What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

Summerville; Brookville's Southern Neighbor

By Elizabeth Luther

The town of Summerville was one of six Indian villages located in the present boundaries of Jefferson County. In 18 Summers Baldwin purchased the land from the Holand Land Company which was originally the Indian village of Troy. Before 1820 Solomon Fuller, John Welch, Fred Hetrick, Henry Lott and Alonzo Baldwin settled in Summerville. In 1820 the Carrier Brothers purchased 96 acres of land and rebuilt the grist mills on the land.

The first bridge was built across Red Bank Creek to Summerville in 1838. In 1839, the first post office was built with David Losh being the first postmaster. In 1840 James Anderson purchased a well from Major Johnson and started a salt works. Before the citizens had to travel to Saltsburgh, Indiana County to purchase salt.

In 1842, Clover Township was made a district.

The first school was in Clover Township and was taught by Joseph McGiffin. There were four grades in the school. A term was four months and the pupils had to pay 50 cents a term. While the teacher boarded around. In 1887 Summerville was incorporated into a town with the population of 350. When the Civil War broke out many men and boys went to the front and many never returned. In 1896 with lumbering slowing down, the Carrier Brothers opened the first commercial coal mines which proved to be very prosperous and Summerville's economy also increased, Mrs. J.F. Markle came to town, purchased land and began to build houses followed by creation of new business and the town's valuation soared upward to over $500,000. Then in 1912 two very destructive fires burned down the large company store which was built by the Carrier brothers, the Old Osborne Hotel and other great historical landmarks.

On July 19, 1996, there was a disastrous flood which destroyed many homes and business in Summerville. The town of Summerville still stands today and is located on Route 28, approximately six miles south of Brookville.

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