World War I Discharged Men 

June 5, 1919 Jeffersonian Democrat

Harry GEIST, private,11 Casual Co., enlisted September 4,1918, discharged December 23,1918

Richard R. FITZSIMMONS, corporal 7 th Co., Casual Detachment, enlisted June 29,1918, discharged January 15, 1919

Albert C. DeMOTTE, private S.A.T. C., Indiana Normal, enlisted October 22,1918, discharged, December 13,1918

Ralph M. DUNKLE, private, 2d Co. 1st Bat. 155 Depot Brigade, enlisted October 2,1917, discharged December 16, 1918.

Charles W. HINDERLITER, private, Battery B, 51st Artillery C.A., enlisted April 26, 1917, discharged February 14,1919.

Vernon A. ADAMS, private, Co. F, 112th Supply Train enlisted February 25,1918, discharged April 17,1919.

Joseph H. NEISWANGER, private, Hq. Co., 20th Engineers, enlisted May 4,1917, discharged April 29,1919.

Daniel T. BALMER,private, U.S. Army Ambulance Service, enlisted June 15,1917, discharged April 26, 1919.

William O. REITZ, sergeant, F.A.R.T., enlisted November 12,1917, discharged November 28,1918.

Pearl H. FISCUS, private, Co. D 120th Inf., enlisted June 24,1918, discharged, April 10,1919.

Dess A. JOHNS, private, 111th Inf., enlisted February 25, 1918, discharged March 28,1919.

David P. FITZSIMMONS,private, Co. C, 110th Signal Battalion, enlisted July 6, 1918, discharged July 14,1919.

Thomas H. CHITTESTER, private, Co. C, 309th Signal Battalion, enlisted March 4, 1919, discharged May 14,1919.

Don A. HEETER, private, Co. A, Reserve Labor Battalion, enlisted July 25,1918, discharged February 19,1919.

Joseph W. McMANIGLE, private, Det. Veterinary Corps. enlisted February 25, 1918, discharged January 31,1919.

Wade N. SARVEY, private, 47th Spruce Squadron, enlisted July 29, 1918, discharged January 10,1919.

Clyde L. DOBSON, private Co. M, 168th Inf., enlisted October 7, 1917, discharged April 16,1919.

Harry C. ATWELL, corporal, 5th C. Candidate Battalion, enlisted February 25,1918, discharged November 26,1918.

Harry S. MORRISON, corporal, 97th Aero Sig. Squadron, enlisted August 10,1917, discharged February 3,1919.

Charles D. ANDERSON, private 362d Inf., enlisted June 26,1918, discharged April 30,1919.

Roy F. TRUMAN, sergeant, Hq.Det. 15th Engineers, enlisted May 21, 1917, discharged May 15,1919.

Contributed by Sue Herman

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