Pennsylvania in the Civil War

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Jefferson County Draft

The First Draft in Jefferson County

The Second Draft in Jefferson County

The Third Draft in Jefferson County

The First Draft in Jefferson County

The first draft in the County was in pursuance of the order of President Lincoln, of August 4, 1862, calling for 300,000 volunteers. The total number of needed volunteers was apportioned throughout the northern states and, the quota for Pennsylvania was again apportioned by county within the Commonwealth. Commissioners were appointed in each county to superintend the draft.  Hon. Isaac G. Gordon was the commissioner for Jefferson and Forest counties, and Dr. William J. M’Knight was appointed examining surgeon. Mr. Gordon appointed the following persons to enroll volunteers in the townships:



Brookville John J. Thompson
Barnett Charles Butterfield
Beaver Benjamin Thomas
Bell P. W. Jenks
Clover H. R. Bryant
Corsica William Glenn
Eldred Milton Graham
Gaskill Henry Brown
Henderson William E. Bell
Heath W. P. Jenks
Knox James B. Long
M’Calmont John Rhoads
Oliver Isaac C. Jordan
Perry Irwin Robinson
Punxsutawney William Campbell
Porter F. W. Bell
Pine Creek Oliver Brady
Polk R. G. Wright
Ringgold P. H. Shannon
Rose F. C. Coryell
Snyder A. J. Thompson
Union E. B. Orcutt
Washington N. B. Lane
Warsaw Abram Yetter
Winslow John Boucher
Young D. C. Gillispie
Under this Presidential call for volunteers, Jefferson County was called upon to provide 3,482 men, but as Jefferson County had already sent more more than her quota of volunteers, no draft was held within the county. The Office of the Provost-Marshal General was created by an act of Congress on March 3, 1863. James B. Fry was appointed to head the office and, within a very short time, the network of the organization adopted under the law was extended to all the counties and towns in the loyal States. The mission of the Office of the Provost-Marshall was: "the arrest of deserters, enrollment of the national forces for the draft, and the enlistment of volunteers."

When this bureau was put in operation it was found that the strength of the army was deemed inadequate for offensive operations, nearly four hundred thousand recruits being required to bring the regiments and companies then in the service up to the legal and necessary standard.  The system of recruiting heretofore pursued had been found inadequate to supply the demand that the rapidly diminishing ranks of the army required. 

To meet this demand, caused by the casualties of battle, and the expiration of enlistments, a new system was inaugurated.  The general government through the provost-marshal’s bureau, assumed control of this business, which had heretofore been under the jurisdiction of the State governments.  The provost-marshals of the several congressional districts, aided by a commissioner and surgeon in each, were made recruiting officers, and as this manner of procedure sprang from the people, while at the same time exercising the authority of the government, it reached the masses and greatly promoted volunteering, and enabled the different boards of enrolment to examine, enlist, muster, clothe and forward recruits as fast as they could be obtained. The quotas of districts and sub-districts were made known, each locality was advised of the number it was required to furnish, and that in case of failure to fill their quota a draft would follow.

Under this arrangement the board of enrollment for the Nineteenth Congressional District of which Jefferson County formed a part was established, with headquarters at Waterford, Erie County, and was constituted as follows:

These constituted the regular board of enrollment.  Besides these from six to twelve additional clerks were employed. Dr. Mechling resigned April 21, 1864, and Dr. C. M. Matson of Brookville, was appointed to take his place. Mr. Haldeman also resigned in July or August to accept the appointment of recruiting agent of colored troops at Fortress Monroe, Va., and Edward Souther, of Ridgeway, was appointed in his place. Soon after Mr. Souther was appointed Commissioner in place of Powell resigned, and Joseph B. Henderson, the present cashier of the Jefferson County National Bank of Brookville, was appointed to the second clerkship.

The board of enrollment was ordered to move its headquarters to Ridgeway, Elk County, December 17, 1864.  The several drafts were all conducted by this board, and its headquarters continued at Ridgeway, until June 15, 1865, when by order of General Stanton, Secretary of War, Colonel Campbell, Dr. Matson, Edward Souther, and J. B. Henderson were discharged, and the district consolidated with the one east of it, and the records in charge of the chief clerk, Charles Himrod (who had succeed Mr. Frothingham), removed to Williamsport, Pa.

The work of the provost-marshal general’s bureau was a gigantic one, and the strength of the army was so materially and systematically increased, that the rebellion was soon quelled.  The number of men obtained by this means is given in the report of Provost-Marshal General Fry:



Product of the draft


Number who paid commutation money for the procuring of substitutes under act of March 3, 1863


Number who paid commutation under Section 17, act of February, 1864, (conscientiously opposed to bearing arms)


Volunteer recruits (army and navy) and regulars





In the State of Pennsylvania $8,634,300 was paid for commutation. Of this amount the nineteenth district paid $1,439,995.

The whole number drawn in the district was 3, 387; numbers who failed to report, 263; whole number examined, 3,124; personally held, 247; furnished substitutes, 177, paid commutation, 928; total number held, 1,352; the number exempted for difference causes, 1,245; number drawn who were already in the service, 60. Of the number drawn Jefferson County furnished 1, 473.

The bounties paid for men ranged from $300 to $600.  Provost-Marshal Campbell appointed Captain Madison M. Meredith recruiting officer for Jefferson County, September 9, 1863, and with the inducements held out for recruits, a number of the townships paying local bounties, several of the districts filled their quotas under the first drafts.

