June 1997
Lancaster County Surname Queries

MILEYs, Martin, David & Henry were in Jefferson Co,KY. in 1797 on the tax rolls.Martin's wife was Cathrine. I think David & Henry were sons of Martin. Henry's wife was Mary. Their son John was born @1788 in PA according to the 1850 census. Any Info. on these men would be appreciated. My e-mail is bmiley@tri-lakes.net
Bob Miley <bmiley@tri-lakes.net>
Forsyth, MO USA - Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 21:37:18 (EDT)
Mackison, Looking for more information--- Census Index: U.S. Selected States/Counties, 1860, Mackison, Charles, County : Lancaster Co., Location : City Of Lancaster, Year : 1860, Page # : 498 Mackison, William H., County : Lancaster Co., Location : City Of Lancaster, Year : 1860, Page # : 498
Dan Mackison <dan.mackison@pobox.com>
Greenville, NC USA - Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 20:31:05 (EDT)
SCHORB/SHORB SCHIEHL/SHEELY HAUCH NEIKIRK/NEUKIRCH/NEUKRICH ARDNT WOHLFERTS ROBINSON families of counties: Lancaster, Berks, Dauphin, Adams, York. More info on my web site.
Dave Schubert <schubert1@usa.net>
Pomona, NJ USA - Saturday, June 28, 1997 at 18:36:48 (EDT)
OHMIT Family. Lived in Marietta, Washingtonboro,and Peach Bottom; mainly in Manor Township. Lived in these areas from mid 1700's to 1970. Looking for family links, who they married,etc. Also lived in Nebraska and Texas in late 1800's.
Glen Ohmit <marcia45@netdirect.net>
Muncie, IN USA - Saturday, June 28, 1997 at 08:17:02 (EDT)
LEHMAN, FLOWERS. Searching for Jacob LEHMAN, b 4 Feb 1819. Married Kathryn FLOWERS b 25 Sep 1823 d/o Jacob FLOWERS. All migrated to Whitehouse, Lucas Co., OH in 1865. Children of Jacob and Kathryn were born in PA. Names include: Jacob, Isaac, John, Chris, Fannie, Leah and Priscilla. Jacob LEHMAN d 23 May 1889; Kathryn 25 Jul 1908, bur Mennonite Cemetery, Whitehouse, Lucas Co., OH. Any help on the parents of either Jacob or Kathryn would be greatly appreciated
Jana Broglin <gbroglin@glasscity.net>
Swanton, OH USA - Saturday, June 28, 1997 at 08:11:00 (EDT)
BURKETT, HOUCK. I am seeking info. on Jacob BURKETT born in Lancaster Co. between 1820 and 1830. Married Katherine HOUCK. Daughter Martha Burkett b. 1853. Family moved to Ashe Co. NC before 1878.
M. Stout <tbstout2@erols.com>
USA - Saturday, June 28, 1997 at 05:39:46 (EDT)
I am looking for information about James Forrest Austin. According to family sources, he lived in Lancaster in the mid 1800's and met a Susan Duffy (sp?). They were married and moved to Mifflin County. Anything that you might find would be appreciated.
Pat Macchiarolo <pjm1169@bedford.net>
Bedford, PA USA - Friday, June 27, 1997 at 07:53:12 (EDT)
Seek help on JONES. The will of William JONES was proved in 1771 in Bethel TWP of Lancaster Co, PA, that became today's Bethel TWP of Lebanon Co, PA, in 1813. His will mentioned sons Samuel, William, Robert, Charles, and Thomas. His daughters Jane, Stealey or Stealy, Margaret Dollinger and Mary Jones. Need to know where William Jones was born and raised. Need to locate descendants.
Phillip Holcomb <PhilHolcomb@worldnet.att.net>
Rogersville, MO USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 19:56:47 (EDT)
Seek help on JONES. The will of William JONES was proved in 1771 in Bethel TWP of Lancaster Co, PA, that became today's Bethel TWP of Lebanon Co, PA, in 1813. His will mentioned sons Samuel, William, Robert, Charles, and Thomas. His daughters Jane, Stealey or Stealy, Margaret Dollinger and Mary Jones. Need to know where William Jones was born and raised. Need to licate descendants.
Phillip Holcomb <PhilHolcomb@worldnet.att.net>
Rogersville, MO USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 19:56:19 (EDT)
EVANS: Seeking the parents of Caleb Evans who left Lancaster circa 1810-1815 and settled in Hampshire County, VA (now WV). Would also like names of brothers. Caleb was probably born around 1790.
Michael M. Foreman <vforeman@shentel.net>
Winchester, VA USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 19:01:34 (EDT)
HARTMAN, HELLER; John HARTMAN married to Elizabeth HELLER, son William HARTMAN b 7/1/1855 in Lancaster county. Looking for infomation on John and Elizabeth birth info, parents other children, etc. Any information helpful.
MJLivingston <MJLivingston1@msn.com>
Harrisburg, PA USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 18:40:59 (EDT)
RIETSCHY, HELFERT; Paul RIETSCHY b1835 Switzerland d 1917 Lancaster, married to Catharine HELFERT b 1850 Germany d 1939 Lancaster looking for information on parents and other family members ANY information would be welcome.
MJLivingston <MJLivingston1@msn.com>
Harrisburg, PA USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 18:34:14 (EDT)
DAVIS,HERSHEY,ggfather Jacob Schenck Davis b.10aug1843 Lancaster co d.15 may 1904 weatherford Texas Parker co. wife Eliza Jane Hershey b. 17 mi N. Harrisberg on 9 oct 1843 d. 6 oct 1920 weatherford Texas. I believe they were Married in Indianoplis Ind don't know when they movet to Holly Springs Miss. staied a few years then moved to Parker Co Texas (Weatherford) Thanks for any help. Jim Davis
James R. Davis <jamesrdavis@worldnet.att.net>
Newborn , ga USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 17:35:10 (EDT)
MINNICK, Adam b. 6 Aug 1803, Lancaster Co. Rapho TWp.
Bettie Enevoldsen <bettie@telcomplus.com>
Mt. Vernon, WA USA - Thursday, June 26, 1997 at 17:32:33 (EDT)
KEECH, Jane, b. 8 July 1831, Lancaster Co., PA. Moved to Ohio 1834. Parents: Wiliam KEECH and Jane PATTON.
Dale Amann <djcamann@idaho.tds.net>
Juliaetta, ID USA - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 20:30:19 (EDT)
Searching for gr, gr. grandmother Annie Martin b.1820 m.1839 to Daniel Fritz he died in 1849 . They had 7 children.. Her parents were Sara Houtzin and Johann Martin. She m. ------ Clinton. had a son Henry born 1861 ----Clinton died. 1870 census 2nd ward dist218 pg206 lists her as a washer woman.By 1880 she came to Wayne County, Ohio.....Where she died in 1895 Will help any one with Wayne County, Ohio info. Thanks in advance for your help.
