McKean County Smethport, Pa. Telephone directory 1937

Smethport, Pa.

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Song Bird........... see Bradford
Summit City...... see Rew
Sweden Valley.. see Coudersport
Tram Hollow......see Duke Center
Tuna............…….see Bradford
Tuna Creek,……see Bradford
Turtlepoint.........see Port Allegany


Abbey Albert E. Smethport
Abbey F. M. 20 Bank
Abbey Ray L. 27 Rosehill
Acker Howard RD 2 Smethport
Alcock Geo. 406 Fulton
Alexander Herman 206 Fulton
Allison J.J r. 125 Marvin
Allison J.J.County Detective Court House
Alsterberg C. J. Farmers Valley
Anderson A.M. E. King
Anderson Albert 33 Willow
Anderson Albin J. Hilton Ave
Anderson C. A. Colegrove
Anderson Carl Farmers Valley
Anderson Fred C Mechanic
Anderson Gus Genl store Colgrove
Anderson Gust Colgrove
Anderson Helen 620 E Main
Anderson Oscar M Water St.
Anderson Victor J 707 King
Anderson's Service sta Main
Andrews Lottie Mrs Franklin
Apple Jno N King
Apple Robt B Atty 435 W. Main
Arthur Bessie V State
Ashworth A H Church
Ashworth Alfred H Camp Smethport
Atkins H A Farmers Valley
Axelson Jno 101 Bank


Backus Edw D 1107 W Main
Backus H L Ofc Main
Backus Harry L 310 E Main
Backus J Clayton Mechanic
Backus Novelty Co Smethport
Bacon Daniel 303 Main
Bailey I E fire warden Betula
Bailey J H Rev Crosby
Bailey Wm Colegrove
Ball B A Bank
Barbour Alex J Center

Barbour Flora 19 Center
Barbour Frank 15 Bank
Barnum W W 212 E Main
Barr C R Mrs E Main
Barbour Milton 155 E Main
Barbour Robt N 617 E Main
Barret Urban S Rev Franklin
Barron Celia Main St
Bartley C L Corysville
Barton L W Main
Bates Isadore A 505 E King
Bayer John L Main St
Benson C M Colgrove
Benson Carl Crosby
Benson F W Crosby
Benson & Co Business Crosby
Berg Carl 29 Center
Bernard Preston Meat market 17 Center
Bickford Byron C E Smethport
Biever F H Water St
Bliven George Smethport
Bliven Wm H Marvin
Bloomberg Samuel Main
Bloomster Dan Smethport
Bloomster Frank W Bank
Blowers Bernard L Main St
Bosworth Chas Main
Botsford Earnest H Main St
Bouton E E Main St
Bowers Geo J 112 King
Boyer L A Smethport
Brasted D M Bakery Mechanic
Bray Jas Farmers Valley
Brenneman Walt Ofc W Main
Brenneman Walter A r. 102 E Main
Bright Stanley Marvin
Brockham F E Smethport RD 3
Brougham M A Ormsby rd
Brougham W W Farmers Valley
Brown W G Smethport
Bryan T J E Smethport
Bryman H M Mrs 905 Water
Bullers Claude 112 E Main St
Burdick Anson Rosehill Av
Burdick E E Colegrove
Burdick Geo Fire warden Crosby
Burdick Guy Colegrove
Burdick Leo H Smethport
Burdick Luey L Hilton av
Burdick R E Main
Burdick Sidney A Store 209 W Main
Burdick Sidney A r. King
Burdick Wade I 6 Bank

Burlingame Fred C 34 Bank
Burlingame Roy Smethport RD
Burt C L 702 W. Main
Bush Alfred G E Main
Butler H W 702 W Green


