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St Peter and Paul Byzantine Catholic Church

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As recorded by Jeremy & Renée Hersey, Sept 5, 1999

Note that the records for the Greek Catholic church, St. Michaels, in Clymer, PA are in the possession of this church. The priest, Fr. Theodore Seginak, explained that the church in Clymer fell under the jurisdiction of Sts Peter and Paul, and when Clymer's church changed to Orthodox, the records were remanded to the custody of Sts Peter and Paul. He stated this happened in 1920, although other sources claim this was after 1925. In either case, the Clymer entries are noted as such here. Clymer also has a Greek Catholic church, St. Ann's, in use today. Those entries noted "probably Clymer" are such because the note-takers were operating under the assumption that only Punxsutawney records were being reviewed. Those entries marked with "*?" indicate some characters in the preceeding name were hard to read or may be transcribed incorrectly. Information not included below may exist and was simply not written down, as the recorders were overwhelmed by the volume of information available, and only took selected information.

Sts Peter & Paul B. C. Church, Punxutawney, PA

Pg 170, #13
Birth: Feb 23, 1919 Baptism: Mar 1, 1919
both occurring at Bay-Run, PA

Name: Theodorus Masc Legitimate
Parents: Demetrius Holubinka both originally of Smerek, Lisko Co, Galacia
Anastasia Kopylec
Godparents: Petrus Rusniak
Anna Krivanska nata Livanics

Pg 182, #60
Birth: Jun 24 Baptism: July 4
Birth at Fordham, PA, Bapt. at Punxsutawney, PA

Name: Rudolphus Masc Legitimate
Parents: Joanes Ferencz orig. of Stovinka, Szepes Co. Hungary
Anna Svistak orig of Housedale, PA
Godparents: Stephanus Firment
Anna Cgriszak*? Hardek

Pg 28, #85
Birth: Oct 15, 1901 Bapt: Oct 20, 1901
birth at Rathareus*?, PA bapt. at Rossiter, PA

Parents: Andrej Varcholak orig of Obruzino*?, Saros Co. Hungary 
Maria Varchola same
Godparents: Elias Smra*?, of Csucs*?, Saros Co., Hungary
Maria Gulas*?
Priest was Antonius Mhley Greek Catholic Missionary

Pg 28, #95
Birth: Nov 11, 1901 Bapt: Nov 13, 1901
Both occurring in Glen Campbell, PA

Name: Maria
Parents: Andreas Pertusz orig of Fekstenhut, Saros Co, Hungary
Katharina Lukaczko same?
Godparents: Joannes Kostorko
Susanna Ramik

Pg ?, #92
Birth: Aug 16, 1917 Bapt: Sept 2, 1917
birth place?, Punxsutawney?

Name: Michael
Parents: Michael Dzendzdy
Maria Marz of Punxsutawney?
Godparents: Michael F/Zemlgran
Anna F/Zemlgran nee? Pasqsircsirs

Pg ?
Birth: May 8, 1918 Bapt: May 26, 1918
Birth at Valier Fortham, PA, bapt at Punxsutawney, PA

Name: Georgius
Parents: Joannes Ference orig of Szlovinka, Szepes Co. Hungary?
Anna Svistak orig of Housedale, PA
Godparents: Stephanus Firment
Anna Hardek

Birth: Sept 28, 1918 Bapt: Oct 5, 1918
both occurring at Ernest, PA

Name: Basilius
Parents: Basil Petrus orig of Uogyorasha, Buez Co, Hungary
Elizabeth Molnar orig of Kowaroc', Ung, Hungary
Godparents: Cardas Babel
Helena Totu nata Spontak

Pg 183, #67
Birth: July 8, 1920 Bapt: July 25, 1920
both occurring at Rossiter, PA

Name: Franciscus
Parents: Michael Girovsky orig of Szanswo*?, Zemplem, Hungary
Susanna Medwed orig of Palocsd*?, Saros Co.
Godparents: John Busigar
Anna Kralik Timko

Pg 193, #96
Entry named Joseph Huk orig of Hokiav, Tokar*?, Co.