Jackie Mitchell <mitchj@akron,infi.net>
Norton, Oh USA - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 09:16:42 (EDT)
Weit/,White, Schlabaugh/Slabaugh-/ Slabaugh, Fetter., Fassnacht, Mellinger
Jackie Mitchell <mitchj@akron.infi.net>
Norton, Oh USA - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 08:50:25 (EDT)
JOHN V. SHUPE <jvshupe@kih.net>
williamsburg, ky USA - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 00:08:55 (EDT)
I am looking for anything about the Name Hirshberger.(c. 1790) My overwhelmingly distant granfather was Solomon Hirsberger. He was probably from Cocalico township and later moved to Washington D.C. to set up a tavern on Pennsylvania Ave.
Linnie Cunnigham <linnie@avana.net>
Atlanta, GA USA - Tuesday, June 24, 1997 at 20:07:57 (EDT)
I am looking for the parents of Elizabeth Hanna-born about 1748 and married to David D. Frame bef 1769 in Lancaster County. Also,information regarding the parents of John Dobbins-born about 1747. He was either born in Scotland or Lancaster County and married to Elizabeth Keener in Lancaster County in 1784. Also, information regarding Benjamin Vannoy-birthdate unsure but could be from 1820-1863. He was married to Nancy ? and had at least one child named Similda who married George Robinson in Calhoun County, WV.
cissy hassell <cissyhassell@worldnet.att.net>
Gainesville, FL USA - Tuesday, June 24, 1997 at 12:57:10 (EDT)
I am looking for information regarding Jacob Gerber who came to Lancaster, Pa about 1730. Jacob's children included: John, Samuel, Christian and Jacob and daughter Nancy. Jacob, Jr.'s children included Felix, Jacob,John, Christian and daughters Lizzie, Anna, and Barbara (Gantz). Son Christian married Mary Grimm, that may have changed the name to Garver in the family bible. Their children included: John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Samuel, David W., Rachael, Barbara, Nancy and Christian. My relative was Jacob Garver whose son David H. had a daughter named Clara Garver, my great-grandmother.
Kevin Davis <eq@nlenx.com>
New Lenox, Il USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 21:24:55 (EDT)
I am looking for information regarding Jacob Gerber who came to Lancaster, Pa about 1730. Jacob's children included: John, Samuel, Christian and Jacob and daughter Nancy. Jacob, Jr.'s children included Felix, Jacob,John, Christian and daughters Lizzie, Anna, and Barbara (Gantz). Son Christian married Mary Grimm, that may have changed the name to Garver in the family bible. Their children included: John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Samuel, David W., Rachael, Barbara, Nancy and Christian. My relative was Jacob Garver whose son David H. had a daughter named Clara Garver, my great-grandmother.
Kevin Davis <eq@nlenx.com>
New Lenox, Il USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 21:24:52 (EDT)
WETZEL, BONNETT I am seeking information on John Frederick WETZEL who was born 13 Nov 1747 in Frederick Co. His Father was Hans Martin WETZEL, Jr. and Mother was Elizabeth BONNETT. John Frederick and wife (Unknown) had a son named Petrus who was born 23 Sept 1768 in Montgomery Co. PA. Thank you for any assistance you can give me.
Jeralyn Whetsell Lillard <lillard@gte.net>
Tampa, FL USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 18:19:10 (EDT)
BOBB/MULOCK or WULOCK.Family files show Jacok BOBB and his wife Elizabeth MULOCK or WULOCK( person writting the family data wrote their upper case M and W exactly alike) Jacob BOBB d 1791, and Elizabeth BOBB d 1823. Do not know how long they lived in Lancaster Co.,PA but their oldes son, John BOBB, was born in Lancester in 1769.Nine other BOBB children Kitty,Mary, Hannah, William, Jacob, Peter, Elizabeth, George, and Dolly. Would love to know if Elizabeth BOBB'S maiden name was MULOCK OR WULOCK.
Sheila Wood <Gesslr@aol.com>
Boulder, CO USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 17:24:34 (EDT)
YOUNG, John(b. 1759 d.1820)born in Millerstown, Lancaster CO. PA. Abraham Young(b.1761 d.1834). Looking for any info on the parents of these two men or any info about Youngs in Lancaster
Ken Young <youngod1@ix.netcom.com>
Nashville, TN USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 15:29:42 (EDT)
CLARK//My grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Clark and went by the name of Lizzie. Her father was Issac Jackson Clark and went by the name of Jackson. He shows up on the Ohio Cencus as being born in PA in 1815. My grandmother, Lizzie, married John Jay Bringardner, in Perry County, Ohio. Her sister, Martha Jane Clark, married Albert J. Hall in Hocking County, Ohio. Searching for his birthplace in PA and any cousins.
Deloris Bringardner Girard <dgirard@ee.net>
Westerville, OH USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 08:38:24 (EDT)
BRINGARDNER//My grandfather, Martin Bringardner, was born in Lancaster, PA (1820). His father, Unknown, was born in Boden, Germany. My grandfather, Martin, married Lucy Ann Greene in 1837. I have their Marriage certificate and he shows up on the Ohio Cencus as being born in Lancaster Co. PA. Looking for his parents and/or other Bringardner cousins.
Deloris Bringardner Girard <dgirard@ee.net>
Westerville, OH USA - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 08:25:10 (EDT)
Laux/Louks/Loucks/Laucks/Lautz I am looking for information about the Laux family from Marietta PA. Only info I have is : Ella Nora Laux Fertig b. 12/24/1863 d. 12/21/1953 Born in Marietta PA. Father: Henry Laux
Glenn H. Fertig <gfertig@telerama.lm.com>
Natrona Heights, PA USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 21:11:09 (EDT)
Lancaster Co. PA Query: JOB/JOBE Hello, I am researching the ancestors of Thomas JOB/JOBE who was b.abt.1710 in Lancaster Co., m.1733 to Mary ______ in PA, d.1787 in Rowan Co. NC. Any and all replies will be most appreciated.