Very few of the men drafted in the county were sent in to the service. The majority paid their commutation; others furnished substitutes or were released for some of the different causes exempting them from service.

The Second Draft in Jefferson County

On July 18, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln issued a call for 300,000 men. Jefferson County's quota by township and town was: "Brookville, 35; Barnett, 7; Beaver, 22; Bell, 15; Clover, 21; Corsica, 5; Eldred, 15; Gaskill, 12; Henderson, 16; Heath, 9; Knox, 20; M’Calmont, 10; Oliver, 21; Punxsutawney. 11; Porter, 15; Pine Creek, 26; Polk, 5; Ringgold, 25; Rose, 15; Snyder, 24; Union, 19; Washington, 31; Warsaw, 29; Winslow, 32; Young, 20."

The following names were drawn from the wheel at Waterford, Wednesday, August 26, 1863:

Brookville Borough: Richard J. Espy. Frank Kreitler, George Aaron, E. Reitz, W. Stevens, Abram Snyder, W. Dickey, T. Carroll, A. Scribner, J. Coon, J. T. Carroll, R. Cathcart, G. W. Keiser, A. Machey, G. G. Fryer, J. S, Hubbard, W. O’Connor, John J. Thompson, J. Milliron, J. M. Pierce, John Showalter, William Glenn, F. Overbeck, C. Warner, C. S. Andrews, W. Lansendorfer, W. D. J. Marlin, F. C. Coryell, H. H. Barr, D. Rebenech, R. Snyder, G. Johnson, S. Cale, J. B. Henderson, W. English.

Barnett Township: C. Butterfield, A. Bashline, H. Hadley, William Boyer, J. Cook, S. L. Hulsopple, I. Cassett

Beaver Township: J. M. Burns, I. Crawford, A. Shaffer, W. Baughman, J. Johns, J. Thomas, J. E. M’Nutt, J. Shick, L. Boughman, L. Fenstemacher, E.  Oxenrider, John Thomas. E. Alcorn, W. Heckman, B. Wessen, H. Smith, F. A. Shaffer, E. Sherman, O. Myers, Eli Coulter, Reuben Dinger, J. Shaffer

Bell Township:  W. Dunmire, J. Hoch, J. Caldwell, J. Hillburn, D. Davis, Godfrey Hilburn, J. Frederick, G. Finley, P. Kline, Henry Weiss, Abram Peace, T. Davis, W. Steffy, H. Peterman, T. Dunn

Clover Township:  M. Love, P. Vandervort, L. Jack, M. Knapp. A. Vandervort, L. C. Carrier, A. Hetrick, C. B. M’Giffin, J. Hime, S. M’Giffin, J. B. Ferguson, E. Campbell, John Brocius, I. Welch, R. Fitzsimmons, S. M. Rodgers, G. A. Carrier, Andrew G. Hildrich, Grisswold Carrier

Corisca Borough:  H. Love, G, W, Gardner, J. B. Long, E. Depp, J. S. Espy

Eldred Township:  J. Singer, J. Brown, I. Graham, R. B. English, J. Plyler, C. Weaver, E. Forsyth, E. Lindemuth, H. Maxwell, W. Gallagher, E. Love, A. Butler, J. Lindsey, J. T. English, M. Gailey

Gaskill Township:  A. Bower, J. M Bowers, S. Remaley, I. Bowers, J. Bowser, D. Remaley, J. Peterman, J. Brooks, E. Sheasley, Joseph Young, J. R. Bowers, Abe Bowers

Heath Township:  A. Zimmerman, J. Fowler, S. Wallace, G. M’Coy, J. Dearhalp, N. Kirkland, G. Brocius, William Winlack, Thompson Crow

Henderson Township:  G. Emry, D. S. Slemmer, P. E. Smeyers, J. Bonnett, I. France, H. J. Weaver, William Null, Solomon Knisely, I. France, G. W. Ream, B. Boyer, H. Shaffer, A. Lott, B. Welder, P. J. Anthony, Jacob Davis

Knox Township: D. Wolf, S. Harriger, D. Rhinehart, A. Wiley, F. Shannon, A. Averell, S. A. Hunter, H. J. Wise, P. Bailey, I. M’Kee, Isaac Harriger, A. Eshbaugh, John Farringer, S. F. Wilson, A. Burdoff, J. Cummins, J. Rhoads, D. Rhinehart, Adam Mohney, Jefferson Barber

M’Calmont Township:  J. Smith, W. R. Pifer, J. G. Ernst, John Varner, J. W. Means, J. Straithoff, A. H. Deemer, Abram Warner, I. W. M’Gee, John Bell

Oliver Township:  J. Montgomery, W. Pantall, S. Horner, J. Smith, J. Fishel, J. J. Miller, D. Coulter, S. Stahlman, L. J. Boyington, Miles Smith, H. Doverspike, W. H. Fishel, W. Jordon, D. W. Hoch, U, N, Depp, J. Shaffer, T. Wadden, J. M. Clyde, S. Dobson, A. Hill, A. Miller

Pine Creek Township:  S. Baughman, J. B. Campbell, J. T. Alfred, N. S. Geere, J. E. Long, W. Kirkman, J. Bliss, J. Kunselman, J. Heasley, J. S. Geere, J. Moore, S. Siple, A. W. Livendorffer, C. Murphy, J. Rhodes, Henry Startzell, E. Huffman, J. Dempsey, R. Vantassel, H. Horn, I. Alsehouse, T. Clark, I. Shoemaker, W. C. Evans, J. Dunham, J. W. Dempsey

