Reynoldsville Presbyterian Church 

Source History of Jefferson County 1888 page 245

Reynoldsville, the eighth on the roll, was organized in the public-school building, with fifteen members, on the 12th of February, 1861, by Revs. John Wray and Joseph Mateer, D.D. Dr. William Reynolds was elected, ordained and installed as ruling elder. Its last report, that of 1886, shows a membership of eighty-three. It has become self-sustaining and the outlook for the future, under good pastoral work, is believed to be very encouraging. Rev. Z.B. Taylor resigned in June, 1885; it was without a pastor, although having been regularly supplied during a part of this time by a student from the seminary until June 29, 1887, when Rev. LB Shryock was installed pastor. In 1871 a house of worship was built, but from some cause it was found to be unsafe and was abandoned, and a new building begun in 1875 in a more desirable location. The work on it, however, progressed slowly, and it was not completed until the summer of 1881; but they now have as neat and attractive a sanctuary as could be desired.

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