The Methodist Episcopal Church of Summerville 

Source: History of Jefferson County 1888, Kate Scott pages 262-263

Methodist ministers preached at or around Troy as early as 1822, and having no church building the neighbors, feeling friendly, invited these occasional gospel visitors to preach in their dwelling houses.

Mr. Darious Carrier informed the writer that his residence was opened for public service as early as 1825 and 1826, and so continued until a more commodious place of worship was obtained.

The first quarterly meeting was held by Elder Swayze, at the residence of Mr. Nathan Carrier, who was the leading man in getting the Methodist church organized at Troy.

Rev. Phillip Clover, being now in the ninety-second year of his age, informed the writer that Revs. Job Wilson, thomas M. Hodson, James Babcock, A. Jackson, Elder Mack, Elder Ayers, and Elder Swayze, were among the first Methodist preachers in this part of Jefferson county. The first class was organized by Elder Ayers in the summer of 1830. The members were Rev. Phillip clover, Abram Milliron, John Welsh, Nathan carrier, Euphrastus McElvain. Rev. Phillip Clover was chosen as their first class-leader. At that time Troy was within the bounds of the Pittsburgh conference, and belonged to the Shippenville Circuit.

A church building was erected about the year 1843, during the pastorate of Rev. David Jack, which served the society as a place of worship for over forty years. In the year 1885, during the pastorate of Rev. H.A. Teats, a new house of worship was commenced, and finished during the pastorate of Rev. A.L. Brand, and dedicated by Rev. David Latshaw, presiding elder, February 28, 1886. The main building is thirty-six by fifty-six feet, one-story, built of wood, and costing $4,000. It has class or reception rooms on either side, opening into the auditorium by folding-doors. The building is thoroughly finished without and within by painting, graining, and frescoing. It is heated by furnace and lighted by the Baily chandelier. There is a first-class bell, and at this date all our church property is free from debt. In the years 1873 and 1874, during the pastorate of Rev. Cyril Wilson, a new two-story parsonage was build, costing $1,800.

The membership at Troy (now called Summerville) is at present ninety in full connection, and thirty-five on probation received during the past winter (1887) by the present pastor, L.G. Merrill.

Our church building at Pleasantville was built in 1885, during the pastorate of Rev. H.A. Teats and dedicated by Rev. I.C. Pershing, D.D., of Pittsburgh. This church building cost about twelve hundred dollars. The leading men in the erection of this church were Jonathan Horner and Thomas Edmonds.

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