25th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Company A

"Ringgold Light Artillery"

Recruited at Lewistown

Mustered in April 18, 1861 at Harrisburg

The Ringgold Light Artillery of Reading was organized and equipped in 1850, under James M' Knight, Captain. It was armed with four six-pounder brass field pieces and caissons, with full equipments of artillerists, including sabres, and mustered over two hundred men. It was composed of good material, was well drilled, and was the pride of the city of Reading. It had participated in several volunteer encampments; one at Easton of a week's duration, where it was entertained by ex-Governor Reeder, and other leading citizens.



James M. M'Knight Captain
Henry Nagle 1st Lieutenant
William Graeff 2d Lieutenant
George W. Durell 1st Sergeant
Daniel Kreisler 2d Sergeant
Henry Rush 3d Sergeant
Jeremiah Seiders 4th Sergeant
Levi J. Homan 1st Corporal
F. W. Folkman 2d Corporal
Jacob Womert 3d Corporal
Horatio Leader  4th Corporal
John A. Hook Musician
George B. Eckert Musician
Ammon, Anthony Private
Ansart, Charles B. Private
Anthony, James M. Private
Ash, Solomon D. Private
Bechtel, Aaron Private
Bechtel, David Private
Berger, Augustus Private
Bickley, George S. Private
Bitting, Charles A Private
Bouse, Harrison G Private
Bowers, William W. Private
Burkhert Reuben R. Private
Christ, William F. Private
Coleman, Henry Private
Dickinson, Daniel M. Private
Drenkel, Amos Private
Eben, William C Private
Ebling, Edward G. Private
Eisenbeis, Henry E Private
Eltz, Robert Private
Ermentrout, Benjamin F. Private
Evans, Samuel Private
Faust, Adam Private
Fix, William T. Private
Fleck, Henry Private
Fox, Harrison Private
Fox, James A. Private
Frantz, Christian C. Private
Frees, Adam Private
Frees, John, Jr. Private
Gebhart, Charles W. Private
Gehry, Addison Private
Geiger, Henry Private
Gentzler, James H. Private
Gries, Lemuel Private
Haberacker, William Private
Hamilton, Samuel Private
Helms, Andrew S. Private
Hessler, Jacob J. Private
Hill, Nathaniel B. Private
Housel, Franklin Private
Huyett, Amos Private
Kennedy John L. Private
Knabb, George W. Private
Koch, John D. Private
Lantz, Peter A. Private
Lauman, George S. Private
Leaf, George D. Private
Leeds, Isaac S. Private
Leeds, Jacob Private
Leoser, Christopher Private
Levan, Aaron H. Private
Levan, Charles Private
Levan, Daniel J. Private
Lutz, Harrison Private
Mast, James L. Private
Miller, William M. Private
M'Ilvaine, Howard Private
M'Knight, Joseph H Private
M'Lenegan, John H. Private
Mock, William P. Private
Muhlenberg, Charles P. Private
Neihart, Henry Private
Pearson, Edward P., Jr. Private
Peck, Frederick Private
Pfleger, James Private
Phillippi, Frederick H. Private
Rambo, Francis Private
Rambo, Isaiah Private
Rapp, William, Jr. Private
Rhoades, George B. Private
Ritter, Ferdinand S. Private
Rush, Henry Private
Sauerbier, William Private
Scull, Edward Private
Seyfert, Albert H Private
Shaeffer, Franklin Private
Shearer, Jonathan Private
Sherman, Jackson Private
Shirey, Albert H. Private
Silvis, George W. Private
Smeck, Franklin Private
Smith, Edward L. Private
Smith, William H. Private
Spangler, Charles Private
Whiteside, Henry Private
Witman, Daniel Private
Yeager, Frederick M. Private
Yohn, Daniel S. Private
Yohn, John L. Private

Source:  Bates, Samuel P. History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-1865, Harrisburg, 1868-1871.






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