The following is courtesy of the Potter County Historical Society, Coudersport, Pennsylvania.
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(from Potter County Historical Society Quarterly Bulletin, No. 10, October 1968)

Nancy Ayers, Coudersport Boro., age 75; wid., b. Eng., d. Aug.

Lydia L. Abbot, Coudersport Boro., age 2/12; b. Pa., d. May, croup.

Chas. W. Chapin, Coudersport, age 22; b. N.Y., d. Oct.; consumption.

Wm. Churchhill, age 54; b. N.Y.; married; d. Apr., tyfus fever.

George Clark, age 3/12; b. Pa.; d. Sept.; dysentery.

Elizabeth Clark, age 28; married; b. Pa.; d. Sept.; dysentery.

William Clark, age 3 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Sept.; dysentery.

Bridget Conyngham, age 1 yr.; b. Ire.; d. July; cause unknown.

Adeline Doolittle, age 21 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. May; child birth.

Mary Ellis, age 9/12; b. Pa.; d. June; eating caterpillars.

Sarah English, age 45 yrs.; widow; b. Pa.; d. Oct.

Infant Foster, age 6/12; b. N.Y.; d. Dec.

Lyman Gleason, age 3/12; b. N.Y.; d. Dec.

Infant Gridley, age 3 days; b. Pa.; d. Nov.

David Hare, age 68 yrs.; married; b. Germany; d. Apr.; drowned.

Sarah A. Hitchcock, Allegany Twp.; b. N.Y.; d. Dec.; choked on a bean.

Roe Howe, Allegany Twp.; age 44 yrs.; married; b. N.Y., d. Nov.; stone in gall and affection of the liver.

Thomas Impson, age 15 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. Apr.; killed by a raft.

Arad F. Jones, Allegany Twp.; age 10 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. Oct.; brain dropsy.

Henry L. Jones, age 30 yrs.; married; b. N.Y.; d. Oct.; dropsy.

John W. Kilbourne, age 7 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Oct.; influenza bowels.

Mary Lawton, Allegany Twp.; age 2 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. May; swallowed a brass button; ill 60 days.

Mary McDoughall, age 66 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Mar.; influenza of the brain.

Newbald Mann, age 6/12; b. Pa.; d. May; influenza of the lungs.

James Markey, age 4/12; b. Pa.; d. Mar.; croup.

Hester Meacham, age 36 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. June; consumption for 90 days.

Eliza Nichols, age 3 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Sept.; cholera morbus.

Lorinda Nichols, age 2 yrs.; b. Wisc.; d. June; drowned.

Washington Quick, Allegany Twp.; age 4 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Sept.; cholera morbus sick 18 hours.

Sylvia Patterson, widow; age 63 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. Jan.; dropsy, 16 yrs.

Ann E. Persing, married; age 59 yrs.; b. Pa.; d. Oct.; consumption for 150 days.

John G. Raymond, married; age 25 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. Nov.; influenza of the Bowels; sick for 60 days.

Henry Redner, widower; age 79 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. Mar.; dropsy for 30 days; shoemaker.

Infant Roberts, age 3; b. Pa.; d. Apr.; influenza of the brain, sick 8 days.

Lydia Seely, age 8/12; b. Pa.; d. Aug.; dysentery, sick 4 days.

Thomas Shattuck, Allegany Twp.; age 11/12; b. Pa.; d. May; cause unknown; sick 6 days.

Benjamin D. Tucker, age 49 yrs.; b. N.Y.; d. May; consumption for 4 years; shoemaker.

Transcribed and submitted by Maureen Lee.


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