Calhoun G D 701 Water
Calkins Ada Mrs Church
Camp Thos Mrs Main st
Capwell A N Smethport
Carlson Carl H Main
Carlson Martin E 202 E Main st
Chadwick Burg Phys office Main
Chandler I W Colegrove
Chase Jennie M E Smethport
Chase Roy J 709 W Green
Choate Clarence C 306 Pike
Choate H M King
Cioffi Mike Colegrove
Clark Lester J 28 Bank
Clark Mary Jane Tourist camp Marvindale
Clark Thomas East
Clark Winifred 206 Mechanic
Clarke Jack H Dntst ofc Main
Cleveland Garage Business E Smethport
Cleveland J Albert 301 E Main
Cleveland Robt Garage E Smethport
Coahran J M 306 W Green
Cody R B 304 Green
Colegrove A W Mrs Main
Colegrove Mayme 113 W Main
Coleman E H Crosby
Coleman Edgar Farmers Valley
Coleman F Gordon Smethport RD 1
Coleman Geil Willow
Comes Blanche O Smethport
Comes E D Smethport
Comes John W E Smethport
Comes M S Smethport
Connors Gerald Franklin
Cooper Robt A Crosby
Corey B Franklin East
Corwin C B King
Corwin Walter Crosby
Crawford Elmer Smethport
Crocco S R 7 Center
Cunningham E Mrs 30 Rosehill av
Curran P S 206 King
Curran R M 105 Mechanic


Daly Bessie H Mrs. Mechanic
Daly E T Main
Daniels Carlton Hilton av
Daniels Walter H Hilton st
Daugherty Kenneth B 18 Bank
Day E C Smethport
Day N M Mrs 1020 Main
Denning Howard E South
Denning Jerome Fulton
Denning Mary A Mrs 216 E Main
Dickerson C H E Smethport
Dickerson Guy C Green
Dickinson L H Smethport
Dickinson Merle E 502 King
Dickinson Roy E Smethport
Digel Fred Farmers Valley
Digel Jno R 112 Willow
Digel Leo E 705 W Water
Digel Robt A Main st
Digel Seth A Main
Dodge Elmer Bank
Dodge W E Smethport
Douglas Linus E E Smethport
Douglass G C General store Business E Smethport
Douglass G C r. E Smethport
Downey B T Smethport
Downey Loyd Smethport
Dragoone Frank S Water
Drake E E W Main
Driscoll J H 113 Forest av
Duffey Francis Smethport
Dunkle Roy Colegrove
Dunn Robt Merville King St
Dunn Thos J 5 South


Eagan Belle Mrs 708 W Green
Eagan John M Green
Eastman John B King
Eastman Tree Farm Business Smethport
Ehret C S W Main st
Elliott Clair Smethport
Elliott & Son store Business Betula
Ellsworth H J 125 W Main
Engstrom A Main
Engstrom Hannah Mrs 208 E Green
Erickson Elof Main st
Evans Mida Mrs 26 Bank

Faes Frank Crosby
Fay Frank B Main St
Fay Peter E Smethport
Fay Urben Green
Ferman Bela Smethport
Ferman Orlo Smethport R D 3
Fescenmeyer Clair Smethport
Field Arnold Justice of Peace Hazelhurt
Fields Wm Hazelhurst

Fisher Blanch 708 W Main
Fisher Harry Farmers Valley
Fitch G Paul Jr. Water
Fitch Geo P E Smethport
Florentine Reynold 9 Bank
Ford Agency Business Main
Ford Belva Franklin
Forrest John Main
Fox A N Smethport
Fox E F Farmers Valley
Francisco S F Coryville
Freeman Chas Mill
Frost W C 601 W Water
Fry Co dry goods Business Main
Fry S S Water St
Fry Sanford L Main


Gabriel I E dress & gift shoppe 225 Main
Gallup A L Smethport
Gallup Donald M E Smethport
Gallup E L Colegrove
Gallup Earl Smethport
Gallup F D atty Main
Gallup J V Smethport
Gallup L B R D
Gallup M J Keystone
Gallup W H Office Main
Gallup W H Priv garage Crosby
Gallup W H r. Crosby
Gaskin Clemintine King St
German H G King
Gerritt Geo W King st
Gifford Warley 404 King
Gillett Mellville Main
Gilmore R O 134 East
Gleason Neil Green st
Gleason R C Ofc Grange BK bldg
Gleason R C r. Mill
Greeley E C Crosby
Green C C Smethport
Green F A 109 E King
Green Homer Farmers Valley
Green Kenneth Smethport R D
Green Samuel Smethport
Gregory Christ K Mechanic st
Gregory Clarence C King
Gregory Norman 22 Rosehill av
Griffin Geo Smethport
Griffin Richard Smethport
Grover Sarah Mrs E Main
Guenter E A Smethport
Gustafson Fred A Smethport


