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Elias RISHELL, b: 24 March 1802 in Centre Co. Pa., d: 13 Dec 1881, Luthersburg, PA. He married Mary LYONS, b: 3 Dec 1801 d: 1 Aug 1865. He then married a Sara. Mary LYONS was the granddaughter of Capt. William Brady. The union of Elias and Mary resulted in eleven children: The union with Sara resulted in two daughters.
First son of Elias RISHELL and Mary LYONS;
Daniel, b:1 Jul 1826 in Centre Co. Pa d: 2 Oct 1902 ,Troutville, Pa. Md: Salome (Sara) KUNTZ, b: 12 Mar 1831 d:2 Dec 1912. Of this union these children:
1. Mary Ellen, b: 17 Feb 1852 d: 13 Feb 1901 md: William A. WEBER, b: 3 Aug 1848 d: 7 May 1916
2. Catharine, b: 8 Jul 1853 d: 2 Jan 1925 md: Godfrey W. SCHOCH, b: 4 Jan 1850 d: 17 Jul 1892
3. Emeline , b: 18 Jul 1855 d: 23 Jan 1925 md: John SCHUCKER 1849-1891 md: James WORK 1870-1947
4. Caroline, b: 26 Jul 1857 d: 25 Sept 1930 md: John Frederick WEBER, b: 3 Oct 1851 d: 25 Sept1925
5. Suzannah, b: 10 Oct 1859 d: 1 Nov 1939 md: William ELLSWORTH, b:14 Jun 1862 d: 19 May 1933
6. George, b: 6 Oct 1863 d: 21 June 1943 md: Ella Rebecca DAVIS,1864-1906 md: Emily Kapp,1866-1931
7. Daniel, b: 20 Nov 1865 d: 24 Mar 1949 md: Mazelia LUTHER, 1868-1933
8. Sarah, b: 30 Nov 1867 d: 26 Nov 1950 md: George Jacob WEBER, b: 5 Nov 1865 d: 26 May 1953
9. Jacob Elias, b: 18 Feb 1870 d: 12 Apr 1944 md: Mary Emma KUNTZ, b: 7 Aug 1871 d: 1941
10. Myrtle, b: 13 Mar 1873 d: 15 July 1942 md: George KLINEFELTER,1873-1947
Daniel RISHELL first settled on a farm near Troutville, known as Bonsall Place. His occupation was that of a farmer and lumberman. He then moved to East Branch where he had bought a piece of land from Jacob KUNTZ. In 1875 he and his family moved back to Troutville and bought the farm of his father Elias. The children of Daniel and Sara KUNTZ moved to various counties in PA, mostly York, Clearfield and some stayed in the Jefferson Co. area until their deaths.

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