Punxsutawney Borough:  Jacob Zeitler, J. W. Hughes, J. J. J. Bishop, W. A. Means, A. C. White, G. W. Zeitler, B. Beigler, W. Beck, T. K. Hastings. O. N. Nordstrom, W. R. Evans

Polk Township:  B. K. M’Clure, W. H. M’Killips, J. M’Giffin, C. F. Hartsung, George Heitzenreider

Porter Township:  T. J. Bish, William Postlethwait, D. Bish, G. Marsh, H. Snyder, J. Brombaugh, P. Bish, Joseph Bish, F. Ellenberger, J. Dibler, A. Hinterliter, M.M’Devitt, J. C. Hoover, E. Hoover, C. Miller

Perry Township:  D. Whitesell, P. Beam, J. N. Heckendorn, N. Crossman, Darius Blose, Thomas Reed, M. Depp, Bennewell Raybuck, S. T. Means, W. London. T. S. Mitchell, D. Moser, S. Watkins, T. F. Adams, J. J. Lewis, A. Lingenfelter, W. B. Sprankle, J. Stunkard, A. B. Sivering, G. Palmer, J. Wachob, Joseph Postlethwait, J. B. Freas, Philip Weaver

Ringgold Township:  S. Michael, G. Hain, D. Mowry, S. Shaffer, P. W. Filler, D. Dinger, J. M. Miller, J. Milliron, J. Peters, W. Geist, B. Bush, D. Timblin, J. Hunger, J. Powell, A. Mowrey, E. Reed, C. Smail, J. H. Wynkoop, Levi Boyer, S. Minich, H. Snyder, D. Falk, E. Dinger, A. H. Divin, Jacob Farringer.

Rose Township: J. Lehman, H. Vasbinder, J. Ross, S. Shirey, T. C. Witherow, J. Matson, E. Brocius, J. E. Huffman, E. M’Garvey, M. Dowling, W. H. Brown, E. M’Annich, P. Kitchen, J. S. M’Giffin, Robert Clements

Snyder Township:  I. Smith, S. Whepley, C. Grant, T. Calhoun, J. Bryand, C. Clinton, W. G. Noblitt, C. Arthurs, J. Robinson, P. Hefflefinger, L. Burgess, W. Sibley, B. Shaw, J. Kearney, W. Grant, B. F. Mullin, J. Kearney, Ira Welch, A. Phelps, C. Klein, G. W. Chamberlain

Washington Township:  W. Dougherty, A. Patton, W. A. Gordon, W. Briton, J. M. Smith, A. Hunter, J. G. Smith, J. Clinton, T. Long, R. Tedley, W. Conn, J. Tobin, J. Fitzsimmons, S. Crawford, W. P. Kearney, S. M’Connell, A. Burtop, R. Miller, S. Davenport, G. Nelson, J. Burtop, J. Bovaird, H. Groves, D. Bovaird, H. Beck, J. Moore, A. Bovarid, B. Molter, R. Stevenson, C. R. Calhoun, W. M’Connell, D. Dennison, J. Conn

Winslow Township:  N. Strauss, Levi Shugars, T. B. Landon, E. Saxens, J. N. Hanna, J. Booth, P. Doverspike, S. Phillipi, J. H. Johnston, A. Snyder, I. London, J. Smith, Hiram Smith, T. Clayton, J. P. Sugars, W. Foltz, J. M. Foltz, A. Cathers, J. Lyons, P. Rockwell, J. J. Deemer, T. Reynolds, R. S. Cathers, H. Phillipi, A. Kuhnley, S. M’Creight, P. Brown, S. M. Crawford, A. Welsh, D. Cyphert

Warsaw Township:  J. W. Irvin, A. O. M’Williams, L. D. Smith, P. C. Fox, L. Lockwood, R. Wilson, B. Lindemuth, L. M. Temple, M. R. Bell, J. Bullers, N. Smith, R. W. Anderson, J. N. Riggs, N. Keys, I. Graham, T. Moore, J. Miller, T. T. Crawford, A. J. Bartlett, John Clinger, S. Smith, J. R. Trimble, E. Perrin, G. Vasbinder, E. Russell, S. Sartwell, A. E. Moore, C. Clinger, J. Miller

Young Township:  J. M. Graffius, H. W. Smith, D. Barnett, W. Graffius, W. Crissman, G. M. Long, J. Barnettt, W. Craft, T. Pantal, Christ. Smith, Adam Smith, J. Work, W. P. Gaskill, R. Kerr, T. J. S. Henneigh, E. Berry, W. G. Carmalt. S. Phillips, J. Kerr, C. Clawson

The Third Draft in Jefferson County

The second draft was commenced about the 15th day of April, 1864, and was for the deficiencies under the calls of the president of October 17, 1863, for 300,000 volunteers for three years’ service; February 1, 1864, for 200,000 men (in addition to the call of October 17) for three years’ service, and March 14, 1865, for 200,000 men to supply the wants of the navy, and to provide for contingencies, or, the calls being added together, for700,000 men for three years’ service.  The quota for Jefferson County, under these calls was 672, viz.: Brookville, 54; Barnett, 10; Beaver, 32; Bell 22; Clover, 28; Eldred, 27; Gaskill, 16; Henderson,  23; Knox, 27; Oliver, 29; Pine Creek, 36; Rose, 27; Snyder, 30; Union and Corsica, 24; Warsaw, 37; Winslow, 43; Washington, 44; Young and Punxsutawney, 48; Polk, 8; Heath, 14; Perry, 29; Porter, 18; Ringgold, 32; M’Calmont, 15. START

