What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

A Brief History of Sports in Brookville
By Jackie Holtz

Sports have always been an important part of BAHS and our community.

A popular sport that has been in Brookville for a long time is football. It started way back in 1902, and was the first football team of Brookville High. Then, the team in 1905 became the best football team that the school had ever had. They won the county championships of 1905 and were not scored against.

In 1949 the Raiders had another good team. Their worst losses were to Ridgway with a 13-40, and their final fame of the season was against Johnsonburg with a 14-13 loss.

The Class of '31 boasts the championship of the school. In the annual interclass tournament, March 26, they downed the seniors to score of 19-30 as champions and were presented with the Dr. Walter Dick Trophy, which is given to the winning team each year.

In 1949, Brookville's Red Raider basketball squad became league champion, gaining permanent possession of another trophy through the effort of 12 men. The squad's success was due mainly to the stamina and skill of the squad themselves, and the instruction from their great coach. Brookville wresting is another big and exciting sport. They had a good season in 1973-74. By winning many matches, the Grapplers kept up their fine reputation of being one of the best squads in District 9.

Another big sport of Brookville is baseball. In 1943 the Brookville baseball team didn't set much of a record in spite of the fact they slaved for the sport. The final result showed only one win against four losses. They wanted 1949 to be a better year for them and to learn from the years when they hadn't done so well.

This was a brief history of four sports from Brookville. Brookville has always had a great athletic department, and each sport does good whether they win or lose.

Our Brookville athletes from as early as the 1900's have always worked hard and were ready and determined to tackle anything on their way to gain the victory for our school and town.

They did a great job in succeeding the many victories and making our students and community proud.

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