What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The Story of the Brookville Locomotive
By Mike Bullers

In 1919, there was a man by the name of L.A. Leathers, the Brookville Ford dealer. He was asked to install flanged railroad wheels on a Ford truck. From this came the beginning of the World Renouned Brookville Locomotive. Upon his return from military service in WWI, Leathers put Mr. P. Brosius Eiseman in charge of the locomotive department. A short time later Eiseman acquired the operation from Mr. Leathers. For a period of seven years only Ford and Fordson power locomotives of relatively small size were built. In the early 30's, the lightweight diesel engine was developed. The Brookville Locomotive Company began to manufacture diesel powered locomotives.

Late in 1942, Eiseman sold the company to Joseph Horky, and the company became, "Brookville Locomotive Works." By this time the company was building a complete line of gasoline or diesel powered locomotives in all sizes.

Brookville Locomotives have always been built to suit the differing requirements of a variety of customers. Domestically, a large number have gone into the coal mining industry, while many Brookvilles have been exported for plantation usage overseas. The Brookville Locomotive has been to many places like Japan, Russia, Greece, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, Tanganika, Pakistan, Taiwan, Morocco, India, Egypt, Cuba, and all over South and Central America.

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