.
    1920 Census, South Bend, age 74, Malena George - living next Daniel King, uncle of W.G.

    King, Jr., second husband of her daughter Laura.

    I found a Malena "Rubart" on Family Search, who was also born in 1844, married Josiah

    George in 1895. A WorldConnect file shows that a Josiah George was born in South Bend in 1833. His father was Jacob George and his mother was Hannah Frantz, born 1802. Looking for possible family ties between Hannah and Malena, I noticed that Malena had a great aunt Hannah Frantz born in 1802, making Josiah her 1st cousin, once removed. Since I'm not aware of any other Malena Rupert, and all of these people can be found in the South Bend Cemetery, I'm presuming they are all the same.

    Found newspaper articles indicating Charles Wherry was her son. He is shown living with his grandmother Hannah Rupert in 1880.

    May 21, 1913 - Eliza Silvis is spending a few weeks with Josiah George and wife of Olivet.

    August 10, 1921 - Arthur Hannah spent a night with his grandmother, Malena George.

    May 12, 1920 - Mrs. Malena George spent a few nights with relatives in Apollo.

    September 20, 1920 - Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Hannah, Alvie Hanna, and their mother, Mrs. Malena George, spent Sunday afternoon with Apollo friends.

    December 15, 1920 - Misses Vennie Townsend and Elizabeth Painter were guests of Mrs. Malena George on Friday.

    March 30, 1921, Mrs. Malena George has been visiting for a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Alvie Hanna, who has been on the sick list.

    August 13, 1921 - Postmaster Charles Wherry of Brackenridge spent Tuesday and Wednesday with his mother, Malena George.

    October 5, 1921 - Mrs. Malena George was a Friday visitor in the home of her son, Alvie Hanna.

    November 30, 1921, Mrs. Beighley had as her guests her sisters, Sara and Maria Smith and Mrs. Malena George.

    January 24, 1922 - Mrs. Malena George has been on the sick list.

    June 8, 1922 - Mrs. Malena George, aged 78 years, a well known resident of South Bend, died suddenly on Wednesday morning while doing her household duties. She had been in her usual health and her death was a shock to the community. Funeral services were held in the Lutheran church at that place on Friday by her pastor, Rev. Woods, assisted by Rev. Kresge, and burial was made in the church cemetery.