            Barnett Township: George W. Stoner, John Beasom, Isaac Cassett, Frank E. Jackson, George Frazier, James W. Daniels

             Beaver Township: Henry Hettrick, B. S. Raybuck, Isaac N. Byers, Henry Saucerman, Peter Wells, George Smathers

Gaskill Township:  Augustus Winslow, Peter F. Bowser, Isaac Bowers, John Miller


Henderson Township:  Daniel F. Smyers, Samuel R. Spencer, Jacob G. Zufall, Jacob Bonnett, Henry Hammerman, James D. Anthony, Ludwig Preston, Elias Frease


Pine Creek Township:  Ephraim Weidner, Eli Johns, James P. Black, Reuben Scott, Joseph Zimmerman, George Rhodes, Joseph Parmeter, Peter Emerick, James M’Fadden, John M’Cullough, Bennewell Kroh, John Carrier, Solomon Baughman, Emanuel Weiser, James F. Lowry


Winslow Township:  Henry Smith, John Clayton, Martin Foltz, John Douthett, Richard M’Clure, William Cathers, George Brodhead, Lewis Ludwick, Matthew Leigle, Noah Syphert, Solomon Dickey, James Foltz, Levi Knapp, Levi Shuckers, James Sheasley, Simon Sheasley, Warner G. Repshur, Charles B. Clark, Henry L. Lindsey


Heath Township:  James Guthrie, John O’Neill, Adam Zimmerman, Borwn Galbraith, James Delong, George Brocius, Jonathan Pike, Oliver Crossman


Porter Township:  Robert Elkin, Hugh M’Dowell, William H. M’Donald, James Stockdill, William Snyer


M’Calmont Township:  Jacob Kuntz, Jacob Zimmerman, Hiram Nicholson


The other districts in the county having raised their quotas, thereby escaped the draft.



DRAFT OF JULY 18, 1864


The draft under call of July 18, 1864, was made under the provisions of the amendment to the enrollment act, approved July 4, 1864, for 500,000 volunteers for one, two, or three years’ service, and fifty days was allowed to filll quotas by volunteering before the draft took place.

Under this draft the quota of Jefferson County was four hundred and fifty-three, viz.: Brookville, 36;

Barnett, 6; Beaver, 21, Bell 17; Clover, 21; Eldred, 19; Gaskill, 13; Henderson, 13; Knox, 17; Oliver, 19; Pine Creek, 23; Rose, 18; Snyder, 18; Union and Corsica, 17; Warsaw, 25; Winslow, 20; Washington, 30; Punxsutawney and Young, 33; Polk, 6; Heath, 7; Perry, 23; Porter, 11; Ringgold, 21; M’Calmont, 11.

Out of those townships not filling the above quota, the following men were drafted:


Barnett:  Henry Bailey, Henry Ream, William Cook, Leonard Agnew, S. L. Holspoole, John Agnew

             Beaver:  Henry Reitz, Israel Osman, Philip Plyler, Jonas Himes, Thomas Guthrie, Thomas Shaffer, Frank Hettrick, Peter R. Reitz, Samuel Thomas, George J. Reitz, Samuel Gearheart, George Smathers, Charles Plyler, Jacob Shick, Jacob Wagoner, Isaac Shaffer, Henry Byerly, Daniel Byerly, Lawrence Baughman, Jonas Sowers, Samuel Reed, Henry Myers, Michael Brocius Jacob Hettrick, Isaac Motter, John Lang, jr., John Cabal, John Funk, Peter Shrauger

Eldred            :  Bastian Miller, Simon Miller, John Lindsey, William M’Caskey, Henry Peters, James Gallager, Luther L. Hackett, William Carroll, Thaddeus Hall, Joseph Lindsey, William Hall, James Kerr, John Anthony, Henry P. Beer, Harman Miller, James M’Neal, Thomas M’Neal, Isaac Kerr


Gaskill:  Martin H. Parker, Abraham Bowers, John F. Atwell, John Wainright, John Bowers, John Frampton, Henry Shields, Danie Lelener, David F. Bowser, William A. Bowers, Philip Smith, Johiel Brooks, Robert S. miller, Daniel Remaley


Henderson:  Frederick Koher, John Heim, John France, David Slemner, James Gourley, Jacob Philhart, Benjamin Yohe, David Pifer


Knox:  Christopher Mills, George P. Wiley, John Rhodes, John Ferringer, George Newcom, Joseph Bower William S. Love, Michael e. Steiner, Samuel A. Hunter, Franklin Doubles, Henry Sivelong, David M. Cochran, Eli Rhinehart, Henry J. Wise, Samuel P. Davidson, George S. Cochran, Philip Kitchen, Henry Gilhousen, Samuel Yount, William Bailey, George W. Harriger, James Wills


Oliver:  John Lash, Solomon Shirey, Joseph Clontz, Amos Raybuck, John Spare, Jacob Hettrick, Joseph Gaston, Chirstian Shick, John Dobson, Josiah Miller, Charles Hickox, Lyman J. Boyington


Snyder Township:  Silas Whelply, J. Briggs, Justice Gage, Frederick Walker, Russell Felt, James Penfield, William Kearney, John Wilson, William H. Wilson, M’Curdy Millen, Samuel Holt, J. B. Rice