Pg ?
Birth: Mar 17, 1907 Bapt: Mar 21, 1907
Both occurring at Sykesville, PA

Name: Juliana
Parents: Joannes Hodowantez orig of Luh, Galacia
Theodoria Barna orig of Radocina, Gorlice

Birth: July 6, 1907 Bapt: July 11, 1907
Birth at Horatio, PA, bapt at Punxsutawney, PA

Name: Anna
Parents: Michael Dzendzdy orig of Visloczok, Galacia
Maria Maraz orig of Felso Szlovinka, Serpes, Co. Hungary?
Godparents: Michal Zemlam
Maria Griszak

Pg? #149
Birth: Sept 22, 1912 Bapt: Sept 24, 1912
Birth at Urey, PA, Breisons No 3.

Parents: Demetrius Holubinka orig of Smerek, Lisko Co. Galacia
Anastasia Kopylecz same
Godparents: Michael Miterko
Maria Petercsik nata Miterko*?
** note on this entry: since this is a living relative of one of the recorders, it is to be noted that this birth was supposed to have occurred at Lochvale/Bear-Run, and baptism at the church in Punxsutawney. There was a mine/shanty town near Urey called No 3, perhaps Breisons is the company name…

Pg? #17
Marriage: May 25, 1907, at Punxsutawney, PA

Groom: Joannes Dzindza, 25 yrs of Breisnus, Indiana Co., PA
Parents: Demetrius Dzindza of Luh, Lisko Co. Galacia
Anna Koliban of same
Bride: Maria Holubinka, 22 yrs of Breisnus, Indiana Co., PA
Parents: Joannes Holubinka of Smerek, Lisco Co., Galacia
Anna Topolcsak of same
Witness: Theodor Kacsur
Andreas Rusznak
noted as Clearfield County License #14402

Pg 49, #5
Marriage: Maji 21, 1923

Groom: Joannes Holubka, gr. Cath of Savan, PA
Parents: Basilius Holubka of Vnghya, Maruiaros Co., Hungaria
Helena Pop. of same
Bride: Anna Firment, gr. Cath of Bowersville, PA
Parents: Joannes Firment of Punxsutawney, PA
Susanna Cepina of same
Witness: Andreas Korsoc.c
Michal Pop.
Minister Paulus Mankovic

St Michael's Greek Catholic Church, Clymer, PA

Pg ?, #18
Marriage: Oct 21, 1916, Clymer, PA

Groom: Basilius Hodovanec, 20 yrs only place named is
Parents: Michael & Eva Hodovanec Luhi, Lisko
Bride: Catharina Dobos, 16 yrs only place named is
Parents: Michal & Anastasia Maczita*?, Tworivne, Lisko
Witness: George Lazorsin
John Lazorsin
Dixonville, PA (this is probably where the couple is from)
notes on side: #340 1916 X/17 (X has a bar on top)

Pg 240, #2
Marriage: Jan 20, 1913, Clymer, PA

Groom: John Dobos, 26 yrs
Parents: Michael & Anastasia Macsita
placenames noted Tvorivni, Lisko, & Dixonville, PA
Bride: Elizabeth Legdan, 16 yrs
Parents: Gregory & Euphemiae Lazorisin
placenames noted Smerek, Lisko, & Dixonville, PA
Witness: George Lazorisin
Dimitrius Kalita

Pg 232, #40
Marriage: Nov 25, 1911, Clymer, PA

Groom: John Kacz, 28 yrs
Parents: Michal & Maria Kit
placenames noted Bereki Hivini Lisko & Idamar, PA
Bride: Anna Bunga
Parents: Michal & Eva Dzuba
placenames noted Wetlina, Lisko & Idamar, PA
Witness: Ignatius Icekctovsky*?
Basilius Lipniczky
notes on side #423, 1911 XI/23

Pg 226, #3
Marriage: Jan 28, 1911, Clymer, PA

Groom: Michael Becza, 25 yrs
Parents: John & Parascevae Vaso (s has bar on top)
placename Hilske
Bride: Catharina Lazorisin, 17 yrs
Parents: George & Eva Tech (Zech?)
placename Studene, Galacia
Witness: Nicholas Cservenak
Dimitrius Vajda
noted couple is of Dixonville, PA

Pg ? Clymer books
Noted from marriage & birth entries
- Michael Truchan married Maria Steiniger
Michael Truchan from Smerek, 
Maria Steiniger from Makovec, Galacia

