What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The Richardsville Baptist Church

By Krissy Lindermuth

The Richardsville Baptist Church started with six letters. In April 1845, six members of the Gethsmane and Brookville churches were dismissed, by letter, from those churches. William Humphreys, Peter Rickard, Margaret Rickard, Andrew Rickard, Galbraith Wilson and Nancy Wilson started the Richardsville Baptist Church.

For six years these members worshiped the Lord in barns, private homes and in nearby schoolhouses. The congregation did not have a pastor so occasionally a minister passing through the town would preach for them.

The first pastor at the church was the Rev. John Sallade who was appointed in 1851.

The congregation organized themselves and then began to build a meeting house (church) one mile north of Hazen. They tried to construct the building but did not succeed in getting it under roof. The members continued worshiping in barns, homes and schoolhouse.

It wasn't until 1856, that the congregation met N. Carrier, Sr. and for $25, purchased the land that the present church and cemetery now stand. Mr. Carrier donated seven dollars out of the $25 to the church.

Thanks to Carrier's contributions in 1857 and 1858, the preparation of the church began. Ten members organized a building committee that consisted of four members. Then in 1858, the current church was completed. It was dedicated in May 1859. In 1882, the work continued with the construction of a parsonage of eight rooms and a cellar on the land beside the church. The improvements continued with the erection of a fence on three sides of the church property in 1884 and horse sheds on the fourth side.

In 1888, the land was worth $4,000. After the church was built, a house to be used as a Sabbath School was built as an "Evergreen" school.

The church can seat up to 400 people and has been in service for over 131 years, upholding the letter of the Lord.


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