What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

"A Rare Flair"
By Alison Hynes

"What's done is done," and "You can't change the past." These are a few sayings that have become popular about the human inability to alter the past. While it is true nothing can be done about previous times, there is much we can do to help shape the future. One of these things is to learn from the past.

That is sometimes easier said than done, many of the records are muddled. Sometimes they have been damaged or even destroyed. Luckily, some historic records have been well cared for and preserved. The community of Brookville is one such record.

When you look at Brookville, it's like opening a door to the past. While many modern conveniences have been added, the heart and soul of Brookville is the same as it was years ago. Even a brief glance will confirm the fact. The courthouse is a stunning example of Brookville's status as the Jefferson County seat. This is the second courthouse but dates back to 1868.

Main Street is a sight to behold. Many of the buildings retain the beauty and splendor they had when new 100 years ago. They are a fine collection of Victorian structures which are becoming more scarce in America.

Main Street also has a hidden attraction, the Marlin Opera House. This late 19th century feature is located on the second floor of the Marlin Block and, save for the seats, the opera house is largely intact, down to the original gas works.

As more people move to metropolitan areas, the charm of small town America will become rare sight people will want to see. Brookville is an example of modern, small town America, with enough of the past sprinkled in to give it a flair that is rare.

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