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Barnett is the sixth township, organized in 1833, and was named for Joseph Barnett, the pioneer of Jefferson County. It was taken from Rose township, and until 1838 comprised all that part of Jefferson county lying north of the Clarion river. This township is now bounded on the north by Forest county, from which it is divided by the Clarion River; on the east by Heath township; on the south by Eldred, and on the west by Clarion county.

Situated at the western side of the county, Barnett is one of the northern tier of townships. The greater part of the township is a wilderness. Its northern side is a long slope five hundred feet in height, stretching to the Clarion River. Its southern side bordering on Eldred is traversed nearly it whole length by the ravine of Cathers Run, which heads at the eastern side of the township, and deepens rapidly westward. A narrow strip, therefore, of high land, trending east and west, occupies the center of the township, along which runs its main road, leading from Brookville to Clarington, in Forest county.

Early settlers -- The first to settle in what is now Barnett township, were William, George and Samuel Armstrong, who came from Crawford county about 1827, David and Joseph Reynolds, John Cook, John H. Maze and Alexander Murray came about 1829. David Reynolds cleared the first land, and made the first improvements.

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