25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Company B

"Haskin's Guards"

Recruited at Lewistown

Mustered in April 18, 1861 at Harrisburg



James Wren Captain
Joseph A. Gilmour 1st Lieutenant
Cyrus Sheetz 2d Lieutenant
William J. M'Quade 2d Lieutenant
George H. Gressang 1st Sergeant
Thomas Johnson 2d Sergeant
William Heffner 3d Sergeant
John Engle 4th Sergeant
Henry K. Downing 1st Corporal
Francis Hause 2d Corporal
John Noble, Third Corporal 3d Corporal
William Feger 4th Corporal
Agin, William Private
Alspach, William Private
Barth, Frank Private
Bertolet, Richard Private
Betts, Robert Private
Boats, Wlliam Private
Bowsum, William H. Private
Boyer, David Private
Brandt, Jeremiah Private
Brobst, Henry Private
Brown, William Private
Christ, Frederick Private
Cole, William Private
Corby, Thomas Private
Curry, John Private
Dougan, William Private
Douglas, Lewis Private
Drako, Nelson Private
Elberty, W. Asbury Private
Fisher, Peter Private
Frailey, Peter H. Private
Gaynor, Edward J. Private
Grove, Peter Private
Hammer, Thomas Private
Hause, Charles Private
Henry, James W. Private
Hesser, Charles Private
Hill, Henry Private
Hunter, John T. Private
Jones, John Private
Kaiser, Henry F. Private
Kauffman, John S. Private
Laub, Charles E. Private
Lesher, William Private
Marks, Samuel B. Private
Maurer, Charles Private
M'Knew, William Private
Morton, Robert D. Private
Moser, Daniel Private
Nail, John A. Private
Nelson, Robert Private
Pass, John Private
Pott, Richard Private
Price, Richard Private
Reed, Joseph Private
Reese, August Private
Shoener, Samuel Private
Silliman, James Private
Spence, William Private
Steahlin, George F. Private
Titus, Ambrose Private
Waters, Gilbert Private
Weaver, John C. Private
Wenterod, Phlip Private
Wernent, Victor Private
Whitfield. Albert Private
Williams, David Private
Williams, Eli Private
Wortz, David Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865 , Harrisburg, 1868-1871,






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