What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The Old Brookville Cemetery
By Adam Slagle

Located at the corner of Pickering and Butler Streets in Brookville, the Old Brookville Cemetery (also known as Northside Cemetery), is one of the most historic graveyards in the area.

When it was opened in 1832, the cemetery was very beautiful, well maintained, and full of shade. In fact, it was so beautiful that the first settler in Jefferson County was buried there.

His name was Joseph Barnett. He is there along with many other Revolutionary and Civil War veterans. The first person buried there was Samuel Craig.

It was built on land that was donated by the Pickerings. The graveyard is very small and has no roads going through it. The cemetery is so small that it was closed in 1863 because it was so full. The new one, behind Brookville High School and near Interstate 80, is still used to this day.

Although it started out nice, the cemetery has become overgrown, stones have been destroyed, the ground has become uneven, and it's in terrible need of repair. Throughout the years, several attempts have been made at fixing it up, but eventually it all grows up again.

As I write this, plans are being made for yet another restoration. This one is being taken on by the Jefferson County Historical and Genealogical Society. I sincerly hope that this one is successful and it lasts for a long time.

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