Ron Vance <trophyshop@xvi.net>
Lowell, IN USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 19:58:16 (EDT)
http://members.aol.com/DrpFamTree/index.html New Web Site with information on: Bassler, Egle, Funk, Gingrich, Graff, Hershey, Hostetter, Huber, Kreider, Landis, Metzler, Nissley, Nutt, Ramseyer, Stauffer, Yordy All of Lancaster County
Dorothy R. Paul <DrpFamTree@aol.com>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 19:24:17 (EDT)
SNYDER, CLAIR, WITMER, SNEATH, TODD Looking for the family of William SNEATH & Sarah Lingerfield. Their children: Robert, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Micheal, Anna, Martha, Sarah, Barbara , & 2nd Mary. Wm had two children by second wife. Wm Albright, and George Washington. Robert md. Mary TODD, Sarah md. Jacob CLAIR, Barbara md. Jacob WITMER, and Micheal md Rebecca SNYDER Will exchange info on all families.
Selma Bonewald <jbonew@setnet.net>
USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 17:20:38 (EDT)
QUIGLEY, JEFFRIES, MACKLIN, THOMPSON, SNEATH Looking for the families of these 4 SNEATH girls, who md. early 1800's. Ann md. George QUIGLEY, Jane md. James JEFFRIES, Sarah md. Rives MACKLIN, & Mary md. Robert Thompson.
Selma Bonewald <jbonew@setnet.net>
USA - Sunday, June 22, 1997 at 17:12:54 (EDT)
Johannes Klais/Kleiz Jacob Guth Christopher Kraft
J Duke Edwards <JDukeEd@worldnet.att.net>
Richmond, Va USA - Saturday, June 21, 1997 at 18:40:53 (EDT)
LEBO, NOLL, We found Isaac LEBO and Amanda NOLL in the 1880 census from Colraine Township, Berks County. They had 9 children, Kate, William, Charles, Stanton, Clayton, etc. We are looking for any information on this family.
Ernie Lebo <ecl@bellatlantic.net>
Media, PA USA - Saturday, June 21, 1997 at 09:03:42 (EDT)
Keyser/Kiser/Kayser I am searching for information on CHARLES KEYSER born in Germany c.1702. He resided in Lancaster Co., PA until approx. 1765, when he moved with his family to Virginia. He fought under General Braddock in the French and Indian War. His wife's maiden name was SHELLY (first name may have been Elizabeth), from Philadelphia. They had 10 children (9 known): Charles,Jr., John, Anna, Andrew, Mary, Elizabeth, Esther, Kate and Joseph (the other may have been Michael or David). I would appreciate any information on the KEYSER/KISER or SHELLY family.
Pam Collins <sexysady@worldnet.att.net>
Orange, CA USA - Friday, June 20, 1997 at 22:39:55 (EDT)
VARNER, ERVIN (b.1838 or 1842) - may have been from Lancaster, PA. Born either 6/16/1838 or 6/16/1842. Moved to Ida Grove, Iowa. Never would talk about his family in Pennsylvania. He may have been a black sheep or on the run. Married Helen Ann Gilchrist from New York state. Lived in Ida Grove all of his adult life. Owned and operated a livery stable/blacksmithy. Died, 5/12/1905 in Ida Grove. Ervin has been a question for my family for three generations. I can provide complete genealogy after Ervin and finish off your VARNER family tree for you. You can help me begin ours!
John Varner <jvarner@leroy.k12.mn.us>
USA - Friday, June 20, 1997 at 15:39:10 (EDT)
Researching the MOHLER family of Ephrata, Lancaster, PA
Nancy Lincoln <rlincoln@msb.mat-su.k12.ak.us>
Wasilla, AK USA - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 22:05:49 (EDT)
MCMINN, Margaret; reported to have been born in Lancaster in 1750-1760s; married Adam HATFIELD in Westmoreland County 1772; husband died in Cincinnati, OH in Dec 1795; moved back to Beaver county, PA; later migrated westward through Wayne County, OH to Murray, Wells County, IN in 1830s.
Richard Blanton <Major_B@msn.com>
Dayton, OH USA - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 20:51:43 (EDT)
I am looking for information about the Rockey Family in Pennsylvania from the early 1800's and back. Any information you could send would be helpful.
Jeffery G. Rockey <rockey@umich.edu>
Berrien Springs, MI USA - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 11:41:31 (EDT)
I am looking for information on James M. STAMM 1837-1906 who married Anna FLOWERS; esp. names of James' parents. Also seeking location of EBENEZER CEMETERY, thought to be in or near Lancaster or Cornwall. I also offer to do lookups in "FRETZ Family History" by Rev. A. J. Ftretzin 1890 and containing 9000 names, including many Lancaster Co. FRETZ family members.
Jeff Medkeff <medkeff.1@osu.edu>
Columbus, OH USA - Thursday, June 19, 1997 at 03:56:53 (EDT)
Searching for WITTER/WEITER/WEETER family. Peter, Stophel, John Witter all mentioned between 1790-1800 in Franklin Co. but may have Lancaster connections.
Teresa Pennington <billpenn@swbell.net>
USA - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 22:18:09 (EDT)
Looking for info on John ROBB, born middle 1700's in Lancaster Co. Served in Revolutionary War. Died after 1788 in Drumore Township, Lancaster Co. He was married to Monica DUNLAP. They had at least two daughter, Mary and Margaret who married Porterfield brothers James and John.
M. Porterfield <mport@deskmedia.com>
USA - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 20:46:13 (EDT)
would appreciate info on Devault Beck or his so, Jacob beck, who married Mary Winkler. Mary was the daughter of Ludwig winkler. This family came to lancastercounty, Pa. around 1750.
Ken Beck <kbeck@wcu>>
Sylva, N.C. USA - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 17:52:33 (EDT)
I am looking for information about Josiah Keffer and his son, Jacob Keffer. I know that Jacob Keffer moved to Giles County, VA in the late 1700's. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!
Christina Keffer <chrissyk@citynet.net>
Vienna, WV USA - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 07:50:43 (EDT)
SNEATH, SNYDER/SCHNEIDER, PLATTNER/BLATTNER, LINGERFIELD/LINGENFELTER, SMITH, CAVAN Seeking info. on these families and their descendants. William SNEATH md. Sarah LINGERFIELD/LINGENFELTER abt 1801. William the son of Rev. Richard SNEATH and Sarah CAVAN. Rev. Richard the son of George and Ann prob. of Ireland. Sarah the daug. of Alexander and Sarah CAVAN. Micheal Sneath son of Wm and Sarah, md abt 1834 Rebecca SNYDER/SCHNEIDER. Sarah LINGERFIELD, the daug. of Micheal and Rebecca (SMITH) LINGERFIELD. Micheals' parents were Johannes and Magdelena (PLATTNER/BLATTNER) LINGERFIELD. I have much info on the Lingenfelter lines back into Germany, but have found little on these Lanc. Co. families forward. I also have much info on Sneath families in USA. Need info on the CAVAN line. Were Rev. Richard and Sarah md. here? There was a Robt. Cavin in this area abt 1800 is this a brother? Any info is welcome and I will share what I know abt. these families. If your line doesn't seem to fit write anyway as I do have alot of info on family that is not my direct lineage on Sneaths & Lingenfelters.
