What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The Immaculate Conception Church in Brookville

By Jamie Burkett

Rising high above the trees and the structures of Brookville is the blue-roofed bell tower of the Immaculate Conception Church. The bronze bells in the tower rang out for the first service on June 1, 1890 and ever since that first day have been calling to remind people that the holy sacrifice was about to begin.

German and Irish catholics began building the splendid structure in 1872. The tower was commpleted in July, 1888. The bricks of the church were taken from an older church building. Over the years a few repairs have been required and a new parking area added. The steeple also required some repair from the damage caused by severe weather.

The interior decorations of the church are both old and new. The main alter was hand painted by one of the pioneer parishioners. The stations of the cross are oil paintings that were first hung on March 18, 1887. The stained glass windows, tabernacle, alter, and pulpit are fine examples of religious art.

The church has been helpful to the community. It has provided meals for the elderly, helped needy families, provided food for flood victims and also seved in many service projects.

Father Joseph Ciaiola had been the priest at Immaculate Conception for more than 50 years. He recently retired. The new priest is Father Staszewski.

The church is located at 192 Graham Ave. and the steeple with the silver cross on the top can be see from all over the town of Brookville.

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