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Henry Sherry was born circa 1784. The early history of him is the subject of speculation at this point, but I continue to search for his roots. That which is positively known follows.

Henry married Dorthea Schaeffer on August 23, 1816. Dorthea was the daughter of Valentine and Catherine(Staub) Schaeffer. This couple had 7, possibly 8 children. Elizabeth b. 9/2/1817, John b. 2/21/1819, Daniel b. 12/20/1820, Isaac b. 9/11/1822, Judith b. 6/19/1825, Catharina b. 2/16/1828, Henry Jr. b. 5/29/1831. & George b. 12/16/1833*. * This last child was born to a Henry and Dorthea Sharrer in Redbank Twp, Armstrong County and is not to be found in later family history.

Henry and Dorthea migrated from the Schwaben Creek Valley of Northumberland County, to The Redbank area around 1830 -33 and possibly stayed with relatives or friends when they first arrived here. In 1836, Henry recieved the deed to 490 acres of land in Ringold Twp, Jefferson County purchased from the Holland Land Company. Henry and his sons farmed this land, and it remained in the family until 1938. Henry was one of the founding fathers of St. James Lutheran Church in Ringold Twp. Henry's Father in law, Valentine Schaeffer, is listed in the DAR index as having given Patriotric service during the Revolution. Valentine and Catherine also migrated to this area, purchasing land, when he was 71 years old!

It is believed that Henry and Dorthea are buried in St. James Cemetary, along with their descendants. Henry died in April, 1862, and the following is a copy of his will:

Jefferson County,Pa; Will Book # 1, page 90

....................Last will and testament of Henry Sherry of Ringold Township, Jefferson County,State of Pennsylvania
....In the name of God,Amen. Although I am yet.well and in possession of sound mind and memory, andremember that all men have at once to die. So I declare this my lastwill and testament. In the first place I do recommend my never dyingsoul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave it and my body to the tomb, which my hereinafter named executor, Shall bury in a decent and Christian manner. And as respects any property, my farm on which I now live, it is my will that my two sons, Daniel Sherry and Isaac Sherry, shall have it as their property forever, under the following conditions, first, They must keep me and my wife, Dorthea, during life, and in clothing, victuals, and homestead, without any compensation. I also reserve the right of keeping two cows, two hogs, and few sheep, on said farm, as long as I and my wife, Dorthea, may live, without charges, and after my death, or before if they see proper, my two sons, Daniel Sherry and Isaac Sherry, shall pay Five hundred dollars to my remaining five children. First: they shall pay to my daughter Elizabeth, intermarried to Walter Snyder, fifty dollars, one year after that they shall pay fifty dollars to my son John Sherry. One year after that they shall pay fifty dollars, to my daughter Judith, & one year after that they shall pay fifty dollars to my daughter Catherine. One year after that fifty dollars to my son Henry Sherry, & one year after that they shall pay fifty dollars to my daughter Elizabeth, intermarried to Walter Snyder. One year after that they shall pay fifty dollars to my son John Sherry. One year after fifty dollars to my daughter Judith. One year after fifty dollars to my daughter Catherine,& one year after fifty dollars to my son Henry Sherry. And as respecting my personal property. It shall be and remain mine, as long as I live, and after my death, it shall be and remain my wife Dorthea's as long as she lives. And after her death, the property she leaves behind shall be sold at public venue to the highest and best bidder, and the money so made shall be equally divided among my herein named seven children in equal shares and that this my last will and testament, may be truly executed, I appoint my Son John Sherry as my executor, and so done in the fourth day of September, in the year of our Lord, One Thousand eight hundred fifty. Witness my name and seal

Henry Sherry
Witnesses present
Daniel Hinderleiter

Jefferson County,Pa:
On the 28th day of April A.D. 1862 Before me Joseph Henderson, Register, for the probate of wills, and granting letters of administration, in and for the County of Jefferson, personally came J.G.Young and Daniel Hinderleiter, two of the subscribers being witnesses, to the foregoing will who being duly sworn according to law. Say that they were present, and saw Henry Sherry, sign, and heard him publish pronounce and declare the foregoing instrument of writing as and for his last will and testament and at the time of so doing he was of sound mind, memory, and understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief.
Daniel Hinderleiter
Sworn& subscribed before
me this 28th day of April 1862
Joseph Henderson
. Register
Recorded April 28,1862

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