Selma Bonewald <jbonewald@setnet.net>
Waterford, Wi USA - Tuesday, June 17, 1997 at 06:37:22 (EDT)
CHAMBERS, WHERRY (WHARRY), STEELE. David CHAMBERS m. Martha Wharry ca. 1770 in Drumore Township, Lancaster Co. Martha was dau. of John and Elizabeth Steele WHARRY. David joined the Revolution in Lancaster Co. David & wife and brother William & wife, Mary Wharry (sister of Martha went to York Co., SC around 1784. Looking for parentage of David or marriage information of David and Martha in PA.
Jody Nestler <jcnest@gj.net>
Grand Junction, CO USA - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 18:01:14 (EDT)
DENEKE: Looking for info on Augustus Deneke, born 1825 in Hannover, Germany, died 20 Jan 1892 in Wayne Co, Ohio. Married Christiana Dorothy Lautenschlager of Malmsheim,Wuerttemberg in Lancaster Co. Their dau Christiana born 1860, son Abraham John born 4 July 1863 in Millersville, Lancaster Co, son Albert B. born Sept 1868. May have had another son John L. and other children. They went to Wayne Co., Ohio about 1865.
William L. Slager <wslager@alum.mit.edu>
Santa Barbara, Ca USA - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 01:51:59 (EDT)
LACKEY--I am searching for information on Thomas Lackey, arrived Pa wth two brothers in 1748. Married Agnes Leech in 1754 and had 7 children, Thomas, Nathan, James, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret. Migrated to Rockbridge County in 1768. I have details after 1768 but am trying to find out about time in Pa, names of brothers, name of ship and so forth. Any information would be appreciated. If anyone wants the story after 1768, I have it. Doug Lackey
Doug Lackey <rdlackey@mindspring.com or douglacke@aol.com>
Marietta, ga USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 18:22:57 (EDT)
CRAIG,BOYD..looking for information on William Craig who was granted 150 acres of land in Drumore township, Lancster County on 12 February 1739...also looking for info. on William Boyd of Derry township, Lancaster County who owned land prior to 1730 and had several children ...Robert, Alexander, Jennet, William, and John any help would be appreciated...thank you John Craig
John Craig <Catfish67@earthlink.net>
Milton, Fl USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 17:47:43 (EDT)
KENDIG,AMER - born 13 Nov, 1820, buried at Highsville Cemetery, Manor Twp, Lancaster County. He married Elvina __ ____. All of their children were born in Manor Twp. Looking for his parents and her surname.
Michael Kendig <Safari5909@aol.com>
Sinking Spring, Pa USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 15:14:11 (EDT)
Booher/Bucher: Searching for information about Jacob Booher/Bucher born: about 1798 in Lancaster County,PA. He is the son of Christian and Margaret Roth Booher/Bucher. He married Catherine Shaver about 1823 in Lancaster Penn.
Roy Booker <treeshaker@qconline.com>
USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 09:21:11 (EDT)
DAVIS - BOROLAN - HELLER - EVERETT - KITTINGER/GITTINGER Seeking the name of a Mr. Davis b: ca 1776 d: ca 1820, m: Elizabeth BOROLAN b: ca 1780 d: Unk. Had children: Climson DAVIS b; 18 Sep 1798 in PA d: 5 Jul 1878 in Grout Twp., Mich., Enoch DAVIS b: ca 1800 d: 1890, Enoch, was a fuller by trade, and ran a fulling mill for many years in Morgantown, PA. In the fall of 1851, he moved to Urbana, Champain Co., Ohio where he died. William or Willis DAVIS b: ca 1802 d: 1891, William was a tanner by trade, and died in Bedford Co., PA, in the summer of 1891. Thomas DAVIS b: ca 1804 d: Unk. James DAVIS b: 1806 d: Unk, James was a carpenter by trade, the last account of James was that he lived in Larville, Witne Co., IN. Sarah DAVIS b: ca 1808 d: Unk m: Isaac HELLER. Another daughter, --------- DAVIS b: ca 1810 d: Unk m: a man named EVERETT. After the death of Mr. DAVIS, Elizabeth (BOROLAN) DAVIS, married a man named Abraham KITTINGER / GITTINGER in Earl Twp, Lancaster Co., PA 1822, This marriage produced one child Jonas, born 19 Feb 1823. Can you help? I am searching for any information you may have on any of these people, in particular, the first name of Mr. DAVIS, would be my ggg grandfather. I am descendant of Climson Davis, my gg grandfather. Contact me at daviswj@aol.com, fax (541) 926-0022, mail Will Davis, PO Box 1393, Albany, OR. 97321.
Will Davis <daviswj@aol.com>
Albany, OR USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 08:23:40 (EDT)
Looking for info on desecendents of Frederick Clair and family. He was born about 1799 in Lascaster Co,married Mary Hinkle about 1824 in Lancaster Co. They had ten children, Abraham(b 22 Nov 1825),Catherine(b.4 Sept 1827) John(b 4 Sept 1827),Sarah Elizabeth(b. 3 June 1829),Mary Ann (b.25 Nov 1830),Susanna(b. 26 Apr 1832),Fanny H(b.16 Dec 1835) Frederick(b. 1838),Samuel(b. 1840), and Sarah(b. 25 Feb 1842) In 1830 he lived in East Donegal township, Lancaster county.
William L. Slager <wslager@alum.mit.edu>
Santa Barbara, Ca USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 00:56:12 (EDT)
HUDSON - Have Hudson family information from the first arrival in Centre CO. PA in 1821 , but nothing before then - wonder if that unknown Hudson came from Lancaster CO? Looking for any sources of western PA HUDSON's. Thanks cousins.
Bob Hudson <bhc@sandiego.net>
San Diego, CA USA - Sunday, June 15, 1997 at 00:35:32 (EDT)
FRY and BOGER Need info on a John FRY b. 1732, place unknown. He married 08 APR 1770. I have his wife listed as an Anna Marie BOGER which may be his second wife. His first wife is unknown to whom he may have had nine children. hildren's names are George, Peter, Henry, Andrew, Salome, Anna Elizabeth, Charlotta, and Anna Marie.
Debbie Odasso <godasso@microserve.net>
Indiana, PA USA - Saturday, June 14, 1997 at 08:09:48 (EDT)
RIEM (REAM,RHEIM,etc) and SLOAN Keziah REIM, born abt 1813, of Earl Twp married William SLOAN in Lancaster, PA on 29 Dec 1831. The couple removed to ILL in 1838. They had 11 children. Keziah died in ILL on 07 Apr 1862. Seeking information about Keziah RIEM's parents and siblings.
