4th Pennsylvania Reserves/

33d Pennsylvania Volunteers

Unassigned Men



Ackerman, Newlin H. Private
Ackerman, Stephen Private
Andrews, George W. Private
Aicker, Abraham Private
Buchanan, Jackson Private
Bright, Charles Private
Bretzman, George Private
Clapp, Dennis Private
Carter, Charles A. Private
Corey, George Private
Clush, William Private
Cooper, Thomas Private
Correll, Charles Private
Clark, Charles Private
Crawford, Joseph Private
Conner, Wesley Private
Darrow, James H. Private
Elder, John Private
Frederick, Lewis Private
Ford, John Private
Gates, Charles S. Private
Gallaher, John Private
Gallaher, James A. Private
Garrett, Christian Private
Holley, Daniel Private
Howard, Henry Private
Hall, Robert Private
Hatcher, John W. Private
Hiluffa, Joseph??. Private
Kline, Lewis Private
Kreamer, Matthias Private
Knowles, John W. Private
Lewis, Hanford S. Private
Morris, Peter Private
Messon, Thomas Private
Murphy, John Private
Osterhout, Henry Private
Osterhout, Philip Private
Swackhammer, Alden Private
Sterens, Jesse N. Private
Shadduck, Thomas E. Private
Smith, Joseph Private
Sitz, Andrew W. Private
Woolworth, James Private
Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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