Mount Tabor Presbyterian Church 

Source History of Jefferson County 1888 pages 243-244

Mount Tabor stands as the fifth church organized, and is located on the Olean road, half a mile south-by-west from Sigel. The organization was effected in the latter part of 1840, the committee of Presbytery consisting of Revs. John Core and David Polk. There were only eleven original members. Messrs. William McNeil and James Summerville were elected, ordained and installed ruling elders. For the first seven years the congregation worshipped in an old log school-house. The first church was built in 1848 but was replaced in 1873 by the much more beautiful and substantial structure in which they now worship. Between three and four hundred members have been received into the church, and the change wrought in that whole community since its being established in it is simply marvelous. Its work in the interests of the temperance cause in the community deserves special mention and the highest commendation. In the beginning of the year 1866 there were as many as fours licensed houses in the bounds of the congregation, fountains of iniquity and disturbers of the peace and prosperity of the whole community. The cautious and prudent pastor took his stand, laid his plans and went to work, and was ably assisted by the members of the church and a number of noble citizens outside. Organized and systematic work was quietly begun, and kept up until the whole available strength of the temperance element in the community was combined and concentrated against the evil, and the result was that all the applications for license were in due time successfully resisted; and from that time to the present there has not been a glass of intoxicating liquor legally sold in the entire bounds. All praise to the pastor and people who have wrought, by the blessing of God, so great a good for the community! Mount Tabor also has her Ladies' Missionary Society, and her record of benevolent work is most creditable.

The following ministers have served the church:

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