Ken Sloan <sloan.4@osu.edu>
USA - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 10:39:15 (EDT)
KIRKPATRICK/MITCHELL: Looking for any evidence of Kirkpatrick or Mitchell in Lancaster Co., PA. I have a Joseph Kirkpatrick who married Keziah Mitchell in Bourbon Co., KY in 1791. Keziah's father, Alex/Alexander Mitchell is said to have been from Lancaster Co., PA. Any informaion on Kirkpatrick/Kilpatrick/Mitchell in this area would be appreciated!
Dan Kirkpatrick <kirkpatrick@geocities.com>
North Syracuse, NY USA - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 08:42:44 (EDT)
BEINHAUER/LEEPEER/DONLEY Searching for parents of Ervin Beinhauer. I believe they may have come from Lancaster Co. Ervin was born in Dauphin Co. in 1880. Had a brother William. Also searching James Leeper born 1800 probably in Lancaster Co. Would like to know his parents name and any info relating to them. Looking also for parents of Patrick Donley. He was born in1832 and lived in Cumberland Co. inthe 1800 census. Would be grateful for any info on any of these families. Thanks, June
June Bruce <chanteline@aol.com>
USA - Friday, June 13, 1997 at 08:14:44 (EDT)
SHRENK, Alexander Hamilton -- He was my great grandfather and an orphan. I am trying to find out where he is buried, any information I can about him. He was probably born around 1860, possibly.
Phyllis Jean Sears <hawk@net-link.net>
Three Rivers, MI USA - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 23:37:10 (EDT)
JAMES MARSHALL, APPLIED FOR A LAND GRANT "in the waters of the Pee Dee", on 1752, on the state South Carolina. He stated that he had a wife and two children. Appreciate any help or suggestions in locating the origins of this man. Jane.
Jane P. Justice <justice@3rddoor.com>
USA - Thursday, June 12, 1997 at 12:20:45 (EDT)
DIXON MURRAY of Dixon's Ford on Swatara Ck in what is now Dauphin Co, then Lancaster Co. Came from Ireland and/or Scotland c1735. Where in Scotland? Would like to locate deeds or wills for James and John Dixon, and John Murray mid to late 1700's. Thanks very much. Lorna
Lorna Dunklee <ldunklee@juno.com>
Haymarket, VA USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 22:43:24 (EDT)
Does anyone know much about the history of Paxton, PA or some good, reliable sources on its history? Thank you!
Ms. "Sam" Stephens <huckeby@ibm.net>
Frankenmuth, MI USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 17:52:55 (EDT)
STEPHENS from Paxton, PA area in 1700s.
Ms. "Sam" Stephens <huckeby@ibm.net>
Frankenmuth, MI USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 17:50:48 (EDT)
I am researching the descendents of Isaac Lefevre who came to Lancaster County, PA from the Valley of River Yonne, France in the late 1600's or early 1700's. He was born in 1669 and died in 1751. If you have any information which may be added to my search please advise.
Sharon Flemming <SKFLEMMING@aol.com>
Ephrata, PA USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 09:22:41 (EDT)
Researching Joseph BALL b.about 1805 in PA, married Catherine HOLLENBACH,b.about 1804 in PA. They married Nov 21, 1830 in Defiance County, OH. Both died in Defiance, OH. Could this Hollenback be the HOLLENBACH's from Lancaster County, PA? Were there any BALL's in Lancaster in early 1800's?
Shirley Miles <AWWM18A@prodigy.com>
Holland, OH USA - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 05:34:58 (EDT)
grandfather - Ernest WAYNE married to Rose Elizabeth WARD children - Clarence William WAYNE (1919-1974), Elizabeth, Edward, Nell WAYNE GROTHE, Ellen WAYNE GROTHE. Any relation to Simon P. WAYNE of 1903? Any other ancestry info? Lived in SE PA or NE MD.
Michael L. WAYNE <wayneml@forcomm.net>
Conway, PA USA - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 23:02:41 (EDT)
HOKE. Looking for information leading to ancestors of Arthur Jack Hoke. Date of birth c.1875-1885, Sept.16/1879 by family verbal records. Said to have been several generations of "Arthur J's", eldest son to eldest son. Verbal record of a Conrad and Cornelius - but not known if direct relatives, or Cousins etc. Have records of 4-5 distinct "lines" of Hock/Hoke, but no definite tie to any of these.
Jack Hoke <jak@ica.net>
Toronto, ON Canada - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 22:40:29 (EDT)
PATTERSON, James, b. 1708 County Antrim, Ireland, emigrated 1728 to PA. Trying to find his parents and birth parish. I have tons of Patterson records from 1728 to present.
Karen Elizabeth Patterson Deitchler <Gramcie@Foothill.net>
Grass Valley, CA USA - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 18:54:31 (EDT)
I am researching the WISLER (WHISLER) surname. Hans WISLER came to America in 1720 and settled in Conestoga Twp., Lancaster Co. Sons: Jacob and Rudolph.
Bruce Koons <bkoons@hal-pc.org>
Houston, TX USA - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 14:51:05 (EDT)
I am looking for info on Elisabeth BUCH who married Jacob SCHERTZER in the late 1780's according to Moravian records. any information on this family would be very much appreciated.
Neva Johnstun <johnstuns@columbia-center.org>
St. Helens, OR USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 17:13:25 (EDT)
BRUBAKER: Searching for information on the Brubaker geneology of John Brubaker b. abt. 1749/1750 in Lake Zurich, Switzerland, and married to Anna Meyrs (Meyers) b. abt. 1753, married 1 May 1774, Cocalico, Lancaster, Pa. Their children: Henry b. 15 Jul 1775, John b. abt. 1777, Jacob b. abt 1780, Anna b abt 1785, Barbara b. abt. 1788, Christina b. abt. 1791, Catharine b. abt. 1794, and Abraham b. 30 Aug 1781. All of the children were born in Lancaster County Pa. Anna Meyrs (Meyers) Parents were Jacob Maier b. abt 1717 in Hohenstein, Germany , and Anna Burkholder b. abt. 1712/1733, they were married abt. 1748/1780, and their daughter Anna was born in Bethel, Pa.
LOIS BRUBAKER LUKE <gluke@swbell.net>
Olathe, Ks USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 16:17:06 (EDT)
I am looking for material on the STONER and BASSLER familes who both came from Lancaster county. Abraham STONER b. 1677-1706 d. 1741 had a son John STONER. John STONER was b. 1705-1734 and married Elizabeth HERR. They had a son, Abraham STONER b 1754 d. 1-5-1829 who had a daughter, Barbara STONER, who married Emmanuel BASSLER. Both the STONERs and BASSLERs eventually moved to the area of Bedford and Blair counties in PA around Martinsburg. Any information welcome about these connected familes.