Hackett Claude East
Hackett Jas R D 1 Smethport
Hackett Judd Smethport
Hackett Lelia 404 S. Mechanic
Hackett Lloyd Smethport
Hallstrom Fred W 31 Center
Hallstrom John J Mill
Hallstrom Paul G Center

Halpenny Orville 12 Bank
Halpenny W H Rest 119 W Main
Hamilton Robt 15 Rosehill av
Hamlin Bank & Trust Co Business Main st
Hamlin O J Priv ofc Main
Hamlin O J r. Main
Happle Harriet Pierce 142 East
Hardes T A General Store Business Coryville
Hardes T A r. Coryville
Haven C P Smethport
Haven D L Smethport
Head Edw Farmers Valley
Healy Jerry P 502 E Main
Heath C H King
Hector Olaf King
Heinlein M W Mrs E Main
Hendrickson Lew Crosby
Hendrickson Saml supt Crosby
Herriman Fred A 21 Bank
Herriman J H 19 Bank
Herzog Bert Colegrove
Herzog Ella M Mrs Colegrove
Herzog Leo L Mechanic
Herzog Mary Mrs Smethport R D 3
Herzog Ralph W W Main st
Herzog Rose Mrs 304 Mechanic
Hewitt Geo W feed mill Business Hill
Hewitt J F Smethport
Hibbard A S Farmers Valley
Hickey Phillip F phsy Ofc Main st
Hickey Phillip F phsy r. 408 King
Hileman A Z 405 Union
Hirsch Eugene Mechanic & Rosehill av
Hockenberry H L Green
Hockenberry Ralph E phsy Ofc 105 Main
Hoffman Eva Mill
Hogarth L K King
Holmes F L Main
Holmes & Gilfillan gen ofc Business Mechanic
Holquist Elmer Betula
Hornlein Julius M King st
Hotchkiss Fenton F Betula
House F C Rev 607 King
Hubbard Chas G Ofc Court House
Hubbard Jas W High
Hubbard S W 302 E Main
Huff Jas Norwich
Huffman J R 209 E Water
Hull Jno S Bank
Hull Norman C 3 Rosehill av
Hull & Taylor Grocery Business W Main
Hungerford W H 402 King
Hungiville Kathryn Main
Hungiville T F King
Hyatt A J 305 E Main
Hyde Allen Colegrover
Hyde B L Smethport


Irons Clara Mrs Smethport R D
Irons Claude Smethport
Irons Edwin Smethport
Irons Geo Jr Smethport
Irons Maude E nurse W Main
Irons W W Smethport
Isenberg A N Center


Jackson Aug Colegrove
Jacobson Andrew E Smethport
Johnson A E Water
Johnson Albert Main st
Johnson C P 308 N Nelson
Johnson Carl Water
Johnson Emma C Mrs Smethport R D 4
Johnson G Elmer Smethport R D 4
Johnson Gus E Smethport
Johnson J Alfred E Main st
Johnson J Alfred Store Main st
Johnson Jno A Water st
Johnson Leona M Mrs 739 E Main st
Johnson Leonard B W Main st
Johnson O F Keystone
Johnson Williard R 208 Green
Johnson Pharmacy Business Main
Johnston Jay J 302 Main
Jones E W Smethport R D 4
Jones Geo D 6 Willow


Karlen Jno A Green st
Karlen Tailor Shop Business Main st
Kautz Fred Mrs Forrest av
Keenan Chas A Hill
Keenan E L Main st
Keenan Jas Crosby
Kelly M H Water
Kennedy Chas A Smethport
Kepler Irvin J Hilton
Kerr William E Main
Kessler R Jr W Main st
Kibble E L Smethport
Kleisath Alfred G E Smethport
Kleisath Henry S E Smethport
Kleisath Walter Smethport
Knapp J N Smethport
Knickerbocker P W Mdse Betula
Kohn Carl Hamlin
Kohn Carlton Main st
Kohn Edw W Main st
Kohn Harold Hamlin
Kohn Lloyd R Main st
Kohn's Market Business Main
Krueger Herman Crosby


Larson Ernest Nelson
Larson Fred Crosby
Larson Gust Smethport
Larson Herbert C E Main
Larson Hilda C 40 Willow

