What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

Kate M. Scott, Setting the Record Straight

By Devon McPherson

Kate M. Scott was a prominent woman in the history of Jefferson County.

Miss Scott was born on October 5, 1837, in Ebensburgh, PA. Her parents were John and Hannah Gray Scott. The family moved to Jefferson County in 1857, Kate Scott's 20th year.

In the winter of 1861-62, the first winter of the Civil War, Kate answered the call of Colonel Amor A. McKnight, a Brookville native, to aid the men who were sick, dying of fever, pneumonia, as well as injuries sustained in the war.

Following the war, Kate Scott became secretary of the Regimental Association. She served in this capacity from 1879-1891. Throughout these years, Kate was honored by the Historical Command for her book entitled, "History of the 105th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers."

Miss Scott was recognized for work in the Women's Relief Corps in Jefferson County and in the state of Pennsylvania. She was very involved in the establishment of Brookville Soldier's Home, presently known as the Pennsylvania Memorial Home, which is located on Euclid Avenue.

Kate was also interested in the work of the Association of Army Nurses of the Civil War and served as the National Secretary. When Kate died, she was working on the history of that association.

She also assisted in the arranging of entertainment for the veterans and nurses at the annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. In the summer of 1910, she spent time in Atlantic City, assisting Executive Director Colonel Frank M. Sterrett in preparation for the encampment of 1910.

Under the appointment of President Benjamin Harrison, Kate Schott served in the capacity of Postmistress at the Brookville Post Office.

Miss Scott's father founded the Brookville Republican and for years Kate contributed to many of the columns.

She edited the comprehensive "History of Jefferson County" published in 1888. She worked intensively and did much research for this book.

Kate Scott died on April 15, 1911. She is buried in the Brookville Cemetery.

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