Union Township:  John Trimble, Francis Winters


Corsica:  John Thompson, A. L. Russell

Warsaw Township:  Thomas Aljoe, George Walker, Martin DeVallance, John A. Fox, Martin Smith, William Evans, Benjamin E. M’Murtrie, John Leper, Samuel M. Humphrey, John A. Adams, Norman I. Pierce, Jeremiah Allen, John Bailey, Milton J. Miller, Jasper Suffolk, Frank Lindemuth, J. C. Andrews, George W. Corgin, Henry L., Lithgo, John H. Pearsall, Lyman L. Lockwood, John Templeton, Thomas Jamison, Jacob M. VanOrman, James Suffolk, Jacob Raught, Robert Wilson, Joseph Miller, Henry Bullers, Lewis Evans, Jason W. Cochran, Martin Hoffman


Young Township:  Henry Haugh, John Hutchinson


Polk Township:  Lewis Evans, J. H. Starrett, Jesse Claypole, William Hettric, Robert Corbet, John Chamberlain


Heath Township:  James Guthrie, James Burrows, Brown Galbraith, Victor Picknin, Jonathan Munz, Thompson Crow, Campbell Blair, James Moore


Porter Township:  Jacob Howard, John Elkin, Samuel Secrist, James Kennedy, Thomas B. Adams, Ephraim A. Adams, George R. Timblin, Jonathan Eberhart, Joseph D. Allen, Charles Gahagan, Daniel M’Gregor, William Coleman, Garrett B. Shranger, Daniel C. M’Gregor


Ringgold Township:  Henry Hinderliter, Isaac Richards, William D. Reitz, John Hollegough, William Geist, William Martz, Joel Reitz, John Imhoff, Abraham Thomas, Michael Hettrick, William F. Butler, John Mowry, Michael Shoafstall, Daniel Sherry, Alvin Startzell, Edward Paul, George Shugars, Daniel Hinderliter, James Geist, Cornelus Geist, Simon Minich, Henry Johnston, Elias Martz, David Weaver, John Freas, John B. Postlethwait.



The next draft was ordered December 19, 1864, on the call of the President for 300,000 men, and Jefferson County quota was 36, viz.:  Brookville, 12; Barnett, 3; Beaver, 18; Bell 15; Corsica, 4; Clayville, 4; Clover, 16; Eldred, 16; Gaskill, 13; Heath, 4; Henderson, 12; Knox, 16; M’Calmont, 10; Oliver, 14; Punxsutawney, 13; Pine Creek, 20; Perry, 20; Polk, 2; Porter, 10; Ringgold, 21; Rose, 15; Snyder, 9; Union, 11; Warsaw, 21; Winslow, 24; Washington, 24; Young, 17.

The following is the official list of those drafted:

“Office of the Provost Marshall

Ridgeway, Pa., March 7, 1865


John Scott, ESQ., Editor Republican


For your information I furnish you a list of the men drafted in your county.

The names are given as they are drawn from the wheel—the one hundred per cent included.

Yours truly,


H. S. Campbell, Prov. Mar.


             Brookville: John E. Carroll, Charles M’Cain


            Barnett: Jackson Cook, William Wallace, David Walters, George Frazier, Robert P. Seaton, James Truby

             Beaver: Leander Tetrick, Joseph Fenstamaker, Adam Gumbert, Henry Hettrick, James B. Wattenbaugh, William Edmonds, William Brocius, Daniel Keefer, Peter Wells, Solomon Byerly, George Myers, Thomas Jones, John L. Barr, Tobias Himes, Jacob Brocius, William Barkhouse, Milton Edmonds, Henry Guthrie, Joseph Spare, Henry M. Emhoof, Samuel Valentine, Frederick Myers, Elias Thomas, Thomas Alcorn, B. S. Raybuck, John James, John W. Osborn, Patrick O’Loughlin, George Geist, Jacob Ames, George Byerly, Christian Funk, Joseph Thomas, David W. Smith, John C. Smith, Isaac Reitz

Bell:  John Redden, Silas Brooks, Aaron Smouse, David Rudolph, John R. Grube, George Bair, David W. Couch, John Green, David Bair, Henry Kuntz, Augustus Dougherty, William Orr, William D. Carey, Samuel Neel, Reuben Williams Conrad Smouse, Henry Sheasley, Charles Spindler, David Grube, Jacob Hoch, Samuel Smouse, Solomon Harrold, Joseph Frederick, Fred Hummell, John Shetter, Jacob Grube Andrew Hawk, John Caldwell, Joseph Steffy, Daniel M’Elwain


Clover:  John K. Covert, John S. Thompson, Charles Shinledecker, James E. Walmer, Abraham Wayland, David F. North, Euphrastus M. Carrier, Dwight A. Wesson, George W. Burns, Thomas Mitchell, David C. Simpson, Samuel Moore, Edwin G. Carrier, Spencer Inman, Barton B. Welden, Samuel M’Giffin, Hiram Carrier, John Hice, James Dickey, Joshua Knapp, James C. Anderson, James M. Shields, Joshua Vandevort, George Scott, John B. Porter, Watson H. Anderson, George Brocius, Benjamin Brocius, Jonathan Horner, Clark B. Haven, David Ditty, Frederick Hice


Corisca:  James M. Mapes, Dennis Rensel, John Espy, William Rensel, William D. Wadding, James H. Elliott, George Rensel, Joseph Elder


Clayville:  Thomas Rodgers, Lewis R. Davis, Hugh Dorning, Jacob C. Pierce, Daniel Updegraff, Peter Hettrick, Elias Richner, William S. Perry


