Tanning Process at the Elkland Leather Company

Found in the Elkland Library, Elkland, Tioga Co., PA

THE TANNING PROCESS: 3 to 4 Carloads of hides received daily from all points of the United States of America. The process used four steps.

  1. Beam House

    Hides washed to clean manure and extraneous matter before processing. Hair and excessive flesh removed. After removal of hair, excessive lime removed.

    Hair and Fleshings make animal glue.

  2. Tan Yard

    All materials imported from various places in the world. All blended together in the desired percentages to give the hide sole leather characteristics. Various cuts of leather cropped and processed from this point.

    1. Quebracho
    2. Myrabalams
    3. Vilona Cups
    4. Wattle Bark
    5. Mangrove Bark
    6. Italian Chestnut

    Ingredients 1 - 6 makes Tanning Liquor.

  3. Scrub House

    Leather processed to improve color by bleaching. Loaded with materials shown to give leather solidity and other characteristics desirable in shoe leather.

    Filler - Sugar - Oil - Epson Salts - Sulfuric Acid - Soda Ash

  4. Rolling Loft

    Finish drying and machine finish the leather to make it flat and a uniform color, and give a high waxy polish.

    Leather breathes and is recommended for foot comfort.
    [This tannery made sole leather for shoes.]

Submitted by Rose Watkins.



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