What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

Important Events in Brookville from 1886-1984

By Kari Martz

September 1, 1886- Marlin's new opera house has been completed. Brookville now has a place for entertainment.

January 18, 188- The History of Jefferson County, which was compiled by Miss Kate Scott, and published by D. Matson & Company, was distributed.

March 25, 1892- At about 12:30 a.m. the people of Brookville were awakened by the ringing of the fire bells. The brewery of the S.C. Christ was in flames. The men were not able to save the building.

August 15, 1901- The Jefferson County Home was completed. It provided accommodations for the poor.

February 26, 1903- Brookville is to have a new banking institution, which will be named Brookville Title and Trust Company.

July 4, 1907- The Brookville First Methodist Episcopal Church decided to build a new church on account of little room.

October 23, 1910- The Brookville Baptist Church reopened, after undergoing extensive repairs.

1911- Flood

March 18, 1916- Brookville now has a Glove Factory.

February 22, 1934- There was a fire at the Memorial Home which resulted in the deaths of ten women.

April 25, 1935- For the first time in history a woman is a member of the Jefferson County Bar.

March 19, 1936- Brookville had the worst flood in history! The water in Red Bank reached 18 feet over the main level.

February 18, 1937- Brookville had a beauty contest planned, but it had to be canceled because of no applicants.

September 4, 1950- The Brookville Lutheran Church celebrated its 100th anniversary.

November 26, 1963- A memorial was held at the Brookville High School in remembrance of the late John F. Kennedy.

December 20, 1968- The Brookville Hospital reaches its 50th year.

November 7, 1974- A new nursing home was built adjacent to the present building. It is to have 100 beds.

In 1984- The Jeffersonian Democrat celebrates its 100th anniversary.

July 19, 1996- A flood in Brookville.

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