George Bobak from Smerek
______ Legdan from Smerek

1909 entry notes Lazoratin from Sztudeny

Catharina Vovk from Smerek

Dec 5, 1909 Anna, Basilin Busoveczky from Rrive Galasia

Mar 9, 1910 Basil--, Basilius Bobak from Smerek
Anna Ruszin from Kalnica

Anna Pohlit from Javorecs Galacia, & Starford, PA
Godparents (in same entry?) Michaewl Nedvigy & Maria Birovcsak Fecsik

Pg ?
Birth: Aug 9, 1910

Name: Susanna
Parents: Michael Nedvigy orig of Smerek
Anastasia Battli orig of Smerek
parents from Clymer, PA

Pg ?
Birth: Aug 8, 1910

Name: Petrus
Parents: Alexander Hrusko
Anna Dzunda (u has a curved v over top)
orig of Gerlacho, Saros Co., Hungaria

Birth: Aug 17, 1910 Bapt: Aug 27, 1910
at (or parents of) Homer, PA

Name: Anna
Parents: Andreas Petrulyak both? Orig of Osztornya, Szepes Co, Hungary
Martha Kacsmarak
Godparents: John Urban
Maria Urhin Balincsak

Pg ?
Birth: Oct 13, 1911
Arcadia, PA

Name: Andreas
Parents: Joanes Gonosz orig of Polgana, Zemplin, Hungary
Parasca Pertuska orig of BisBócz, Sarós Co, Hungary

Birth: Oct 22, 1911 Bapt: Nov 4, 1911
Both? at Glen Campbell, PA

Name: Dimitrius
Parents: Paul Vos'c'ip orig of Javorecs, Lisko
Catharina Dzindza orig of Luch, Lisko Co. Austria Galacia
Godparents: Joannes Vasilkiv
Theodora Tismco Huk

Birth: Dec 3
Ernest, PA

Name: Michael
Parents: Michael Kozel both? orig of Benedik, Bereg Co., Hungaria
Anna Medvigy

Pg ?
Birth: Dec 18, 1911
Clymer, PA

Name: Stephanus
Parents: Stephanus Petrunyak orig of Lubna, Zemplen
Anna Hanycsauk orig of Paphasa
both of Clymer, PA

Birth: June 21, 1912

Name: Maria
Parents: Basil Mikita orig of Ladomer Saros Co.
Anna Losko

Birth: Aug 1, 1912

Name: Helen 
Parents: Michael Holovacsko (Holovaiko?) orig of Bobovisce, Berèg Co.
no mother listed?
Of Clymer, PA

Birth: May 11, 1913
at Dixonville, PA

Name: Maria
Parents: Michael Becza orig of Hilske, Lisko
Cathearina Lazorisin orig of Studene, Lisko


Birth: Jan 29, 1919 Bapt: Feb 5, 1919

Name: Georgy
Parents: Vasily Nedvid orig of Smerek, Lisko, Galacia
Anna Legda same?
Godparents: Andrew Burnaclo
Rozalia Bunacle
note this entry has a handwritten reference (in different ink) to 
surname Nedvid as "also Barney"
Pg ?
Birth: May 22, 1913 Bapt: June 1, 1913
Birth at Creekside, PA, bapt at Ernest, PA

Name: Georgius
Parents: George Stanko orig of Nagy Zalaiska, Ung Co.
Maria Fejedelem (or -rn) orig of Tololyan, Zemplen Co.
Godparents: Michael Grovszks
Pavlina Pehancs
place name noted as Ernsest, PA -prob residence of parents

Birth: Dec 31, 1913 Bapt: Jan 24, 1914

Name: George
Parents: Dimitrius Varcholik orig of Smerecin, Krosno, Galacia
Anna Litvin orig of Bianzapatan, Zemplen
Godparents: Michael Hirko
Sereza*? Bartko
placename Waterman, Indiana Co., PA - prob residence of parents

Pg 300, #21
Death: Dec 4/5 1911

Entry: Anna Medvigy, 17 yrs, Iuxor Michalis Kozel
orig of? Benedik, Bereg Co. Hungary
Ernest, PA
Burial? - Indiana, PA at St. Bernards Cemetary
it may be noted that the recorders found a birth entry for this couple dated Dec 3, it is included on a preceding page.

Pg 318, #18
Death: ? when

Entry: Maria Bunga, 17 yrs
Michael & Euphemia Hilscasky
Dixonville, PA
Dixonville, PA
burial at St. Michael Archangel Cemetary, Dixonville, PA

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