What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The First 30 Years of the Brookville Fire Company

By Danielle Weckerly

The Volunteer Fire Company was formed during a meeting at the Central Hotel on June 7, 1909. The following officers were elected: President, T.V. Hendricks; Vice President, A.M. Waddings; Secretary, Harry McMurray; Treasurer, L.B. Shannon. Trustees were: H.G. Means, G.W. Aulenbach, W.N. Conrad, Charles S. Sigel, F.E. Love, B.E. Kline, Ed Johnson, J.A. Armstrong, Charles Anderson, Charles Wentzel were named to a committee on Constitution and Bylaws.

Since it first started till 1939, four fire chiefs have served the company. The first fire chief was Charles Sigel, then A.M. Wadding was elected and after his death R.S. Wensel was made Chief and served for nine years. Robert Evans was the chief in 1939. The officers in 1939 were: President, O.O. Vanleer; Secretary, Neil Fleming; Treasurer, Police Chief Fred Smith. The assistant fire chiefs were: Ed Korn, James Sullivan, Thorn Bennett and Neil Flemming.

The first few years their equipment was jus hand carts and horse reels. Then during World War I, they purchased a model T-Ford truck equipped with a water tank. It cost 1,200 dollars. The purchase was financed by public subscriptions.

Around 1925 they purchased a Howe equipped Dodge Truck. It cost around $4,00. It was the pride of the department for several years, until it was sold to the Pine Creek Volunteer Fire Company.

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