What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

1777: The Stars and Stripes Unfurl

By Tiffany Sarvey

We carried the Union Jack into battle with the mother country. After all we are still British citizens until we win this war. But we had changed the Union Jack ever so slightly. We have added our own 13 stripes in order that we may symbolize our 13 original colonies which we have established. By now, we have ultimately declared our independence. And we are well into the war for it. It is now time to lower Union Jack and raise our own colors. In June Congress sets itself to the task of resolving just what our very own flag will look like. We will keep our 13 stripes. Red shall stand for courage, and white for purity. But now, we will replace the Union Jack with 13 stars on a field of blue loyalty. She is beauty, our Stars and Stripes, long may she wave.

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