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Federal Arsenals1




Allegheny Arsenal, Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania


Located between 39th and 40th Streets and between Penn Avenue and the Allegheny River in the Lawrenceville section of Pittsburgh, the old Allegheny Arsenal was once deemed to be one of the most important arsenals in the United States (Source: Lawrenceville Historic Society)
Main Entrance to the Arsenal, Butler & 40th Street with mortars of 1861" Note the mortars of 1861 in the foreground.
Cannon Circle at Arsenal
List of women killed in Allegheny Arsenal Explosion September 17, 1862

Becer, Allan. An Appalling Disaster: The Allegheny Arsenal and the Great Explosion of 1862. Westmoreland History [Westmoreland County Historical Society], Fall 1999

Pittsburgh's Forgotten Allegheny Arsenal by Lawrenceville historian and author James Wudarczyk

Augusta Arsenal, Augusta, Georgia


Seized by Georgia State troops ca. January 24, 1861
Baton Rouge Arsenal, Louisiana   The barracks and arsenal were occupied almost continuously from 1816 until January 10, 1861, when the post surrendered to Louisiana State troops.  The arsenal was reoccupied by U. S. forces, ca. May 9, 1862
Benicia Arsenal, California


Established as an ordnance depot August 25, 1851, near Benicia, California; designated as the principal depot for ordnance and and ordnance stores for the Division of the Pacific, November 8, 1851; converted to an "arsenal of construction", April 1852.  The arsenal was important to the entire West Coast.
Champlain Arsenal, Vergennes, Vermont


Discontinued 1855; restablished 1861
Fortress Monroe Arsenal, Old Point Comfort, Virginia


Frankford Arsenal, Bridesburg, PA


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Harper's Ferry Arsenal , Virginia


Destroyed April 18, 1861, to prevent its falling into the hands of Confederates; lands, etc. sold November 30, 1867
Kennebec Arsenal, Augusta, Maine


Louisville Ordnance Depot, Kentucky   Temporary depot;  existing for a few years during the Civil War
Mount Vernon Arsenal, Alabama


Taken by Alabama State troops January 4, 1861; reestablished in 1865
Nashville Ordnance Depot, Tennessee   Temporary depot established during the Civil War; discontinued soon after December 1865
New York Arsenal, Governor's Island, New York   The ordnance depot established at Governor's Island in New York Harbor became the New York Arsenal in 1835
Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois


San Antonio Arsenal, Texas


Taken by Texas State troops February 16, 1861; reestablished 1865
Springfield Armory, Massachusetts


After the armory at Harper's Ferry was destroyed to prevent its use by the Confederates, the Government had to rely on the single armory at Springfield and on private establishments for its supply of arms.
Washington Arsenal, District of Columbia


Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts


Watervillet Arsenal, West Troy, New York



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