Barbara Vaughan <maragold@bright.net>
Wooster, OH USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 11:44:20 (EDT)
FAHNESTOCK: I am seeking a copy of " The Fahnestock Genealogy " Ancestors and Descendants of Johann Diedrich Fahnestock by H. Minot Pitman Privately printed 1945 by the Rumford press, Concord, NH. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Send info & price to jhragan@ghgcorp.com
Jim Ragan <jhragan@ghgcorp.com>
Houston, TX USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 11:20:44 (EDT)
FETTER: WILLIAM L. FETTER: 1839-? married: 1863 SARAH MILLER: 1833-? their daughter: Lizzie Fetter: 1865-1944 married: 1890 John D. Bomberger: (I have no dates) They lived in Lebanon County, PA. They may have come from Lancaster County, PA.??? Anyone with any information on this FETTER family please e-mail me. Thank You.
Lisa Bagin <LKaz@aol.com>
PA. USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 09:04:50 (EDT)
FETTER: MOSES FETTER: (I have no dates) married: 1832 ELIZABETH MELLINGER (I have no dates) their children: Moses Fetter: 1848-1922 Cyrus Fetter: 1851-1916 Jeremiah Fetter: 1855-1930 They were from Lancaster County, PA. & Lebanon County, PA. If anyone has any information to share with me on this family I would greatly appreciate it. Please e-mail at the above. Thank you.
Lisa Bagin <LKaz@aol.com>
PA. USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 09:00:58 (EDT)
FETTER: LEVI FETTER: 1836-1893 married: 1857 LOVINA MATTHEWS: 1842-1918 Levi FETTER was born in Lancaster County, PA. I am looking for any and all information on this family. He died in Lebanon County, PA. Please e-mail me at the above with any information. Thank You.
Lisa Bagin <LKaz@aol.com>
PA USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 08:57:14 (EDT)
SCHICKLIN, SCHICKLE, SCHICKLEY, SHIGLEY: Seek info on German ancestors. Johann Georg Schickle and wife Anna Maria Mueller immigrated to US on ship "Two Brothers" in 1751. I am interested in any info on this family after settling in Lancaster and York Counties, PA>
Marie Waters <Marie2008@aol.com>
GA USA - Saturday, June 07, 1997 at 08:06:48 (EDT)
SCHULER, Lovina b. 18 Oct 1825 in Lancaster Co., PA. Her death certificate 29 Jan 1904 in Decatur, MI lists her parents as William Schuler & Elizabeth Nice. They moved to Wayne Co. OH before 1840. Looking for proof of her parents in Lancaster Co., PA and their parents.
Jan Alpert <JanAlpert@aol.com>
Richmond, VA USA - Friday, June 06, 1997 at 20:41:20 (EDT)
Searching for information on Samuel Snoddy (1727-1812). He was in NC in 1759, and I've found a reference where a Samuel Snoddy witnessed the will of William McColloch in 1748. If anyone is researching the Snoddy family, I have a great deal of information I'm willing to share, starting with Samuel Snoddy in NC, down to the Snoddy family now in Alabama. Thanks.
Carol Snoddy Byler <csbyler@traveller.com>
Huntsville, AL USA - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 20:26:58 (EDT)
GINDER: I am searching for information on Henry Ginder born abt 1789, who had John Frederick,Jacob,Godfrey ,Solomon,Christian,John,Catherine and Hester Ginder. Jacob, married Catherine Hartlerode. I would be glad to get any information on this family.
Linda Paxton <schneck@radiks.net>
Omaha, Ne USA - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 10:46:16 (EDT)
ASTON: looking for John L.ASTON married to Elizabeth SHULTZ. Her parents are Issac and Sarah SHULTZ. John ASTON had a brother JOSEPH L.ASTON.They lived in Lancaster,Pa any information please e-mail BAROBIN2@aol.com Th
Kathleen Robinson <BAROBIN2@aol.com>
KENNER, LA USA - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 08:20:14 (EDT)
Willard, Oh. USA - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 06:20:41 (EDT)
NICHOLS,KING,SHARP,MCCLELLAND,LAUGHLIN, These families immigrated to Lancaster Co PA from Ireland and Scotland in the mid 1700's. I am looking specifically for Thomas E. SHARP who married Jane McClelland in the late 1730's. John SHARP, b. 1745 who married Elizabeth LAUGHLIN, Elizabeth SHARP,b. 1749(sister of John Sharp) who married William KING. Edward KING, who married Elizabeth NICHOLS in 1751, and David King b. 1765 who married Elizabeth SHARP(daughter of John Sharp) Thanks Roberta McReynolds
Roberta McReynolds <fmcreyno@clandjop.com>
Joplin, MO USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 21:07:17 (EDT)
KENNEDY Would like to contact anyone researching Kennedy's of Lancaster Co, Pa. Dr Joseph Kennedy in his will 1-13-1778 (Mecklenburg Co, NC)states that the plantation in Hanover, PA to be sold. We descend from his sister Mary Kennedy d 1820 Greene Co,Tn m Major Temple. Joseph and Mary's parents are unknown. One other Kennedy brother named by Mary's grandson was John Kennedy Sr who died in Giles Co, TN., many of his descendants settled in KY.
Joanne May <joannemay@aol.com>
Ft.Worth, Tx USA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 14:01:58 (EDT)
$100 Reward for finding the Burial Place of Rosa Ann �Genrose� SCHADT, nee DURR. William Schadt, b. 06-06-1866, Germany, came to America in 1850/52 and was 1st in New York City; 2nd Middletown, PA; 3rd in Lock Haven, PA. He married Rosa Ann Durr, b. Abt 1835, on June 17, 1850/56. Where the they were married is not known, nor has any Durr lineage connection been found. I have been to Germany, met cousins and visited the Lutheran church where William was baptized; however, there are no records of the marriage and no Durr families in the area. William died in Lock Haven, PA, April 17, 1914 and is buried at that place. Rosa Ann died from lockjaw April 4, 1870 at the same place. There is an account of her death in the local newspaper, but no record of her funeral or the place of interment. William may have taken her body to the New York City area, Middletown, PA or Lebanon, PA, for interment. I am offering a $100 reward to the first person who can find the burial place of Rosa Ann. Any other Schadt or Durr information would be appreciated.
