Harrison graduated from Vandergrift High School, Vandergrift, Pennsylvania in 1939. Entered Asbury College, Wilmore, Kentucky, in September 1939 and graduated in June 1943. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion.

He entered Ashbury Seminary, Wilmore Kentucky in the summer of 1943 and graduated in 1945, earning the degree of Bachelor of Divinity. He then served as a Navy Chaplain in 1945 and 1946 aboard a U.S. Navy Carrier.

Harrison did some graduate studies at the Kennedy School of Missions, Hartford Seminary Foundation, Hartford, Connecticut in 1947-1948.

ARLENE DAVIDSON (nee Arlene Damon):
Arlene was a member of the Bethel Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan since her early youth. She graduated from Ceston High School in 1939, and attended Grand Rapids Junior College in 1939-1940.

She then entered Butterworth Hospital School of Nursing in September 1940 and graduated in October 1943. Arlene served in the U.S. Nurse Corps from January 1944 to June 1946. She attended Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, from January 1947 to January 1948. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Connecticut in June 1949.

Harrison and Arlene were united in marriage December 24, 1947 at the Bethel Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Chronology of the Davidson's
Misionary Activities in North Africa Sahara Desert Area

1949 - Preparation for Africa

1950-51 - Departure - Paris - Study French and Tamachek

1952 - Crossed Sahara Desest in small Peugeot truck during hottest season.

1952-55 - Trekking to Veiled Tuareg and Fulani of Sahara

1955-56 - Trekking in northeastern Nigeria among Fulani, Beriberi, Hausas, etc.; care of dispensary - up to 80 patients daily; care of 160 lepers.

1956 - Return home, including travel across Spain, France, Belgium, England - two large people with heavy baggage - small Vespa scooter.

1959 - Missionary evangelism, lecturing, travalogues; one of two preachers to apprehend Wilmore Bank robber.

1960 - Return to Paris - French studies in Sorbonne; Arabic School of Oriental Languages; another scooter trip across France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria in search of information regarding best possible approach for evangelism of Muslims in France.

1961 - Third trip to Paris; collaboration with French pastor of the only Protestant Church in Paris suburb with 40,000 inhabitants; 25% North Africasn; inauguration of film-literature evangelism ministry with audio-visually equipped mobile units; terminated year with film-literature evangelistic trip to Mexico in company with three friends.

1962 - Seeking opportunities to tell story of work and spiritual needs in France and Africa, using colored slides and curios. Going to churches, organizations, schools; desiring to emulate and glorify Christ in all things.