Lathrop L W 202 Mechanic
Lee Harold J 1 Rosehill av
Lemmler Charles Church & Green
Lewis Geo E. Smethport
Lillibridge C W r. Mechanic st
Lillibridge C W supt of schools Court House
Lindholm E J Water
Lindholm J A groc. Main
Lindsley Mira 203 Union
Lindsley Russell Office Water
Livermore A R dntst ofc Main
Livermore A R r. 113 King st
Long Clyde Roland dntst. ofc Main st
Lorah C L E Main
Lord Herman Colegrove
Love Nelson Kings Corners
Lunn L S E Smethport
Lyman E L 207 E Water
Lyman F C Water


Manwaring Earl Merch. Crosby
Marsh Bros. General store Business Farmers Valley
Marsh W E Crosby
Martin J C Smethport
Martin Louise Smethport
Masser Chas W Hardware Store Business Main
Masser Chas W 1101 W Main
Matthews D 110 E Main
Matthew D Store Business 115 Main
Mattison W H Marvin Creek
Mayo Guy B atty Ofc. Main
Mayo Guy B atty r. 1225 Main
McAlpin John Volney Jr 601 Green
McBride Jake 45 Nelson
McCabe Jas E Smethport
McCarthy J S meat market Business Main
McCarthy J S r. King
McCarthy John R 731 King
McCauley D L Green
McCoy Guy Green
McCoy H L Mrs W Main
McDowell Jas Smethport R D
McGavisk Henry E Smethport
McGee Gerald Betula
McGuire Lulu Mrs 202 W Green
McKalip Clarence R Colegrove
McKean Edward Smethport
McKendrick Chas 104 Willow
McKendrick S J Bank
McKernan M F Crosby
Megivern P J Jr 432 Main
Mencer Glenn 30 W Willow
Merrill Eugenia Main
Metzgar Burt 108 W Green
Michielson C F 408 E Main
Miller F A 210 Franklin
Milroy Chas Mechanic st
Milroy Fred L 602 Water st
Minerd R S phys W Main

Minnier Arthur Smethport
Mitchell Stella Mrs 713 Main
Monheimer Wm r. Main
Monheimer Wm Store Main
Moore Guy Smethport
Moore Onalee Sutton 711 Water
Morgan Jas Smethport
Morrison J L King
Mosier Paul Coryville
Moulton Wilma Washington
Mulverhill Orpha Crosby
Mulvihill L E Smethport
Mundy Agnes J Bank st
Musgrave John Lt 201 E Main


Natello Carrie Miss King
Nellis Jas A Bank
Nelson Don C Smethport
Newcomb Frank Crosby
Norman Ben Mrs East
Norman Edw Water
Norman Seth H 308 Pike
Norwich Chemical Co Business Ofc.& factory Main
Nourse Forrest H E Smethport
Nourse Fred H E Smethport
Nourse O D E Smethport


Oakley M G Bank
Ogilvie K B 911 Water
Ohmen Carl E Smethport
O'Laughlin L A 8 Bank
Olson A P Smethport
O'Reilly W M Main st
Orlandi Jos W Main
Ostrander W A phsy r. King
Oviatt Frank store Norwich
Oviatt Geo R Smethport R D 3
Oviatt J B Green
Oviatt M C E Smethport
Oviatt Milo Norwich
Owen Allen Smethport


Palmer R K Elec shop 213 W Main
Palmer W S Mrs Main
Parker Howard Smethport R D 3
Parsons D V Forest av
Patterson C E Farmers Valley
Pattison Melicent Anne Main st
Peeler John E Smethport
Peterson A C Colegrove
Peterson Alfred W Smethport
Peterson Arnold L Water
Peterson C B Colegrove
Peterson F W E Smethport
Peterson H P E Smethport
Peterson Jno Colegrove
Peterson Garage Business E Main
Pickersgill Jno W Bakery Main
Pierce S D Smethport R D 2

Pierotti Wm L Franklin
Pixley Earl D Groc & meats Crosby
Pomeroy Mark M Main st
Potter E G Ofc Main
Potter E G r. 306 Green
Powers R A Betula
Prosser John Colegrove
Purple Mary V 113 W Main


