What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?


The Old Home Town
By Charity James

Joseph Barnett
By Mark Himes

The First Stores of Brookville and Their Owners (to 1976)
By Candie Syphrit

Indians of Jefferson County
By Megan Milford

Chief Cornplanter
By Missy Gelnette

The Old Brookville Cemetery
By Adam Slagle

A Peek Into the Past; St. Marys Cemetery
By Emily Straitiff

Former Slaves and the Underground Railroad in Brookville, PA
By Koren Conway

Black History of Jefferson County
By Monica Collins

Lumbering: Jefferson County's Pioneer Industry
By Beth Williams

Early County Growth Traced to Lumbering
By Trevor Doust

Cook Forest
By Ben Plyler

The Historic Buildings of Brookville
By Leanna Pearsall

The History of the Old Jail
By Andrea Moser

The Old Jefferson Cemetery
By Matt Lewis

Coal Mining in Jefferson County
By Daniel Kalgren

Objects Found in the Historical Museum
By Anthony Prusakowski

The Natural Gas Boom In Jefferson County
(From 1939 Anniversary Edition Jefferson Democrat)

The Saint Patrick's Day Flood of 1936
By Kate Frontino

Earle Sandt: Brookville's Original Bird Man

Healing the Pioneers; Dr. William J. McKnight
By Michelle McGahey

The First Autopsy in Brookville
By Allan Barch

Montgomery Stahlman's Scripture Rocks; A Testiment
By Nicole Park

Jared B. Evans; Brookville's Pioneer Merchant
By Bobby Polito

The History of the Brookville Area School District
By Nicole Hetrick

"Prominent Men and Civil, Edited this Paper"
By Angie Fitzgerald

The Legend of Slyhoff's Grave

Dan Smith's Candies, Inc.
By Jessica Nissel

Barns In Brookville

Puckerty Joe; The Life of Joseph Susolik
By Jen Jackson

Truman's Store; In the Heart of Sigel
By Beth Williams

The Legend of the Burning Well

The Unfinished Dream
By Heather Buck

The Jefferson Democrat; The Pioneer Paper
By Jill Mumford

"A Rare Flair"
By Alison Hynes

H. Eugene McMurray

A brief History of Sports in Brookville
By Jackie Holtz

The 1939 Brookville Basketball Team
"Hardball in Hard Times"

By Chad Eric Long

Railroads of Historical Brookville
By Ethan Evans

Pittsburg & Shawmut Railroad
By Jay Shoffstall

The Story of the Brookville Locomotive
By Mike Bullers

Kelso-Reitz Building
By Jimmy Walter

Gray-Taylor House
By Justin LeFurjah

Marlin's Opera House
By Lee Hammer

Brookville Presbyterian Chruch
By Jason Carrier

Secret Societies of Brookville
By Christie Syphrit

The Old Pennzoil Station
By Shawn M. Glinkerman

The First 30 Years of the Brookville Fire Company
By Danielle Weckerly

Civil War Heros, The 'Wildcats'
Muster Roll of Company B
One Hundred-fifth Regiment

By Jeremiah Orris

Berdan's Sharpshooters In the War of the Rebellion
By Amy Preston

Summerville; Brookville's Southern Neighbor
By Elizabeth Luther

I-80's Exit 13- A Gateway to Progress
By Joel Hammond

Kate M. Scott, Setting the Record Straight
By Devon McPherson

Indian History of the Brookville Area
By Marlana Ann Miller

The Columbia Theater, Novel Entertainmant In a Novel Setting
By Marlena McNutt

The First United Methodist Church
By Ashley Reitz

The History of the First Baptist Church in Brookville: "More than a Building"
By Eric Carlson

1777: The Stars and Strpies Unfurl
By Tiffany Sarvey

The Brookville Hospital; Serving the Community for Eight Decades
By Ratna Ganabathi

The DeMotte Garage
"A Life of Service"

By Tiffany Bickle

Brookville's YMCA
By Nicole Kerle

Important Events in Brookville from 1886-1984
By Kari Martz

The One-Arm Blacksmith
By Jolie Connor

The Immaculate Conception Church in Brookville
By Jamie Burkett

The Brady Craig House
By Jenny Keihl

Want To Know More About Historic Brookville?

A Short History of Jefferson County Schools
By Tonya Thompson

History of the Evangelical United Methodist Chruch
By Jason Long

Carrier-Humphrey House (1897) "A Place for Friends."
by Lauren McKinney

Gone But Not Forgotten....

"Who Skinned Henry Southerland?"

Mountain Man McCool

George I. Reitz and Sons,
"The Spirit of the Community"

By Tiffany Gumpher

The Richardsville Baptist Chruch
By Krissy Lindermuth

The History of the Lutheran Chruch in Brookville
"Tolling for the Lord"

By Kristy Kelso

The Women's Christian Temperance Union;
"The Light of God's Truth..."

By Melanie Morris

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