Robert Russell Schadt <rschadt@oak.kcsd.k12.pa.us>
Castanea, PA USA - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 08:17:33 (EDT)
Karnes/Kearns/Kerns and Shoup/Schaub/Shaup. Matthias Shaup came to this country in 1732 and settled in Lancaster. He became good friends with Nicholas Karnes and after Nicholas died Matthias married the widow of Nicholas and raised his two boys, Michael and George. Matthias had children of his own. He had six children. Was he married before and to whom.? Where some of these children his and Catherine Karnes. They moved to Augusta Co. Va. about 1747. I would appreicate any help, thanks!
Betsy Arndt <BetsyVenice@worldnet.att.net>
Venice, Fl USA - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 17:35:58 (EDT)
SIMON FOX: b. l837/l84l either in Lancaster County Luzerne County. Unable to find . My 2nd. g. grandfather.
smorgan <smorgan@berkshire.net>
Pittsfield, Ma. USA - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 16:46:25 (EDT)
I am researching the family of Peter Frey b1689 Germany, d 1766 NC, md Anna Barbara Schmidt. Family came to America in 1733 on the ship Samuel into Philadelphia - settled in Lancaster Co., PA. Moved to NC in 1765 - I know nothing of those years spent in PA. Their children: Maria Margaretha md2 M.Kapp d1785 Lancaster; Anna Eva md 1736 George Hage in Lancaster; Johann Valentine md Anna Maria Binchele Meyer(wid) 1742 in Lancaster (my line); Anna Barbara md Michael Lauer d1769 Berks Co.PA; Anna Maria md 1743 Philip Jacob Reuter in Lancaster; Johann Peter Jr md Catherine Walk in NC; Christian md 1754 Sara Schneider in Berks Co,PA; Maria Juliiana md 1757 Balthaser Hege, Lehigh,PA; Johann George md Anna C. Lerch; and Maria Franzina. Willing to share/exchange - will repay copy/postage fees. Betty Jo McDaniels, 2566 Va. Beach Blvd., Va. Beach, Va. 23452
Betty Jo McDaniels <HJHT62A@PRODIGY.COM>
Va. Beach, VA USA - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 08:04:25 (EDT)
I am researching BAXTRESSER, WALZ, KEELER, HELFERT, BEUTLER, WITMER. From the Lancaster Co. area. Please contact me if you have any information. I will be glad to exchange what I have. Thanks Judy
Judy Baxtresser <ewb3@wwnet.com>
Northville, MI USA - Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 19:28:48 (EDT)
JORDE, YORDE, YORDY, YORTY, STAUFFER. Peter Yordy, progenitor of YORDY family; in Lancaster Co by 1718; m Magdalena STAUFFER. Book based on this family is in process. Please contact me if you are a YORDY descendant.
Dorothy Ringer Paul <DrpFamTree@aol.com>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 09:55:11 (EDT)
From banducci@erie.net Thu May 22 11:05:00 1997

I was recently in contact with Elisa Poole, who gave me you email address.I am interested in the Muddy Creek Reformed Church. I am working on my family tree and noticed that my immigrant ancestor Jeremias ZIEMER (many spellings) was supposedly one of 6 on the rules committee that organized the church. He signed the Muddy Church Doctrine May 19, 1743. He later transfered to the first church of Allegheny, becoming one of its charter members. Jeremias immigrated to America aboard the "Charming Nancy" through Rotterdam, landing in Philadelphia, Nov. 9, 1738 from the Palatinate. He also received a land grant from William Penn's son in 1745. He died in 1796. His wife's name was (Anna) Barbara SANDER, died 1787. I do not know if they were married in Germany or here. Also they had a son and two daughters that might have beed baptized at Muddy Creek. Their names were Anna Barbara ZIEMER, baptized March 8, 1746, ( I do not have birth and death dates.) She married Andrea Burkhart. Christina ZIEMER no dates, married Nicholas HOLLAR, no dates. And finally my direct descendant Johan Heinrich ZIEMER 1743-1822. He may have gone by John Henry also. Jeremais is thought to have had a second wife, Julianna HERTZ. There is an indenture between Jeremias and her in the Berks Deeds, vol.13, Pg. 314. What I would like is any information that you might have of these people, birth dated, baptism dates or anything that you might think I should have. I am willing to pay for the costs of copies. I do not live in the area, so I am unable to so the leg work my self. I would be more than happy to help you if I am able with my little amount of information that I have. Thank you for your time and help. Carol Banducci banducci@erie.net
From Angeluss@aol.com Sun May 25 19:06:17 1997 Subject: WOODS - Lancaster Co., PA

I am looking for parents and additional information on Moses Woods who was born in Lancaster Co. in 1813. (Per his death certificate). In 1834, in Conestoga Twp, he married Mary Ann Wright. They had three children. William, Mary Jane and Elizabeth. In 1848, his wife, Mary Ann died and is buried at the United Christ Cemetery. I have no data on his son William. His daughter, Mary Jane, married Stanard Dameron and his daughter Elizabeth married Elias Wolfe.

In 1850 he is listed on the census for Preston Co. W.Va. He married Catherine Wolfe and had several more children. They moved to Washington Co. Ohio after 1866 as his last daughter was born in Preston Co. W.VA, however he is on the census in 1870 in Washington Co. Ohio.

I have been trying to locate his parents for at least 20 years. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Connie angeluss@aol.com So. Calif.

From "ballard1@merlin.net"@merlin.net Sun May 25 21:25:18 1997 Subject: Frieze & Horton

Katherine Frieze, B Lancaster Counth, PA, 1 July 1807. M Baker Horton at Great Valley, PA on 27 April 1826. Baker died in Galesburg IL 7 October 1871. They had 8 children, Samuel, John, George, Benjanin, Jesse, Maria, Joesph and an un-named son who died in infanacy. Jess was first engineer killed on C B & Q railroad out of Galesburg IL They moved to Galesburg in 1857. Baker, Katherine and George are buried in Hope Cemetery in Knox County IL. Joesphh died in Los Angeles CA in 1889. George Horton married Delia Jane Talcott and had one son Edgar Leroy who retired from C B & Q in late 1930's. George also worked for railroad but not sure if he retired from "Q" as he was a boomer. About all I have although a lot of Horton's around Long Island NY. I have a partial clipping from newspaper showing oldest house in US, on Long Island and built in 1629. This sent by Joseph Horton to his brother George and had to have been sent prior to 1889, the year that Joe died.

James Martin McDonald Sun May 25 20:02:26 1997
Looking for info on my family in Harrisburg, PA. My grandfather: Daniel James McDonald was born there 21 Aug 1887. Lather moved to Ottawa, IL. Married Mary Alvira DuShane 21 Aug, 1919. Later moved to Grand Rapids, MI. After death of Mary 23, Aug 1962, he moved to Edinburg, TX where he died 25 Nov. 1969. Buried in Grand Rapids, MI Daniel's father Frank McDonald. born 1849, died 1914. Married Anna Richards born 1854. That is all that is known of him.

