What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

History of the Evangelical United Methodist Church

By Jason Long

The original Evangelical United Brethren Church was built at a cost of $45,000. In 1884, a parsonage was added, erected largely through the talents of the congregation. In 1885, the church steeple was struck by lightning and the insurance company paid a claim of $132 in damages.

The first minister to preach at the Evangelical United Methodist Church was Rev. Henry Rhoades. He was at the church for only one week and after his departure, Rev. Joseph Woodhull took over the responsibilities of the preacher. He was succeeded by the Rev. Joseph F. Portch in 1872.

By 1899, 193 students were attending the E.U.M. Sunday School. The total number of people in the congregation had dropped to 85 by 1977.

A new church fund was launched on the 73rd anniversary of the church. In the first year only $2,320 was raised. That increased to $10,150 and $34,720 in the third year.

The Church Choir took advantage of the new radio to spread the Lord's message. Each Sunday they would go to DuBois to take part in the religious services heard on the air.

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