Eldred            :   Hugh Maxwell, Noah Stahlman, David Craft, Daniel Bear, Conrad Brenkley, Albert Pearce, Charles Ackley, John Nolf, Thomas Steward, James T. English, Robert J. Matson, Michael Hoffman, Thomas Graham, William Lewis Levi Lindemuth, Mathew Gailey, William Hughes, Andrew M. Larrimer, James Cowan John W. Wynkoop, Joseph Songer, Frederick Kahle, Isaac Buzzard, Peter Catz, Jacob Mineweaser, Charles Bowen, James Moore, R. Lyle, John White, James Irwin, Reynolds Buzzad, Washington Kahle


Gaskill:  Joseph Young, John Winslow, Christian Hoover, Henry Sheesly, George Keller, James M. Bowers, Peter Bowser, Isaac Bowers, Jacob Bowser, William Crossman, William M’Kee, John P. Murray, William E. Coffman, Augustus Kinter, Daniel Cornman, Jacob Smith, Levi Shirley, Lewis May, John Brooks, Augustus Winslow, George Shirley, Peter Welder, Robert Swartz, Solomon Bowers, James Dougherty, Samuel P. Hoover


Heath:  Henry  L. Dunmire, Levi Snyder, William O’Harra, John D. M’Neal, John O’Neil, Charles O’Harron, John Dearhalps, Robert Painter


Henderson:  Charles Miller, Charles Miller, John Frederick Bonnett, James D. Anthony, George Kunley, John Kunley, Jacob Kunley, Mathias Foere, Jacob Davis, Peter Weaver, Isaac M. Cougharon, Henry Scott, jr., George France, Frederick Boyer, John Rider, John Miller, Andrew Hammond, Jacob Bonnett, Israel France, Ludwick Pruister, Henry Hammerman, James C. Cougharon, John Gourly, William Smith


Knox:  Solomon Harriger, William Davidson, Lott Anderson, Harvey Barr, Isiah Johns, Jacob Shilling, William Reed, John Futts, John Ney, Franklin Miller, Silas Anderson, Edgar Rodgers, David Chitister, Henry Sentner, Daniel Friedline, Alexander Shirey, Daniel Sarvey, Robert Campbell, Thomas Anderson, William Rice, Elias Eshbaugh, Jacob Johns, Daniel Wolf, Daniel Rhoads, Christopher Rhoads, Sylvester M’Anninch, William H. Wyley, Jacob Shaffer, Philip Guthrie, Jacob Miller, William Yoder, Jackson Gearhart


M’Calmont:  August F. W. Lorring, Jackson Sheasley, John C. Pifer, Elias Bests, Jacob Straithoff, Jacob S. Smith, Thomas Brown, jr., John H. Hopkins, Philip Moot, John R. Zeitler, Solomon S. Yoter, Robert Whitesell, Jacob Kuntz, Jacob N. Means, Lewis Elbel, Benjamin M’Cann, James M’Gee, Samuel Rhoads, Charles Moot, Alexander Dickey


Oliver:  William V. Reed, Jacob Kaylor, William Eisenhart, Philip Hettrick, John Drayer, James M. Hadden, John Clontz, Samuel Burkett, Nicholas Shaffer, Godfrey Reitz, Benjamin V. Reed, William Mauk, Jacob Beightel, William A. Gibson, Erra Shirey, Thomas Wadding, Andrew Huffman, John R. Pantell, Alexander Parks, John Miller, Charles Hickox, Eli Miller, John Miller, of J., Charles Wonderley, Harrison Ickes, Adam Raybuck, George Startzell, John Coleman


Punxsutawney:  Thadeus Campbell, Franklin Fickenger, Reuben Winslow, Cyrus M. Wilson, Martin L. Heisnigh, George Long, John Zeitler, Frederick Hauch, Charles S. Reese, George T. Gray, J. G. Myers, James S. St. Clair, Alexander G. Hughes, Nelson D. Porter, Joseph Shields, William Henry, Valentine Snyder, J. J. J. Bishop, John R. Evans, Stacy B. Williams, James E. Mitchell, Oscar Winslow, Robert A. Bouch, V. S. Murray, John B. Bair, John B. Wilson


Perry:  John Frampton, James P. Kelly, Samuel Mauk, Sanford Neal, Thomas S. Mitchell, James Wacob, James Gray, James M’Henry, James Hamilton, Joseph Newcom, Samuel Sprankle, James Crossman, Christian Laubreck, George H. Grove, Jacob L.  Coon, Samuel Curry, John Crissman, William Moser, Hugh Bell, Philip Whitesell, Samuel A. Weaver, Isaac M. Knapp, David M. Postlethwait, Thomas T. Adams, William P. M’Henry, David Weaver, Nathan Crossman, George Gourly, Henry Kennedy, George Newcom, George E. Blose, Joseph W. Sharp, Martin Reitz, Jacob Mauk, James Young, William G. Cummins, George H. Shrock, Henry Shilling, Thadeus Means, Archibald Hadden


Pine Creek:  Niman Chitester, James Dykes, James Weidner, Abel Fuller, Joseph P. Taylor, John Hutchins, Izrael Snyder, Hartley Holden, William Vandevort, William Ishman, Emanuel Weiser, Josiah Harman, Jacob Kroh, Samuel Work, Eli Johns, Jacob Krisher, Webster Butler, Sylvester R. Milliron, William Moore, William Harris, John C. Wilson, Charles Murphy, Henry Bussard, Jared Jones, Charles Wetzel, Michael Mowry, James Kelly, Michael E. Kroh, Isaac Cable, Joseph Lattimer, Wadsworth Butler, Alonzo Andres, John C. Long, William Cable, Samuel Wilson, James Butler, George Zettler, Joseph Dempsey


Porter:  Hugh M’Divett, Elisha Hoover, John W. Potts, Charles H. Coleman, James M. Timblin, Michael Bish, John M’Clelland, Noah Marsh, Elisha C. Barnett, Peter Stear, Thomas T. Colement, James Stockdale, Jacob Dibler, William Sndyer, W. M’Gregor, William H. M’Donald, George Bish, John Y. Gahaghan, Johnston Welchons, William Bish.


