What's Historic About Brookville, Pennsylvania?

The Historic Buildings of Brookville
By Leane Pearsall

If you are visiting Brookville right now, you might be thinking it is more hysterical than historical. I used to think this too until one day when I was sitting in my Social Studies class. My teacher said he would give bonus points to whomever would write about something historical about Brookville. I jumped at the chance to earn bonus points.

I went home and asked my parents about topics. My dad said there is a building in town called the Pearsall House. My last name is Pearsall so I thought this was a subject I could get into.

This is what I learned:

In 1878 my relative, Mr. Pearsall, built the building at 191 Main Street in Brookville. On the first floor was a hardware store. The second floor held the office of the Jeffersonian newspaper.

This building today is home to the Christian Book Store on the first floor and apartments on the second floor.

For me the building on Main Street is a link to my own past.

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