Mead Methodist Church Baptisms

Mead Chapel
Record of Baptisms 


July 27, 1890

Ada Lucinda Hetrick Infant Nov 5, 1889 L. F. and Elizabeth

Edith Dempsey Infant Geo W. and Mary

Esther Viola Snyder Infant June 10, 1885 Gideon and Jennifer

Very Della Snyder Infant March 29, 1887 Gideon and Jennifer

Tressie Viola Snyder Infant Sept 20, 1889 Frank and Lizzie

Lidia Viola Infant May 16, 1887 Jos and Phoebe Clontz

Lee Scott Schuckers Infant June 6, 1887 Levi and Elizabeth

Irwin Dempsey Adult

Frank O’Donnell Adult

Geo W. Dempsey Adult

Tacy Dempsey Adult

Minnie Schuckers Adult

Edith Schuckers Adult

Elsie Maud Milliron Adult


Aug 17, 1890

Lizzie Shobert Adult

Carrie Olive Moore Adult

Susanna Moore Adult

John Sylvester Mc Ininch Adult Dec 20, 1873 Wm and Hannah McIninch

Samuel Sylvester Infant Dec 29, 1875 Wm and Hannah McIninch

James Edgar Infant April 29, 1878 Wm and Hannah McIninch

Gertie Mabel Infant Aug 2-, 1880 Wm and Hannah McAninch

Ada May Infant Nov 4, 1882 Wm and Hannah McIninch

Henry Claude Infant Dec. 25, 1884 Wm and Hannah McIninch

Mary Ann Infant July 17, 1887 Wm and Hannah McIninch

Nora Ethel Rice Infant March 24, 1880 Wm and Margery Rice


April 12, 1891

Lloyd Haren Infant Jan 10, 1890 Craig and Hannah Fuller- Grandparents

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