Polk:  Samuel Coon,  George Smith, Thomas Davis, Sylvester Davis


Ringgold:  Charles Martz, Christian Shaffer, Solomon Martz, William Bush, William Young, Levi Gearheart, George Shaffer, William Keil, William Gearheart, Benjamin Bush, Nathan B. Crossman, Solomon Shaffer, Joseph Powell, Simon Shaffer, Elias Lettick, A. Falk, Joseph Mottern, Elias Dinger, Philip Snyder, Moses Powell, Levi Boyer, Francis Upenbacker, David Buck, John Smathers, John Wise, Isaac Brocius, Moses Ferringer, John Yount, J. C. M’Nutt, William Milliron, Lewis Mottern, John H. Hinderliter, R. B. Farr, James Postelthwait, Simon Hilliard, Charles Kaylor, Amos B. Lerch, James Richards, Conrad Geist, Jacob Koons, Daniel Snyder, Edward Falk


Rose:  John Carr, John Sylvus, John Lewis, John M. M’Gary, Mathias Honadle, Amos Reitz, William H. Smith, Josehp Montgomery, John J. Warey, Joseph S. Oxenrider, Thomas M. Witherow, Martin Richards, James R. Witherow, John J. Campbell, Alexander M’Mannigle, Joseph M’Sparrin, Henry Alsehouse, Anthony Arnold, John Brown, Lawrence Neal, William Sarvey, George Ohl, Adolphus Verbeck, Alexander Campbell, J. Greely, Joseph Thrush, Thomas Edmonds, Samuel C. Witherow, John M. Haugh, S. A. Morrison


Snyder:  Benjamin F. Townley, William Tolbert, Allebert Galusha, David Dean, John W. M’Intosh, Webster N. Johnston, W. H. Wilson, H. Shleet, Isaac Chamberlain, John Briggs, Valentine  Mohny, John Robinson, David Walker, John Robinson, J. W. Green, Samuel Holt, Andrew Bovaird, Alonzo Myers


Union:  John H. Monks, John M. Kelly, Enoch Steele, Newton Taylor, John Orcutt, Philip Aaron, Reuben Klingensmith, Jeremiah Kohler, Joseph Summerville, James H. Brown, John Brown, Jacob Howe, G. H. Kenney, William M’Kee, Washington M’Kinley, Isaac Siars, Amos Hinderliter, William Jones, David Sharp, Simon Snyder, Robert M. Siars, James White


Washington:  Joseph Waterhouse, William Dean, William M’Connell, Robert M’Donald, John G. Smith, Robert Tweedy, Charles R. Calhoun, David Dennison, William M’Cullough, John A. Crawford, John C. Groves, Nesly Senior, Robert Wait, James R. Groves, Ezekial Sterrett, Thomas G. Groves, Robert R. Smith, William Stevenson, David M’Garey, William Dellmore, Alexander Keys, Mathew Wright, James Dennison, William J. Calhoun, James Britton, Robert Stevenson, John H. Nopsken, George Smith, Robert Patterson, James H. Ross, James L. Smith, Joseph Brittain, Archabald M’Cullough, Elisha G. Evans, Joseph Keys, David Moore, James Patton, George M’Clelland, Joseph Hutchison, Robert H. M’Intosh, William Cooper Robert Miller, James B. Smith, Samuel M’Connell, Simon Barkhouse, Thomas Brown, Miller M’Curdy, James Shaw


Warsaw:   John Reed, John Clinger, Jackson Moorehead, Eli Vasbinder, William Russell, jr., John Miller, Joseph Bowers, Tobias Painter, Jacob Yount, Isaac Graham, Gabiel Stahlman, E. A. R. Clark, Conrad Clinger, L. E. Bartlett, Anthony Arnold, Thomas T. Crawford, L. J. Boyington, George Wilson, Fergus Craven Charles Horn, A. J. Bartlett, W. W. Bartlett, Abram Vandevort, N. P. Smith, Richard Humphrey, J. A. Richards, Gideon Lindemuth, Joseph M’Cracken, Adam G. Clark, Michael Reitz, Lester Lockwood, Abraham Snyder, Nathaniel Wilson, Isaac Carrier, William Foust, Clinton Johnston, William Butler, Lewis S. Dunham, Joseph Dunn


Winslow:  William Daily, Charles B. Clark, Charles H. Prescott, Andrew J. Johnston, Lewis Ludwick, John H. Rishel, John Painter, Charles H. Gordon, Jacob Cherry, Frederick Brooks, Henry Doling, Gordon Harris, David Hillis, George Strouse, Jonathan Deemer, Henry Kroh, William A. Stewart, William Fathims, Isaac London, Peter Burkett, William Best, James Sheasly, Henry Rhoads, Robert Douthett, jr., Ephraim Murray, Jacob Best, Samuel N. R. Boyer, Gould J. Scott, Hugh Lowry, Edward E. Seeley, Jesse B. Wayland, George W. Rea, Joshua Fey, Charles Cerp, Abraham Boyer, James Fey, Jacob Boyer, Adam Glazier, Noah Strouse, Thomas J. Reynolds, Henry C. Moore, John B. Snyder, Henry Foltz, Abner Reed, Robert Morris, James Cathcart, Henry W. Hoak, Bennewell Snyder.


