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 Wing Family Cemetery

This cemetery is located 6/10s of a mile from the intersection of Rt. 36 and Rt 899 heading towards Cooks Forest on the left side of the road.  There will be a house and a small grouping of trees.  The cemetery is located in the trees.

There appear that there are other graves present.  There is found a few field stones that may have been grave markers, but no inscriptions are present.

Picture of Cemetery looking from Rt 36

Picture of Cemetery looking toward Rt 36

Stone 1

Eliza - wife of A. Haight.  Died March 1880, aged 71 years

Ambrose Haight.  Died November 1879, aged 66 years.

Stone 2

Esther A - wife of G.B. Haight.  Died November 9, 1871, aged 33 years 2 months 26 days

Stone 3

Elihu Wing Sr - Died February 20, 1864, aged 71 years 3 months, 6 days (there is a footstone for this grave with the initials E.W. inscribed on it)

Stone 4

Elihue Jr - son of E & A Wing.  Died February 13, 1846, aged 14 years 4 days.

Stone 5

Lorenzo D - son of E & A Wing.  Died November 18, 1845, aged 19 years 10 months 15 days.

Stone 6

P. Haight - Died January 18, 1849

Stone 7

B. Haight - Died August 18, 1848, aged ?? years, 6 months, 11 days


Recorded April 28, 2004 - Nathan Zipfel

Contributed by Nathan Zipfel for use by the Jefferson County Genealogy Project http://www.pa-roots.com/jefferson/)

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