What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

Dan Smith's Candies, Inc.
By Jessica Nissel

Dan Smith's Candies originally was an ice cream company opened by Dan and Marie Smith. It started in 1946 on the back porch of Dan Smith's home at the intersection of Barnett Street and Madison Ave. in Brookville. The business grew, and in 1952, Dan built a factory and retail store at One Mabon Street.

In 1953, he expanded his business and made candy along with ice cream. At this time all candy making was done by hand. One of the first candies made were coconut and peanut clusters. In 1964, he purchased Eberlines Garage at 77 Barnett Street. He moved the candy manufacturing part of the business to this new facility, which separated the ice cream and candy business. About this time, the fund-raising part of the business was started. The fund-raisers were created for the Christmas and Easter holiday seasons.

In 1973, the ice cream part of the company was sold. This was done to focus full attention to the candy making and fund-raising part of the business. In 1975, Dan hired his nephew, Roy Darrin. Roy trained under Dan for nine years. Part of his training included attending the RCI Candy Making School in Erie, PA.

Two years before Roy took over the business in 1984, a horizontal wapper for automatic wrapping candy bars was bought. This started a whole new line of fund-raising and in 1985, Dan Smiths Candies became a corporation.

The store was relocated in the fall of 1990, to 227 Main Street. Roy's twin Sister, Lennea Darrin and Linda Sunderman moved to the area to take over the retail store. The store was given a Victorian look, which matches the historical look of Brookville. The name of the store was changed to All of My Favorite Things - Dan Smith's Candies, and is presently owned by Roy Darrin.

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