Young Township:  Richard Berry, Benoni Clawson, Jacob Kesslar, Jacob Covert, Tobias Long, John B. Henneigh, Daniel J. Graffius, Frederick Hawk, Charles B. Hutchison, John Painter, jr., Israel M’Elwain, Joseph H. Bowman, Emanuel Fetterman, Peter Keslar, Christian Weaver, Joseph Williams, James Saltsgiver, Benjamin Frampton, John N. Hawk, Levi M’Gregor, William S. Hughes, Thomas Carpenter, David Brown, Joseph R. Craft, Philip Smith, Henry Wingard, jr., Charles Shwartz, George Long, Moses A. Smith, Samuel Craft, John Burley, Alexander Campbell

The time for the men drafted under this call to report was fixed by Colonel Campbell for the 20th of April, but before that time arrived Lee had surrendered to the victorious army of General Grant, at Appomattox, and an order was issued by the provost-marshal releasing all drafted men who had not already reported at the general rendezvous.

This was joyous news for the drafted men and caused them to enter with doubly intensified enjoyment in to the general rejoicing that filled he hearts of all classes of citizens over the glad tidings that the war had closed.

I can be said of the people of Jefferson County that they promptly responded to every draft, and in no instance was there the least resistance offered to the officers in the discharge of their duty.  This submission to the will of the administration, and acquiescence in the plan for filling up the army, which the exigencies of the service demanded, did not prevail in all portions of the country. In Clearfield County the enforcement of the draft was met with armed resistance, and troops had to be sent to arrest deserters from the draft harboring there.

In the discharge of this duty one of the bravest soldiers of Jefferson County lost his life. Lieutenant-Colonel Cyrus Bullers, with Lieutenant George VanVliet, had gone to Clearfield County under orders from Provost-Marshal Campbell, to arrest deserters, and on the 30th of December, 1864, proceeded to the house of Joseph Lounsberry, who resided two and a half miles from Clearfield town, a deserter from both drafts, to arrest him. On perceiving the officers he ran up stairs, Butler and VanVliet following after; when Lounsberry shot Colonel Butler on the stairs, mortally wounding him.  When Butler fell VanVliet tried to arrest Lounsberry, but the latter, clubbing his revolver, knocked the lieutenant down, and escaped.

Colonel Butler was removed to the town of Clearfield where he died the next day. An inquest was held over his remains, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the facts.  His remains were then taken to his home in Brookville, where a stricken wife and four little children received them.  He was laid to rest in the cemetery there on 3d of November, followed by the sorrowing and indignant citizens.  Colonel Butler was born in Pine Creek Township, his father, David Butler, being one of the first settlers of the county. He had always resided there and in Brookville, until the breaking out of the rebellion, when he enlisted in Captain Brady’s company and was promoted from first sergeant to second lieutenant of Company K, Eleventh Pennsylvania Reserves.  He resigned on account of wounds and disability April 17, 1863, but again enlisted and served as lieutenant-colonel of Colonel Porter’s regiment Emergency Men, and then while still in his country’s service, he died by the hand of a traitor.

The board of enrollment held a meeting on receipt of the intelligence of Colonel Butler’s death, and passed resolutions condemning the cruel murder, pledging themselves to use every effort to bring Lounsberry to justice, and condoling with the bereaved family in their sorrow.  They also recommended that Mrs. Butler be granted a pension by the government, which was subsequently done, she receiving a pension until her death, and her children being admitted to the soldier’s orphans schools on the same equality as the children of other deceased soldiers.

The enrollment board at this meeting raised the sum of one hundred and fifteen dollars, which was forwarded to Mrs. Butler, with the resolutions of condolence.

* * * * *


It is impossible to give the regiments in which the drafted men of Jefferson County served. Nearly all of those who went into the service under the draft of 1863 were put into the Eighty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers, and the rolls of that regiment give the following names:

Company A: Corporal John Fishel; Edward Barry; William H. Fishel, killed; Mathew Keys, died; Wilson Keys

Company B: Joseph Bowdish, killed; David Dinger, John Deeter, William Geist, J. N. Heckendorn, David Hock, John Ross

Company C: Sergeant John W. Irwin; Peter Bish, Daniel Bish, Amos D. Hinderliter, Edward Forsythe

Company D: Peter Bish, killed; Jefferson Dempsey, Samuel Horner

Company E: Henry Fisher, William Kirkman

Company F: William C. Evans

Company G: James Bullers, John M’Nutt, Josiah Shoemaker, Jacob Shirey

Company I: Ephraim Bushley, Henry Doverspike, died; L. Lockwood, Lyman Lockwood, Levi Vandevort, Wilson Fisher

In the Seventy-sixth Pennsylvania Regiment were the following drafted men from Jefferson County:

Company C: Andrew G. Hettrick

Company E: Gabriel Vasbinder, killed; Russell Van Tassel, Benjamin F. Martin

Company G: Elza M’Annich

Company K: John C. Hoover