Source History of Jefferson County 1888 pages 271
The Methodist Episcopal Class at Port Barnett was organized by Rev. Peete, about the year 1870. They have always worshipped in the school-house in that place. The society had great prosperity under the labors of Mr. Peete, the membership reaching as high as sixty-two. It has labored under great embarrassment since its organization, for want of a house of worship. The congregations are large, the Sabbath-school numbering over one hundred. A gracious revival of religion was realized during the year 1887 - the membership of the society brought up to nearly the highest number. It has been regularly supplied by the pastors from Emerickville.

Among the honored names of faithful workers in the church were, and are, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pliler, Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Lyle, Miss Eva Andrews, and others. The society, in this year of grace, numbers about sixty persons.

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