Quirk A Elmer 309 N Mechanic
Quirk F J Garage Main
Quirk F J r. E Main st


Raifsnyder Glenn A 35 Rosehill av
Raszman Jno Crosby
Raymer N D Mrs Rosehill av
Raymer Ward W Rosehill av
Raymond Elmer Marvin
Raymond M C Smethport R D 3
Redfield H H Ofc. Main st
Redfield H H r. Main st
Reynolds C W Smethport
Rice Arthur Mrs 22 W Willow
Rice Beatrice M 202 E Green
Rice D C Smethport
Rice Glenn Smethport
Rice H J Hill
Rice Nelson Coryville
Rice R C 706 Green
Richards Geo S 409 Union
Rider Cyrus Colegrove
Rifle F A Norwich
Rifle Julia Betula
Rifle Keith M 11 Center
Rifle Marian Mrs E Smethport
Rifle Robt A Rosehill av
Roberts Amy Smethport R D 2
Rockefeller Geo A Farmers Valley
Rockman W H 17 Rosehill av
Rodgers Jas W phys Ofc. Main st
Roseboom Morris L Willow
Ross Geo South
Ross T J 508 E Water
Ross W A county agent Court house
Ross W A r. King
Rowley G C R D
Rubin H W r. Franklin
Rubin H W & Son store Main
Rubin Harry S King
Russ I N 104 E Green


Safstrom Axel Mrs nurse r. E Smethport
Sasse H H Furn. & undertaking Business Main st
Sasse H H r. Mechanic
Saul Geo M Rev 302 W Green
Scanlan Lawrence Colegrove
Schmidel H F Smethport
Schoonmaker Paul 167 East
Scowden L E Garage Farmers Valley
Sharro Tony 21 Bank
Shelander F A Marvindale
Sherer Elsie M East st
Sloppy Harry Colegrove
Smith Elias E Smethport
Smith Faye 9 W Willow
Smith Henry E 15 Hilton av
Smith Lena Mrs Smethport R D
Smith Robt Smethport
Snyder Lynn East
Southwick Enos H King
Spanogle F M 202 North
Sparks C L Pine
Specht Wm F Genl ins. Main
Specht Wm F r. King & Fulton
Speer J Earl E Main
Stark Doris M 602 Green
Stark Winfield R 602 Green
Starsky B F King
Steiner F K 712 Main
Stickles A E Smethport
Stickles G L 115 Mechanic
Stickles Miller C Smethport R D
Stranberg Frank Colegrove
Stranburg J M Crosby
Stratton Alfred Smethport
Straubaugh Gene Betula
Stravino Anthony 14 hilton av
Strong Edgar W Plumming shop Main
Strong Edgar r. King
Sturdveint Alberta King & Union
Sutton Geo W Main
Swanson Albin Crosby
Swanson Elmer Smethport R D 4
Swanson Hjalmer Rev 209 E King
Swanson J A W Main
Swanson Mabel C Rosehill av
Sweeley C T Smethport R D


Tanner Carl E Smethport
Tanner Claude Smethport
Taylor Chas County Home Marvin
Taylor Robt E 37 Bank
Taylor W L Main st
Terry Earl Mrs Water
Tessina Frank 7 Rosehill av
Tessina J Oscar 309 State
Thomas Clair Smethport R D
Thomas R O E Main
Thornton F L E Smethport
Timmeman Harry Crosby
Tretton Emma Main


Vanblad Axel H Green
Vanblad Emma Water
VanDusen Laura H 105 King
VanDyke W E Rev Fulton
VanGorder Bert Coryville
VanSickle Alonzo Smethport
VanSickle Cleve Smethport R D 4
VanSickle Perry Smethport R D 4
VanSickle Russell 7 Center


Wagoner W B Oviatt Farm
Walker Andrew E Smethport
Walker J E Main st
Wallace Mary B 205 Main
Walters D M Crosby
Ward Chas Jr Wrights Corners
Warren Edna B Mrs Mechanic
Weltsch Fred Smethport
Whelan F P Main st
Whitling Howard O Holmes
Wilcox E W Crosby
Willson Jos P atty Ofc. Grange Natl Bk
Willson Jos P r. 209 E King
Wilson Arthur Coryville
Wilson R N Coryville
Winslow Kermit B 33 Bank
Wright House Main
Wright Leo Mrs Smethport


Yentzer C J Nelson
Yerdon R P 604 E Main st
Young D C Main