Stella Sprouls Durham Fri May 30 12:02:04 1997
SPROUL, james- He was in Virginia by 1750 with at least three children, Samuel, James, and John. I do not know wife or parents names. He was Scot-Irish and Pres- byterian like so many others. Anything on the name ... please.

Joe Coffield Fri May 30 22:03:35 1997
Ruben B. CARLY (CARLEE) Adams County Am seeking info on Ruben Bates Carly (CARLEE) who was born in PA abt 1805/06. He arrived in Arkansas via Virginia during 1840's and Kentucky in the 1850's. He shows on Arkansas 1860 Census with children born in both Virginia and Kentucky and his occupation is listed as a medical doctor. Have found a Ruben B. Carly from Adams County, Fairfield, line 021. Need help in finding birth date, parents, etc. for Ruben CARLY. Thanks....

Renee Grotheer Sun Jun 1 08:31:05 1997
Andrew CALER, McSherrystown, Adams County, PA. Andrew CALER is listed in the 1820 census as above. My grandfather was Andrew CALER BROWN, my mother is Andrea CALER BROWN YOUNG. It appears that my grandfather was a Jr. Am interested in any information on the CALER surname. Will provide any information in my possession which might be helpful to others. Thanks.
June Leeper Bruce Wed Jun 11 18:18:49 1997
Am seaching LEEPER, James - born 1800 in Lancaster Co. Pa. He lived in Huntingdon Co. with wife Eliza Fort Leeper for some time time. His wife was born in New Jersey but traveled with her parents to ohio when her mother died onthe way. James and Eliza's children were, Daniel, James and Robert Leeper. I know for certain that both James and Eliza were buried in mes and Eliza were buried in Mapleton, Pa. I do not know the date of burial. of burial.
Michael Anthony Fri Jun 13 15:18:16 1997
Seeking any information on William ANTHONY. He was born 25 Jan 1845 in or around York County, Pennsylvania and died 20 Mar 1928. He married Mary Ann BRENEMAN 27 Sept 1868. Mary, the daughter of Martin B. BRENEMAN and Elizabeth ASPER, was born 17 Sept 1844 in Washington Twp., York County, Pennsylvania and died 24 Sept 1877. William and Mary had two children; Bertha ANTHONY born 1870 in York County; Lilly Mae ANTHONY born 14 Apr 1873 in York County and died 15 Feb 1911.
Buren Eshelman Tue Jun 24 14:42:17 1997
ESHELMAN/ESHLEMAN, Abraham b. c. 1795 in Lancaster Co. and Hannah WOLFGANG ESHELMAN b. 30 May 1795 in Northumber Co. They were married November 26, 1816 in Lancaster, PA. They were living in Sidehill,Bedford Co. in 1820 and Hannah may have died in Bedford Co. March 15, 1845. I would like to corresopnd with anyone who may be interested in this family.
Sherry Jesberger Fri Jun 20 19:46:24 1997
I am searching for anyone who may have a BISH in their ancestry.

J. Duke Edwards Sat Jun 21 17:40:56 1997
According to church records of SCHOPFLOCH (OBERAMT FREUDENSTADT) in Wuerttemberg one JOHANNES KLAIS along with wife CATHARINA GUTH and son FRIDERICH came to Pennsylvania, arriving Oct. 20, 1752 aboard the Duke of Wirtenburg. The name was spelled KLEIZ on passenger list. Also aboard were JACOB GUTH, JOHAN MICHAEL GUTH & JOHAN GEORG GUTH - father and brothers to CATHARINA. According to the Gerber lists others from the same village that came to Pennsylvania were CHRISTOPH KRAFT, JOHANN GEORG SEEGER, CONRAD STOEHR & SIMON VOEHR. Any assistance in locating any of the above would be greatly appreciated.
James R Davis Wed Jun 18 09:12:19 1997
looking for information on GGF Jacob Schenck Davis b.10aug1843 Lancaster co. married Eliza Jane Hershey b.17mi no of Harrisburg in 1843.don't have date the were married but sometime after they moved to Weatherford Texas had six cildren ...Sarah Ann,Charles Jacob,Will,Henry,George, Mamie...thanks
Veronica Lutz Robinson Thu Jun 19 08:26:37 1997
Am descended from Valentine LUTZ, b. 1775 Worms, Germany, d. 1866 Baltimore, MD. Married Cathrina WOLF 1808, Balto. Cathrina's parents were Tobias WOLF, b. 1757, d. 1817, and wife Rosina, maiden name unknown. Valentine LUTZ married second wife, Mary Christina HEDRICH, @ 1820. There may have been a third wife. About 20 children of these unions. Valentine made another trip back to Germany, returned to Baltimore 1803. Looking for Valentine LUTZ's parents or other relatives who might have lived in PA. Cannot find origination point for Valentine on passenger list, etc. A "Mr." LUTZ appears on Baltimore city census of 1790, and Valentine appears in the Baltimore City directory in 1796, but without indication of parents or other relatives in town. Same thing applies to the Tobias WOLF family, although both families are then found attending First Reformed Church of Balto from late 1700's. Thanks for any clues or info!
Robert B. Kelley Thu Jun 19 09:56:07 1997
I'm interested in confirming my grandfather's, Leo S. Kelley, birth information, his parentage, and other personal details. Leo S. Kelley was born in Altoona(?) in 1880 or 1881. Leo lived in Lancaster PA and worked for the Pennsyvania Railroad as an engineer from at least 1906 thru 1910. At age 26, Leo married Clara A, Warfel of Conestoga PA on 12/26/1906 in Lancaster PA. Leo listed Miles City, Montana, as a residence on marriage application. My father, Levi Burns Kelley, was an only child, and was born 7/12/1910 in Lancaster, PA. Levi later took the name Leo, and was also known as Burns. My father married Adeline Helen Stiranka on 12/27/1935 in New York City.

Maryellen Clemons Fri Jun 27 13:16:04 1997
I am seeking the parents of Lemuel A. PATTERSON born in Montgomery or Philadelphia Co. April 21st, 1825. According to his Civil War Pension Records, he was born in Montgomery Co. The family was almost certainly Methodist-Episcopal.
Maryellen Clemons Fri Jun 27 13:18:32 1997
I am seeking the parents of Lemuel A. PATTERSON born in Montgomery or Philadelphia Co. April 21st, 1825. According to his Civil War Pension Records, he was born in Montgomery Co. The family was almost certainly Methodist-Episcopal.

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