Early Settlers of Turkeyfoot Township

William Brook, an early pioneer, came from the east and settled on Laurel Hill Creek. He was a blacksmith, but devoted most of his time to fishing and hunting.

Joseph Lanning was one of the early settlers and came from New Jersey. He lived near the Jersey church. He died from the bite of a rattlesnake.

Capt. Andrew Friend, a native of the Potomac valley, in Virginia, a skilled Indian hunter and backwoodsman, moved to the Turkeyfoot region while Indians were still numerous here. He died in Somerset county, aged one hundred and one years. One of Friendís daughters married a Hyatt, a member of one of the early Turkeyfoot families.

John McNair, a revolutionary soldier, was a native of Scotland. After the war he settled near Harnedsville, where he died. Edward Harned married Ann, daughter of John McNair, for his second wife.

Adam Snyder was a German and settled in this township in an early day. His eldest son, Adam, was born in Turkey- Foot in 1784; he removed to Brotherís Valley, where he died.

Edward Harned was the first of the name in this county. His son Samuel, who laid out the village of Harnedsville, was a man of business activity, and at one time owned considerable property.

Andrew Ream (the name was originally spelled Rihm) is believed to have come to the Turkeyfoot region in 1763. He was born in 1737, and died in 1818. His farm was the land on which the town of Ursina now is. Samuel, the last survivor of the family, died several years ago. The grandfather of Andrew Ream came to Philadelphia with William Penn in 1863, and built fourteen houses in the town.

Christopher King, an early settler, died in 1811. He lived on the farm known as the Stone House property. He married Elizabeth Hanna and reared a large family. John C. and Thomas were his sons. Thomas King was a state senator and held other public offices. From this county he removed to Ohio, where he was afterward elected judge.

Other early settlers were William Rush, the Tissue family, the Hannas, Collins, Jennings, Tannehills, Hyatts and Colborns.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)

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